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hi guys, just wondering if there is any harm going into the hills with a rifle in the truck?for the most part all i do is target shoot and plink .but i would like to get a coyote and take a call with me most of the time.i am just wondering if i can get in hot water for having these items with me .i sure dont want to take a chance on losing my rifle or having trouble with the law...thanks for any replies
The Dog's that were showed with some woodcock/grouse was our very own uplandchessies... i thought they were some good looking pictures
and both dogs are very photogetic..
heck my dog wont hold still that long for nothing

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Kentucky's KRS law 150.360 states -
"Shotguns used in the taking of wildlife, protected or unprotected, shall not be larger than 10-gauge and shall be fired from the shoulder. No wildlife, except deer, protected or unprotected, shall be taken with or by means of any automatic loading or hand-operated repeating shotgun capable of holding more than three (3) shells,
the magazine of which has not been cut off or plugged with a one (1) piece filler incapable of removal through the loading end, in such manner as to reduce the capacity of the gun to not more than three (3) shells at one (1) time in the magazine and chamber combined."

There's the KRS. Mosy of you know that these shotguns defeat the 3 shot capacity with the user being able to insert one extra after the chamber is loaded and the magizine is full. So, with it capable of holding 4, does it make the Black Eagle illegeal to hunt with on anything other then deer?????[?]
Well my wife and I are thinking about moving to KY. Only problem is we don't really know the area to good. We want somewhere where I have a good job opportunity. (I have a BS in Business administration) The other thing is we want somewhere where there is a good opportunity for the known KY whitetail deer :) and maybe someplace where we can buy some property to hunt on. Well any suggestions???

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is it legal to kill albino deer in kentucky?
i heard on the radio that VH-1 got such good ratings that they are going to a season of it.
i caught most of the show, but the vcr ran out of tape and i missed the last of it. i thought it was pretty good
Whats the biggest buck yall have ever killed and what would it score? add a picture if youve got one.
Mountain Lion Killed After Attacking Bikers
Critically Injures California Woman in Park, May Have Killed Man Nearby

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 9) - A mountain lion attacked and severely injured a bicyclist in an Orange County park and may have killed a man whose body was found nearby, authorities said.

The 2-year-old male cat, which weighed about 110 pounds, was later shot and killed, and its body was taken to a laboratory for testing, said Steve Martarano, a spokesman for the California Fish and Game Department.

Anne Hjelle had been riding with a friend in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park shortly before dusk Thursday when the mountain lion attacked her, said Orange County Fire Capt. Stephen Miller.

The lion pounced on the 30-year-old's back, grabbed her by her head and began dragging her, said her friend, Debbie Nichols. Nichols said she screamed for help and grabbed Hjelle's legs in a struggle to free her.

''He dragged us down ... about 100 yards into the brush and I just kept screaming,'' Nichols said. ''This guy would not let go. He had a hold of her face.''

Other cyclists in the area threw rocks at the animal until it fled.

Hjelle was airlifted to Mission Hospital, where her condition was upgraded to serious early Friday, a nursing supervisor said. She had been listed as critical.

After the attack, the body of an unidentified man in his 30s was found at the top of a trail near a bicycle. Authorities weren't sure how long he had been there and couldn't confirm if the man was killed by the mountain lion, but Miller said, ''it's pretty obvious that an animal was involved.'' An autopsy was planned Friday.

Authorities said a second mountain lion in the area was hit by a car and killed late Thursday and would also be tested.

Including Thursday's incident, there have been 13 mountain lion attacks on humans in California over the past 114 years, five of them fatal, said Doug Updike, a biologist with the state Fish and Game...


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My Father called me tonight and was very excited to tell me that a 14 foot tall bear had been killed in Alaska recently. Could this be true? It would be a world record if so....correct? he said that it killed two men in the process and took 8 shots to take it down when all was said and done. The bear measured 14 foot standing up and we could only guess at what it weighs! Has anyone else heard this rumor? I wish I had more info, I will have to ask my father for more details. I will let you know what eles he says about it, I only got to talk to him for a short while. I hope this is true, it would be a great kill, one for the books!

Matt Goetz
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The year on this site's hunting log needs to be updated. It doesn't have 2004.
I figure this topic has probably been discussed on here before.

I was wondering how many people use their 4-wheeler to hunt with, and what everyone thinks about it.

I personally use mine to ride to my favorite hunting spot because there is no way to get a truck to it, and to walk there would take about an hour and a half on a good day.

It's on Animal Planet on Tuesdays, I think.
It's called "Wildlife Wars". It's about Game Wardens and poachers.
Very Interesting. Here's a link
I was reading through some old posts and came across this post.

I was wondering if any of you know who took this picture of the cougar facing the camera it is towards the bottom of the page.

If anyone knows for sure where it was taken or any other cougar photos in the east let me know by sending an email.
nice forum here ,got one of my own . feel free to stop by and check it out. how was everybodys deerseason its over here in north carolina!
How many deer have yall killed this year, and what were they and what state were they killed in? Im from tennessee and ive killed a 7 pointer, a 6 pointer, a 9 pointer, and three does.
its almost that inbetween time between deer and small game season waitin on them first gobbles this time of the year is the worst for me guess ill just shoot a lil 3d tournaments and stuff dont that wait just suck ?
Hello all,

I am a new member to this forum, and so far I find myself enjoying this site a great deal.

This spring when it starts to warm up a little my cousin and I are going to build a new cabin. It isn't going to be anything fancy, just a place to go camp at. We are looking at trying to make it a place to spend nice summer evenings at, cooking food and relaxing. Then during the hunting season it will be a base camp for out expeditions you could say. We know we want a porch, a room were we can cook on one side and dine, then on the other side have something of a living room. Then a seperate room for the sleeping area.

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions, pictures, layouts, or any general information that I could use to plan the building of this cabin. Any information will be greatly appreciated by the both of us.

I was looking into going to Tennesee hog hunting this spring and was wondering if any of you guys have been....and if anyone has any suggestions on where to go ect. I think it will real fun and hope to get to go this spring.
Hello all.
It's been a long time since I've been here.

I posted under the classifieds for a swap hunt, but wanted to post here too just to get more visibility. I hope nobody minds.

I offer guided or non-guided deer and turkey hunts on 200 acres adjoining Taylorsville lake WMA and am looking for a hunt swap for anything. I have my cash hunts booked for 2004 and am just looking for a good ole' fashioned spit and a hand shake trade for ???.

If you have access to good hunting property or something you want to trade for a chance at a true trophy white tail or spring gobbler then I'm open for almost anything.

email me at for references or pictures of some of the bucks taken in the past few years.

I'm particularly looking for a guided turkey hunt for myself and a buddy but will consider almost anything as trade.


I,m not much on guns, My brother-in-law has a 22 rifle model 80A Wards Westerfield (great condition)and wanted me to try and find out what it was worth and how old it might be. If anyone knows or knows where on the net I might find out please let me know. Thanks, Larry
Thought you guys would find this interesting. What steams me is how many con men are there out there who are making a living off of idiot movie stars and other "privileged" people by perpetuating myths and lies about sportsmen and wildlife in general?
Can anyone tell me if this camera takes good pictures. Do you get alot of trash pictures? Just tell me anything about it.
I was wondering if the stealth camera mc2-g takes good quality pictures. Do you get alot of trash pictures of nothing or is a good camera worth buying?
A buddy and I were fishing on Lake Cumberland today. When we came up on a point out of a tree flew a Bald Eagle. He came right over our boat and flew right down the shore line. It was an awesome sight. What a great day, Heard turkey's gobblin, saw an eagle and caught 6 smallmouth.

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In the last couple weeks there's been a lot of posts over the CO's, game laws, rules and reulations. I've noticed a lot of people said something like this, "I thought we were innocence until proven guilty or it seems like we're guilty and have to prove our innocence". The truth is you ARE innocence until proven guilty in all maters of the law, they have to prove your guilt in court. The court is where it rests, not on the field or road or where ever it happens at. The law enforcement officers are just doing their jobs, it's the courts job to find you innocence or guilty.

If you was to get a ticket your still innocence until they prove it in court or you pay the ticket. Ever if they arrest you, book you and put you in jail where you have to post bond to get out you are still innocence until it's tied in court.

On a side note. Most of you have heard that President Bush went quail hunting in Texas today with his father. It truns out a few years ago while quail hunting he shot a protected bird by mistake and ended up paying a $130 fine. It just goes to show anybody can make a mistake and they can own up to it.
Just thought this might be a fun topic [:D]
Need help with gear preperation for elk hunt in colorado. Other than heavy boots and possible gps any thing else I might need beyond late season deer hunting in kentucky. Unguided (maybe) hunting on public land in Montrose, 2005. Want to be prepared, but want to minimize cost.

To hunt, provide for my family, and serve my Lord and savoir Jesus Christ.
Go to in executive resources section go to CFR/code of federal regulations, then browse/searchfor grackles, go to no.7, read title 50, part 21, sec 21.43

The way I read this you can shoot crows, magpie , yellow-headed red- winged, rusty, and Brewer's blackbirds, cowbirds,and all grackles, (without a permit) if they are found committing or about to commit depredations upon ornamental or shade trees, agricultural crops, livestock, or wildlife, or when concentrated in such numbers and manner as to constitute a health hazard or other nuisance.

I appreciate your input on this,
Carl Miller
According to the way I read the law 4 wheelers are allowed on the road...Here is a link
It says this:
A person may operate an all-terrain vehicle on any two (2) lane public highway in order to cross the highway. In crossing the highway under this paragraph, the operator must cross the highway at as close to a ninety (90) degree angle as is practical and safe, and cannot travel on the highway for more than two-tenths (2/10) of a mile.

(1) The Transportation Cabinet may designate, and a city or county government may designate, those public highways, segments of public highways, and adjoining rights-of-way of public highways under its jurisdiction where all-terrain vehicles that are prohibited may be operated.

(2) A person operating an all-terrain vehicle on a public highway under this subsection must possess a valid operator's license.

(3) A person operating an all-terrain vehicle on a public highway under this subsection must comply with all applicable traffic regulations.

(4) A person cannot operate an all-terrain vehicle under this subsection unless the all-terrain vehicle has at least one headlight and two taillights, which must be illuminated at all times the vehicle is in operation.

(5) A person operating an all-terrain vehicle under this subsection must restrict the operation to daylight hours, except when engaged in snow removal.
an "Anti" web site


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Is it legal to shoot grackles. I have looked through the laws and I am still unsure of the legality. Lots of people have been shooting them along with starlings for years. Until recently I thought starlings and grackles were the same. They fly together.


The Kentucky Conservation Officers' Association
I always thought Starlings, Blackbirds, and Grackles were the same. Is it legal to shoot Grackles in KY. It seams like the Grackles out number the Starlings.
Just moved here from Georgia and bought 42 wooded acres in the Hanson/Manitou area. I would like to talk with hunters/landowners in the North Hopkins area for informational purposes. I am really into QDM and enjoy the planting of foodplots and putting out mineral licks almost as much as the actual hunting. I am orginally from Ashland in Boyd County.<font color="blue"></font id="blue">

Plant it and they will come!

Paul Downs
lol, lets hear it.. i need some ideers for next year...

From the Ron John house, We hope everyone has a Merry and Blessed Christmas, Lets not forget that its The Birth OF Our Savior!
are they supposed to walk in the woods interrupt a man's hunting just to check a license?

i have been hunting over 30 years and had never seen this done until eve.

i had a fish and game cop walk into the woods several hundred yards to check me. i was hunting my mtn cur squirrell dog here he came. i had heard someone pull up to my truck a few mins before.

i was legal. truck was parked legal. this guy just walked right in in cami. cheked my license and left.
Merry Christmas to all and remember that when all the gifts have been exchanged and under the tree is empty, the true gift of Christmas is always with us..."For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." Joy to all.[:)]

Leave some for the kids!
where can u sell coyote/ fox skins/furs for , and how much are they going for right now, i heard in hardin county, 45 dollars is that true,
the tennessee bear season ended on the 17th. the total harvest for the group i hunt with was 10 and only 4 under 200lbs. i had a good year this year for bear only got 2 dogs hurt, and pulled the trigger on a 200lb+ bear. now i'm going to start traveling down to ga. every chance i get and do some hog hunting with my hounds to keep them tuned up and ready for the next bear season, cause i'm already looking forward to it.
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There once was a boy named George and George always had his eye on this wonderful trophy. The trophy was for best quail hunter. George was not a very good hunter in fact he was scared silly by the thought of shooting something! His dad encourage George to enter this contest so he did! All the boys in his school teased and laughed at him for even thinking he could win. When he told his father he was to scared to enter the contest for thought he would loose his father said if you never try something you don't know if your good at it. You can't always listen to other people granite other people opions do matter but shouldnt be able to stop you from doing something you want to do. Just the his father walked up the stair and when he came back down he had a long brown box it was leather with brass engravings that said GWG and when his father opened that box he peered inside and in it was a rifle. His father proceeded to tell the story of his father passing it down to him and so on so forth. He gave that gun to George and, He entered that contest and won even thougth others said he couldnt. Just goes to show with the right confidence any one can do any thing.My fathers name was George and to this day he dispay that quail trophy and that gun was passed down to my brother. Ordinary people can do extrodinay things.

Hi, My brother has recently gotten into shoothing hobbie and I enjoy the hobbie myself but I admit I don't know as much as him about the subject. As you well know Christmas is coming up and I really don't know what to get him. I was thinking I want it to be gun realted but as I said I don't know alot about out them so if anyone has any tips about what to get him please, please Thank you He has a 45mm pistol and a rifle of some sort [^] he likes target shooting and he hunts with out beagles(we have about 19).


I know this has nothing to do with Deer hunting, but I received this from a friend and thought you all might enjoy it.
I just recently bought a Benelli Nova 12Ga HD camo shotgun. It comes with 3 choke tubes and thats great providing that someone knows what each choke tube is for. Can you educate me briefly on what the following choke tubes are for IE&gt;&gt;&gt;type of animal hunting etc...

Improved Cylinder?
Improved Modified?

Do you think a F150 could handle it? If I don't quit gaining weight I may need to go to a F250.......... Have any of you all used this product yet?????
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