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What's the biggest copperhead you guys have seen? I thought they only got to be around 36 inches long. Some of my buddy's killed one that was 44 inches during turkey season, it was a big around as a beer can. This guy stepped on it and then just freaked out and beat it with his gun (I would have died on the spot!).

Western Kentucky Boy
I have been reading about hunting in Wyoming. I found several different articles about incidents where game was killed and left lay. One incident a man in Jackson Wyoming was caught when he killed 11 Elk. The man the way i understand it came up on a herd of Elk and started cutting them down. He killed 11 and the way i read the article crippled several others.

Another article was about someone who shot and left 3 bull moose. Then another was about someone who had shot a female moose and left it lay. The moose had a calf with it. The game and fish commission said the calf would probably wind up dieing too.

Then another article talked about 3 cow elk being shot and left lay. One shot in the chest. Another shot in the head. I cant remember about the other one.

These things all happened in the fall of 2003. I dont understand why someone would do things like this. I mean just to shoot game and leave it lay. I can see someone killing a Elk, Deer, or Moose for the Meat. But I am not saying people should go out and poach just because they use the Meat. I mean i just can more understand them using the meat rather than just shooting the animal and leave it lay. The game and fish commission said that the 3 bull moose that was killed was 10 % of the permits that was issued a year. Someone who just kills game and leaves it lay to rot. Is killing just to be killing. Something is bad wrong with a person like that. It is almost scary to know people do things like that.
Does anyone know where I can find a listing of public gun ranges in KY? More precicely Central KY. I know about Keno and Zilpo.
been reading the tall tales for quite a while, thought I would join and tell some of my own.[:D]
Well, sounds like one, at least...

Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources

Otter and Bobcat Harvest Must be
Reported by Phone Next Season

Press Release Contact: Norm Minch
May 11, 2004 (800)

Frankfort, KY, (May 11, 2004) - Hunters or trappers who take a
bobcat or river otter in Kentucky will be required to report the harvest of
those animals using the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources'
(KDFWR) Telecheck Reporting System.
At a special-called, May 7 meeting in Frankfort, the KDFWR
Commission approved the new requirement to take effect this fall, when the
statewide bobcat and limited-area otter seasons open. Most sportsmen and
women are familiar with the telecheck system, presently used to report the
harvest of deer and wild turkey.
The process is simple. Hunters make a toll-free phone call to
1-(800) 245-4263 (CHK-GAME), and then respond to a few survey questions
using the keypad of their phone. At the end of the survey, the automated
system provides a confirmation number for the hunter to record on the back
of his/her hunting license as proof of complying with the check-in
requirement. It's that easy.
Those who harvest a bobcat or otter will have until midnight on the day the
animal is recovered to make the call. For the 2004-05 license year,
successful bobcat or otter hunters or trappers will be required to write the
name of which species they take in the same block on the back of their
license where the confirmation number is recorded. (Boxes to check to
indicate deer and turkey harvest are pre-printed on the license already.)
"Tracking harvest of all these game species is critical in providing good
information for use in management decisions regarding these resources," said
Jim Lane, KDFWR wildlife program coordinator.
"The telecheck system offers sportsmen a quick, uncomplicated way to follow
the law and report their harvest 24-hours a day, from any phone and at no
cost," Lane said.
That I could take some young coonhounds to tree some easier coons. If any of you know how I could get some permission to hunt some farms or something that have alot of raccons on them, I would be very interesting in trying to tree a few. I can provide references from other landowners. Thanks for reading.

Nathan Nantz

Proud Member of Professional Kennel Club
PETA Protests Butterfly Release

POSTED: 10:54 am PDT May 7, 2004
UPDATED: 11:18 am PDT May 7, 2004

LOS ANGELES -- There won't be a butterfly release at Saturday's conclusion of the Flight of the Butterfly Festival.

The animal rights activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals protested the release of 1,000 butterflies, saying it was inhumane and cruel.

Instead, festival organizers at the Lake Elsinore Outlets will float butterfly-shaped balloons.

The outlet says it decided to scrub the butterfly release after receiving a letter from PETA requesting a more humane culmination to the event.

PETA says such releases are used mostly for wedding celebrations and memorials. But a spokeswoman says butterflies have to struggle to get out of envelopes and boxes.

Copied this from another site, thought some of you might be interested. Sorry if it repeats from another forum, I haven't seen it on here.

May 14th-16th 2004....Metropolis, IL.

We have updated the website with more events, pics, and seminars!

If you plan to attend ANY event this year, make sure it is this one!

Caller, vendors, and spectators will have more to chew on at this event than any other!

The contest will be run in sanction style by the outstanding "Event Tech Support Team" that Mike Eddy and crew have put together. If you have ever been to an event that Mike Eddy has run, you know what we are talking about.

Here is a small line-up of what is going on....................
$1000 Open Duck
$1000 Open Goose (Avery Sanctioned)
$1000 Open Turkey (NWTF Sanctioned)
Junior contests
Novice contests
2-man contests

Buck Gardner
Michael Waddell
Alex Rutledge
Jeff Foiles
Stan Potts
Garry Mason
Terry Smith

Special Areas..........
Vendors area
IDNR Outdoor Experience (archery and shooting range)
Buck Gardner's "Kids in the Wood" (special carnival area for kids with 4 rides provided at no cost, compliments of Buck Gardner)

The contests will be held inside the newly re-constructed historic Fort Massac!

Vendor space is.......
$75 uncovered
$175 with a 10ft X 20ft canopy
Covered spaces require payment no later than May 6th 2004. Uncovered spaces may be purchased anytime up to and including event day. We cannot promise that we will have enough canopies the day of the event unless you purchase your spot before May 6th. Also...........spots are on a first come, first serve basis. The sooner you book your booth, the better the spot.

With the combined efforts of Neal Pankley (head of the Dept of Parks and Rec for Metropolis) and the Ded Crew, we have brought the best elements from all the events we have been to and rolled them up into one great event!

Click any link below for more info..........,1413,105~4746~2119194,00.html

Crustacean cruelty?
<b>Lowell restaurant criticized over game that grabs lobsters</b>

By PETER WARD, Sun Staff
LOWELL Rose McGarry owns a pet dog and 11 ducks. And she adores filet mignon too much to be a vegetarian.

But when she ate lunch recently at J.J. Boomers on Pawtucket Boulevard, she didn't like what she saw.

Near the bar was an arcade-type game featuring a 50-gallon tank with flashy lighting and sound effects. For $2, a customer can operate a miniature crane much like the popular stuffed-animal amusement seen in restaurants and carnivals.

In this case, though, patrons troll the tank for live Maine lobsters.

It's called Lobster Zone, and if the players are skillful enough to grab one, they'll enjoy a hand-picked make that crane-picked boiled lobster dinner for a bargain-basement $2.

"I feel this is extraordinarily cruel," said McGarry, a Tyngsboro resident who works for Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley in Lawrence.

Distressed, she went home and scoured the Internet for news about Lobster Zone. Most accounts were positive. But she also read some critical accounts. One said the lobsters develop a conditioned response, becoming agitated when they hear the game's ominous theme from the shark movie, Jaws.

"The things go crazy when they hear the music," she said. "They're realizing they are going to meet their doom."

Not everyone agrees, of course.

Boomers owner Jimmy Watson said the lobsters in the tank are better off than their captured cousins that await their final bath of boiling water in a cardboard box stacked in a walk-in refrigerator.

He and Michelle Flannery, his sister and Boomers' manager, said the game has been popular with customers ever since they acquired it last summer.

They declined to identify the distributor, except to say she has been diligent about stocking and maintaining the saltwater tank.

The tank holds about a dozen...
What can you tell me about hunting hogs? I am originally from the Deep South where they were quite common. When you went deer hunting you might end up hog hunting. I've lived in KY for 23 years but don't see hogs. I live in Madison County but am in Harlan County a lot. What can you tell me about them, particularly in those areas, both in general and specifically? Thanks
river falls mall is going down and one of these stores are coming. i heard one or the other, anyone know for sure?

&gt;--&gt; if it's brown it's down&lt;--&lt;
A friend posted this on another hunting forum and I thought I'd pass it along. Please send Michelin an email or letter.


Is donating $200,000 to an Anti-hutning group

Man, it's seems I'm sending E-mails, calling and fighting this crap everyday.
Please help, Here's a feedback link, address and phone number.

Address: Michelin, Consumer Relations Department, P.O. Box 19001, Greenville, SC 29602-9001

Phone: 1-800-847-3435 (between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm ET)

Thanks for helping let Michelin how hunters and sportsmen feel about this kind of underhanded crap
I saw an ad in The Paducah paper on Sunday, and then I was leaving work today and there was a flyer attatched to only my truck, I'm assuming it's because of the multitude of Hunting stickers affixed to my window[:D]

Anyway, <b>"3rd Annual Wild Game Dinner, presented by Trace Creek Baptist Church".</b>

I've never been, first I've heard of it but I thought I'd share. I'll probally try and go.

Address is 3577 State Route 131
Mayfield, KY 42066

Dinner @ 5:00, Main event @ 7:00 PM
Door prizes, guest speakers (Crossland Game Calls), Gun giveaway, Vendors? (clothing, & hunting/fishing equiptment)

For info call 270-658-3304

"It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent"

Fred Bear
Hey guys. I just recently got a Toyota 4Runner. it's an 88 model 4x4 but I 've completely redone it. From a new rebuilt motor,new flowmasters, new mudders,as a matter of fact, everything under the hood is new but the battery. The only thing that is left is the paint job. It still has a great body on it with just a faded spot on the hood. I was gonna paint it but now I believe I'll camo the whole truck with camoclad. My question is have any of you guys got any experience with it? Is it hard to put on or easy? Any good or bad points about it would be greatly appreciated before I make up my mind and spend that much money.

My name, address and all other info is on file here, so that falls within the rules of public complaints. I'm hoping the mods don't delete this thread, because I think I'm bringing up some good points.

I have always been a supporter of the KDFWR, but they are beginning to drive me broke. Fees keep going up for everything and I'm not sure about the returns on these increased fees. So far in 2004 I've spent $22.50 for a combo license, $20 for spring turkey tag and $75 for boat registration. Later this year, I will spend $25 for a deer tag. If I decide to kill some more does it will be an extra $10 per tag. Then if I decide I want to do some turkey hunting in the fall, I have to buy a fall turkey tag. Trout stamps, duck stamps, it's all adding up.

Now for the latest increase: In years past to go Elk hunting you paid $10 to get into the drawing. If you were lucky enough to be drawn you got to hunt for an Elk. This year you still have to pay $10 just to get into the drawing, however if you are drawn, you have to buy a $25 Elk tag.

It's literally getting to the point that it can cost a few hundred bucks just to have all the proper licensing to hunt or fish in this state. They keep emphasizing taking a kid hunting or fishing, there's more tags and permits. When the kid turns 16, your fees basically double because they must have full licenses.

Where is all this money going? Our fees keep going up, but where's our return? Game Wardens are grossly underpaid, and there is a hiring freeze. As of now there isn't even 1 game warden per county in this state and it's getting worse. My local CO is retiring this fall. There's one less game warden and the hiring freeze prevents a replacement. KDFWR spends countless thousands sending Tim Farmer and crew all over the state on paid hunting and fishing trips, yet refuses to even provide one game warden per county. KDFWR spends millions on restocking and restoration programs, yet can't even provide one...
I'm still looking for a grizzly bear client for a june 5-15 bear hunt in interior alaska, price reduced to 7000, that covers transportation to and from the field, additonal black bear if we run accross one, camping gear, backpack and trophy prep. all you need is your tags and get to alaska. i have references, and do some writing for Bear Hunting magazine. need to move this hunt, drop me a line if your interested. great chance to bag a great griz!
have a great season!
Frog Gigging

Does anyone know when season starts this year ?

Is it the third Friday in May ? ? ?

Now that Turkey season is over for me, I am looking forward to some Frog Legs.


Has pope and young changed the letoff for their scoring system?Have seen it mentioned but wasnt sure.
Kentucky Outdoorsman is scheduled to open Monday May 10. They are going to carry firearms, archery, reloading, shooting, clothing, and hunting equipment. It is located in Corbin in the old Tri County Cycle Sale building, which is on the old London Hwy.

I invite everyone to come see what they are all about.

Thank You

Kentucky Outdoorsman- Hunting, Archery, and Shooting Supplies-Corbin, KY
corrected version

Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources

KDFWR Commission to Hold Special Meeting May 7 in Frankfort

Press Release Contact: (800)
April 27, 2004
Editors: Date incorrect in previous release. Please use this version with
corrected regular meeting date.

Frankfort, KY, (April 27, 2004) - The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission
will hold a special meeting May 7 at 12 p.m. (noon) Eastern, at the central
offices of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) in
The special meeting will be limited to only the following agenda
(1) Requiring hunters or trappers who take a bobcat or otter to comply with
the KDFWR toll-free telecheck harvest reporting requirement. If passed, the
harvest of deer, wild turkey, bobcats and otters in Kentucky would then be
reported using this system. Starting this fall, hunters and trappers would
be required to report the taking of all four game species by midnight of the
day the animal is recovered, and record a telecheck confirmation number on
their hunter harvest log; and
(2) An executive session will be held, pursuant to KRS 61.810 (1),
to discuss property acquisition and litigation.
Meetings of the Fish and Wildlife Commission are open to the public.
The next regular quarterly Commission meeting will be held at 8 a.m. on
Friday, June 4, 2004 in Frankfort. Persons who are hearing impaired and plan
to attend the meeting should contact the KDFWR at least five days in advance
and the agency will provide a translator. Contact KDFWR, Commissioner Tom
Bennett, 1 Game Farm Road, Frankfort, Kentucky, 40601; phone 1- (800)
The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) manages,
regulates, enforces and promotes responsible use of all fish and wildlife
species, their habitats, public wildlife areas and waterways for the benefit
of those resources and for public enjoyment....
Wearing a life jacket is so easy and it will save your life--you may be the best swimmer, but if you were knocked unconcious it will do you no good--it is a good idea to wear your life jacket at all times even if only trolling--here is a tragidy that could have been avoided if only he had a life jacket:

KDFWR Investigating Kentucky’s First Boating Fatality of 2004

Officers with The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Division of Law Enforcement are investigating the death of a New Liberty, Kentucky man after the canoe he was riding in capsized at about 3:15 p.m. Tuesday on Lower Thomas Lake in Owen County.
William A "Tony" Otter, 21, was canoeing with a friend when the craft overturned. The friend, also ejected from the canoe, communicated with Otter shortly after it capsized, but upon swimming to shore discovered Otter was missing.
Otter’s body was recovered in about 15 feet of water shortly after 4
p.m. Tuesday. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene by Owen County Deputy Coronor Larry Perry. An autopsy was scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday. There were no life jackets (PFD's) on the boat at the time of the accident.
"You can't help but think that if there had been a PFD available to this man that
this tragedy could have been averted," said KDFWR Law Enforcement Colonel David Casey.
This is Kentucky’s first fatal boating accident of 2004. Last year 10 people died
in boating accidents in the Commonwealth. According to Casey, at least one personal flotation device for each passenger is required on board any boat while on the water.

MONDAY, MAY 3, 2004




I have scheduled a fall bear hunt with Lake Herridge lodge in Ontario this fall. Does anyone know anything about them?
Please take the time tonight to say a prayer for the Pat Tillman family and all other Americans that may find themselves in harms way in foreign countries. May we truly enjoy the freedom that they ensure.
Pat was a true hero.


Taking critters one shot at a time the Encore way.
Does anyone know of a good book on how to train Rat Terriers(feist) to squirrel hunt?
I need the game wardens name and phone number to report a tresspasser on my Ohio County farm. This guy has been hunting on my farm and has been chased off 3 times and he still comes back! I need some help. I am going to video him this weekend. I would be hunting turkeys but I guess it is hunting tresspassers this weekend. This guy is awful brave to do this over and over. I am going to confront him by hiding and then when he is close jumping out so he cant get away. Because he runs off everytime, I need to contact the game warden. I have called the poacher line but it is not working. I have left several messages at the DNR, but no return calls yet. I know hew will be back this weekend. Can someone help me. My farm is off hwy. 62 near Rockport. Thanks Ronnie
Just wondering how many folks have broken down and spent the money on an Encore and what the prevelant caliber choice is.

So far, I have the blued 25/06 bull barrel and the 209 X 50 cal stainless muzzleboomer. Extremely pleased with the machine work and quality of both. Accuracy is great with the correct loads.[:D]

Taking critters one shot at a time the Encore way.
Is anyone interested in some turtles. A lady is begging me to come get some out of her pond. I have all the gear, just dont want to get them if nobody wants them. I am in Louisville. Send me a message if interested.
Any of you fellers coming down to the BIG Outdoors Show at the Bristol Motor Speedway in June? Attendance is expected to be 75,000 .[:D]

Hunt hard, cook BBQ, hunt some more.
Things are a little slow on the board.

What is most important to you when you start looking for an outfitted hunting or fishing trip?

For me, #1 is honesty on the part of the outfitter.

#2 is quality of game or fish present in the area I'll hunt/fish.

#3 is price.

How about you guys and gals?

Good huntin'!


Pay it forward-
not me but i am sure there are a few on the forum that was checked
if so how did it go?

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may be hunting a place to live"
Has anyone had any experience with this Outfitter? And if so care to share some info on them?
Anyone have any websites on various methods of field dressing/cleaning turkeys?


Yall ever wonder what people who <i>don't</i> hunt do?

I sure feel sorry for em', because they don't know what they're missing! It's not just about a kill; It's about being there, the lifestyle. Eary Mornings in the woods, seeing all the critters. There is no more beautifull a sight than a sunrise in a deerstand.

Reckon' what those "others" do to pass the time? If only we could take them hunting just once!

I thought of this as I anticipated The Turkey opener..... Seems everyone would want this "jittery" feeling of the anticipation.

"It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent"

Fred Bear
I just recieved this package in the mail today and it makes me sick, it even has little cards already filled out to mail to these companies all you have to do is sign the card and mail, its about how I am appalled at the method in farming ducks for meat, and how adidas uses kangaroo leather in the soccer shoes heres my take on eating meat: meat is to eat and the only place for veggies is right next to my big ol fat steak and then there better not be many, because
I AM A CARNIVOREand I want much more meat that is on my plate.
oh yea before I get anymore carried away here is the web address to voice your opinion I think I will [:(!]
E-mail them @ or

just bein out there is enuff
I just wanted to make sure--and this sounds like a dumb question--but does the Kentucky Sportsman License include the fall Archery Deer Permit? It does not SPECIFICALLY say in the KY DFW official site. Although I guess you can assume "Deer Permit" includes archery, gun, blackpowder, etc. The reason why I ask is because, if you notice below (which was cut and pasted directly from their own website) it specifically mentions an archery and firearm permit for turkey. But for doesn't say if it's good for gun, bow or what--too me, knowing how some governments work, if it's not clear, then it's punishable.

Cut and paste from KY official site:
<b>Sportsman License - Includes Combination Hunting and Fishing License, Deer Permit, Spring Turkey Permit, Fall Archery Turkey Permit, Fall Firearm Turkey Permit, State Waterfowl Permit and Trout Permit</b>

What patterns are typically used for hunting deer?

What patterns are typically used for hunting turkey?

What patterns for other game?

I see Mossy Oak, Advantage, RT/HDW, etc.... as patterns.
Happy Easter to all, what a wonderful day it is.
I was bored an starting looking on the web for hunting lodges. I came up with this one that has exotic hunts or pinned up animals. Check out the prices. Is this alot for a hunt?

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
- Edmund Burke (1729-1797), British statesman and philosopher
Why do we not have a bear season in KY? I know we have them here. Or are they considered in the "fur barring" area without mention to them specifically? Or considered on the endangered list and therefore illegal to hunt?
Is anyone finding any mushrooms yet[?]

what u get out, is what u put in

Lawyers: Animals Should Be Able to Sue
ABC News ^ | 5/13/02 | Amanda Onion

Posted on 05/13/2002 12:11:04 PM PDT by UB355

Fighting for Moe

Activists Pursuing Legal Status for Animals One Case at a Time

By Amanda Onion

May 13 — Moe's owners think they know what's best for him. So does the city of West Covina, Calif., so does the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and so does the director of a local sanctuary.

The problem is, even though he's 36 years old, Moe the chimp can't speak for himself.

That's partly why the custody battle between Moe's owners and the city of West Covina has continued for nearly four years. It's also why a growing cadre of prominent lawyers is lobbying to broaden the way we define all animals and animal rights in the U.S. court system.

"African-Americans and women and handicapped people and homosexuals — they're all able to talk," said Cass Sunstein, a law professor at the University of Chicago who advocates the appointment of legal guardians for animals to protect their welfare. "That made all the difference. If animals could speak, the law would look a lot different."

A Troubled Chimp History

In the latest settlement, reached last week, both sides agreed that Moe would be moved from his chain-link cage at the Wildlife Waystation Sanctuary, where he enjoys the occasional company of other chimps, to an air-conditioned building on industrial property in neighboring Baldwin Park, Calif. But that now seems unlikely to happen, since the city of Baldwin Park is not interested in hosting the chimp.

The agreement was the latest effort to end litigation that began in 1998 when the city of West Covina removed Moe from the home of St. James and LaDonna Davis after the animal allegedly bit two people. The Davises sued to have Moe returned. And now no one, it seems, is happy about the settlement.

Baldwin Park city officials say they don't...
does anyone know of any gun or outdoor shows anywhere this weekend?
[:(!] So Me and this fella Murphy and his "law" are gonna fist-fight.

Never fails, <i>I'm at work,</i> Beautiful day, sunny, etc, etc. Great day to be at the farm looking for sheds, working on foodplots, mineral sites or FISHING.

<i>I'm OFF,</i> it's gonna be cold & rainy. Just saw the forecast for Weds & Thurs (which I'm off) and cool rain both days. This has happened the past 4 or 5 weeks in a row. Each day before and after will be a small peice of great outdoor weather paradise. What gives.

Like I said me and this guy Murphy are gonna duke it out and he can take his "LAW" to someone elses day off.

"It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent"

Fred Bear
Just to say my youngest son recieved his orange card today(that was FAST) Now we all have one! The look on his face(age 9 was priceless!) (he'll be 10 before deer season August) so he needed it before then!
Just felt like sharing a "proud moment" with everyone![:D]

<hr noshade size="1">
I'd rather be lucky than good any day!!

Reloaders Haul Brass!
Hey, i'm looking for someone to fill a spot for a guide spring grizzly bear hunt here in alaska! need to fill it in the next week or so. i was asking 8000 for the hunt, but i've dropped it to 7500 and you can bring a black bear tag and make it a combo hunt at no extra charge. this is a fly in, backpack hunt in the remote mountains of alaska. drop me a email if anyone is interested.
April 3 and 4

"Water temperatures are climbing, Spring is in the's time to wet a line. Do you have some fishing related questions????? Where is the best place to catch: largemouth, crappie, smallies, walleye and more???? How is the muskie population on Buckhorn? Is Cedar Creek Lake a fishable waterhole? To get answers to these and any other questions, tune in to a special 60 minute live call-in show all about fishing!!! Join Tim Farmer and a panel of experts as they tackle all of YOUR questions about the upcoming year in fishing. Saturday night at 8PM eastern/ 7 central for our annual LIVE fishing call-in show. Then, if you missed some of the important information, the show will re-air on Sunday afternoon at 4/3 central. This week on Kentucky Educational Television!!!

April 10 and 11

Do you have turkey fever??? Can't wait to get in the woods and call in that big tom?? Do you have some questions on hunting techniques, public hunting areas or populations???? Well, we have the show for you!!! Tune in this week for our annual LIVE turkey call-in show!! A panel of experts you answer all of YOUR questions. So tune in and get your questions ready, for our LIVE Turkey Hunting Call-IN Show, Saturday night 8 eastern/ 7 central. If you miss the Saturday night telecast, KET will re-air the show Sunday at 4PM eastern/ 3 central."
I don't know how many of you all watch "Kentucky Afield" on KET but I thought I would post this information. This is a great show put out by the KDFWR bunch and I personally greatly enjoy it. Their shows are really informative, especially the call-in shows. I think a few of the call-in panel members may be members of this forum.[?]

Antler Ridge Deer Farms
Bledsoe, KY
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