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Dang i have been sitting here waiting on someone to post about Art Lander's article in the sunday Herald Leader titled: "Cost of Nature, wildlife management areas examine user fee"!!!! Two of kentuckys largest wma's, central kentucky wma and western kentucky wma have a combined maintenance cost of more than $300,000 a year!!! LKS president " we don't think it's fair that hunters and fishermen should have to bear the entire cost of the upkeep and maintenance of state wildlife management areas." AMEN brother! make the horse back field trialers pay to mow Central. "licensed trappers, hunters, fisherman and boaters would be exempt....we know there are alot of issues that will need to be resolved" ....." the cost should be about the same as the cost of a fishing and hunting license, ballpark figure about $20"

this sounds fair to me! if out of state trialers can afford to trailer in 20 dogs to run in a field trial and pay entry fees they can pay a user fee to have the privelage of usage of "our" wma.

looking forward to hearing responses from the masses!
your friend forever----JIMMY NEUTRON
BTW I like the signs at Central!! hmmm wonder why those were put up???
yesterday i was buying some 30-30 shells and i usually buy 150gr.powerpoint and i acadiently bought 30-30 170gr. power point i no there is know problem threre but i was wondering if a 170 gr will shoot harder or farther than a 150gr