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were is everyone in the hunting chat?

On sun., when I hunted area 13 at Ft. Knox I came across some monster tracks near Otter Creek. They looked like cat tracks, except the pad of them was about 3" across [:0](measured with deer slug). There were 4 smaller "finger pads". I say that they looked like cat tracks because there were no nail marks (it was in soft mud), such as what would have been left behind by coyote, etc. Anyone have any clue what it might be? I'm hesitant to say mountain lion type of cat, but wanted to get some input from everyone else. Thanks for your help. If anyone frequents that area, and wants to know the exact location, to see for themselves, just ask, and I'll tell you.

Thinking about a new deer rifle.

Any comments on the 270 WSM - likes Dislikew?
Thought you bear hunters would find this interesting, New Jersey has opened its first black bear season in modern times. This is on Yahoo news, I don't know how well this will work, but here goes:
well my soon to be sister in law was on her out the door sat about 6;00 to go to her mothers and right outside her door, 20 feet, eating a old pumpkin was a black bear. she lives two houses down from me in lincoln co. we went sunday morning to look for tracks around the mud holes and creeks but all we found was a pile of bear droppings( for lack of a better word) right behind there house in the edge of the woods. it was covered up with a pretty big mound of leaves kind a like a cat does but this was raked up from about 2 feet awa, and piled about 8 inches high.
and i talked to a guy who says the guy who lives 2 ridges from me has about 1200 acres and several trail cams set up, has pictures of black panthers took from his trail cams. ill try to get some duplicates made and post.
all this adds a new degree of difficulty when walking to the ol ladder stands in the dark. and ill be there everyday i ave off and can trying to get a picture of this bear.

Spent the entire day with my dad. This was the first time he felt able to try hunting for several years. I showed up at his house this morning around 7:00, he's setting there with full camo cover-alls and boots on, he's ready to go. We go to one cornfield where I know he will not have to walk far and set up in a creek, covered with brush. We set up and 31 birds come in around 8:00. I only worked a few purrs and raking leaves. Birds fed close, dad raises gun, NOTHING! Had not slammed bolt completely closed. Went to another field and found birds. Waited until birds fed into woods and I busted them. He was able to walk down and set up. I called 3 poults back within 20 yds. He raises gun, BOOM, a good 1 foot behind bobbing turkey head. Y'all need to realize that this man in his time was one of the best wingshots this state has ever had. The birds didn't really run away, they were milling around. He's so pi$$ed, he drops the gun down and looks at me saying, "$&$#$%**^%% did I miss that ^(*%@%( Bird"!! I say shoot again. He raises gun, birds fly away. At that time I could only do what anyone could do with a crochity old, pi$$ed off man, that's holding a loaded 12ga. I laughed my a$$ off!!! He even had to start laughing. We found another flock, busted them, but they flew up a steep hill. There was no way he could make it. I gave chase and passed up a few poults. Was able to get old momma in at 30 yds.
It really was a great day with dad. We saw a total of 94 birds today.
(Highbow, if you read this with the 4-1, there should be 364 deer there[:eek:)])
I really wanted dad to get a bird today and he had the chance. I hope everyone gets to spend quality hunting time with their family.
Kentucky Afield News
From KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources
An Agency of the Kentucky Tourism Development Cabinet
December 10, 2003 For more information

contact (800) 858-1549


Frankfort, KY, December 10, 2003- The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission
has adopted new rules concerning 2004 quota elk hunts. The Commission
recommends all hunting, fishing and boating regulations for approval by the
General Assembly and approves all expenditures by the Kentucky Department of
Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR).
Among the major changes for the 2004 quota elk hunts will be to increase the
number of permits available from 12 to 40. There will be 20 bull elk and 20
cow elk tags available next year. Two bull elk tags are awarded annually to
conservation groups that auction the permits to raise funds for elk herd
management and ongoing research.
The period to apply for an elk quota hunt will be extended two more months
through July 31. The application fee will remain $10. The drawing will be
conducted electronically in August. Resident hunters drawn for an elk
permit will be required to pay $25, and nonresidents $300. Up to 10 percent
of the permits may be awarded to non-resident applicants.
Because the number of permits will increase, hunting will begin taking place
on both public and private lands. Quota hunters will be randomly assigned
to hunt one or the other. Those assigned to hunt private land will be able
to hunt elk during the entire deer season following deer season equipment
One other change for elk hunting in 2004 is that Laurel, Jackson, Owsley,
Lee, Wolfe, Morgan, Elliott and Lawrence will no longer be considered buffer
counties of the elk restoration zone. Whitley and McCreary counties are now
part of the elk restoration zone. The difference is that deer hunters can
take elk during deer season in counties outside the restoration zone,...
Hey guys. This is my first time on this sight but It is right up my alley. Will be on a lot now. I live and hunt in Garrard county and also hunt in Cumberland county.

So far deer hunting not been all that great in either county.
Does anyone else hunt in Garrard?
Hey everyone. Im new here. Im looking for land to lease next year. Any where within 50 to 100 miles south of Northern Ky (erlanger). Any suggestions?
CHATFIELD, MN--The Pope and Young Club's Board of Directors recently approved a change to the Club's records program that will allow the Club to begin accepting big game entries harvested by compound bows that have let-offs greater than 65 percent. However, the P&Y Club says any record book entry taken with a compound bow exceeding 65 percent let-off will be listed with an asterisk in the Club's official records and record books.
The proposal also called for the production of a periodic specialty book that would contain only animals harvested with traditional bows (recurve bows, longbows and self bows), in addition to them being listed in the all-time record books.
The P&Y Club's new let-off rule will go into effect Jan. 1, 2004. The Club says the change is retroactive, meaning that animals harvested in the past can now be submitted for entry into the P&Y record books.
The Club's "traditional-only" record book is scheduled to be published in 2007, with subsequent editions published on a 6-year cycle (from nahc weekly news)
Well I picked up a new deer rifle a couple of days ago. Got a Winchester Model 70 in .300wsm. Now for the ammo. I have never used any of the new ballistic tip stuff and just wonder if it has any advantage over a soft point. I thought the ballistic tips were mainly for varmits but I notice that Winchester has it in 150/180 grain.
This looks like an excellent caller. Does any one have this?? Also, will compact flash memory cards work in it or secure digital??
I whould like to go Turkey hunting but don't want to shell out the $400+ for a shotgun. I have a 12Ga Goosegun and a .410 wingmaster pump. I favor the 410 because it is light. What should I use the 410 or the 12ga? is a 410 illegal for turkey?
I am in the process of buying a new rifle for next year what you think of the round?
I put this in the wrong place (forum) the first time.

I have always been amazed at the audacity of individuals who will justify in their minds that if you have over X amount of acres, well then that is too much for one person and that all should be able to hunt on the land. In other words, entitlement. Our family has a 700 acre farm. We have been lucky in the sense that each year of hunting has NOT brought us face to face with a group of hunters that claim to have hunting rights. That changed this year. Without getting into too much topology, there are two access roads after you get on the farm. Each takes you to the opposite side of the land. So, it is very possible to hunt on one side and NEVER see/know of a hunter on the other side. The farm has only been hunted by, at most, 5 people per year. 3 of which are family members. Two of which always go with family members. This year we decide to go over to the other side to see what's to see and we run into two kids (18 maybe) in a four wheel drive "scouting to put up tree stands". They were, to say the least, stoned. Eyes barely open like Cheech and Chong. Stated that they had permission by the land owner. Hmmm. That is funny. Did not recall a call from them. Here is the thing. Their entitlement allowed them to remain completely calm and further their perspective that they actually did have a justification to be on that land. I mean hell, it is big enough Right? They had that written across their face.

I bring it up for two reasons. 1) the very simple fact of how folks think that if there is no guard, there is no law i.e. loot principle. 2) Safety. Most folks do not shoot 30-30's anymore or slug shotguns (no that is not bad or anything to the like. Just my observation when I go to the meat locker). These high powered rounds travel to say the least. And I cannot help to think that a person who would unethically enter another person's property would more than likely take a shot on a 400 yd deer regardless of...
Found this sight, thought it might be helpful.
Virginia opened bear hunting across the border from me this year and I've been bow hunting (no bait) and the last few days gun hunting.
Had a super time learning about bears while bow hunting ( I even saw one a couple of times). I knew the chances were a little below zero of getting one with a bow.

I had great expectations this Monday(opening day with a firearm). Got there early, settled in, nice snow on the ground...and then it started. Trucks, trucks, and more trucks. There were 2 groups of hound hunters each with 5 trucks, about 10 people, and 10 dogs. Each group split into 2 or 3 trucks and drove the roads, strip roads, and 4-wheeler trails about 2 miles an hour looking for any sign of a bear. I've spent the last 3 days trying to find an area where their trucks can't make it. No luck and unbelievalby frustrating.

I talked with a few of them, great guys, but the other 3 or 4 bear hunters in the area couldn't hunt because of them. I'm not knocking bearhoundsman's or anyone else's way of hunting. Heck, I would love it if I had dogs to do it with. The constant traffic made it impossible to enjoy what I thought was going to be a great experience. Unless I can find an area where there are no roads or 4-wheeler trails (probably impossible) I won't be hunting next year.

Again I'm not against this tradition, but if or when KY gets a bear season take my advise and don't support hound hunting for bear. Road hunting just aint my style.

Bearhoundsman...I enjoy reading your posts and learning about bear hunting, but I didn't realize I would get a crash course in hound hunting in a few days. 6 bear in 2 days...a good old fashion hunter doesn't stand a chance.[:(]
Here is some photo's for Bearhoundsman. This is a biggun'!!!

Hey Guys

I just want to let everyone know something I have seen this year that makes me very sad[V]

I am a rabbit hunter and I run beagles all over the state and this year I can't believe the number of dead deer I have been finding. It's not unusual to run across 1 or 2 during the season but this year I have found a bunch (I found 3 at the Twin Eagles WMA last friday).

Hunters are shooting them and leaving them. I don't know if it is because of a lack of tracking skills, or perhaps the deer was too small to waste a tag on.

You guys that are doing this should be ashamed.

If you don't know how to track a wounded deer........Learn! There is some skill involved, but it's not brain surgery. Choose your shots well. You don't have to shoot the first one that comes along. If you don't have a decent shot or if it's not big enough to fill up your freezer....let it go. Another one will be along soon.

Sorry to rant like this folks, but what I have seen the last 3 or 4 weeks sickens me.

Thanks for listening

Teach your children to hunt
You won't have to hunt your children
I ran across this site and thought some of the sound clips might come in handy (I love the Frogs/peepers... I sure wish it was July and I was barefoot in the creek!) The Wolves/howl is great too. Someday, I am going to caribou hunt up there....
A couple of years ago I found a calender that I think was from the Fish and Wildlife department. That had when all the seasons opened during the year, when turkeys started gobbling and fish started to spawn. I was wondering if anyone know where I could get another one, We need one for work to plan vacations. [:D]
i heard that the pepsi co. gives a portion of there profits
to fight the nra and any other pro gun organizations!

could this possibly be true?
Free downloadable, printable targets here
in the time i've been coming to this site i've enjoyed talking to some of you, but due to some recent happenings i think it is time for me to move on to another site due to some hard feeling that have came up over my style of bear hunting. so not wanting to start any arguments due to my often hot headed nature i'll more than likely be moving on. anyone who wishes to contact me can do so at my email address which is
I like to hunt squirrels with my mod.54 RWS 22 cal. air gun. It is quite and packs a good punch. I have bagged several grays, fox squirrels. and a dozen or so cottontails.

The more i learn about deer hunting...The less i seem to know
Respondents to The Kentucky Post


The Kentucky Conservation Officers' Association
After the gun season is over, is deer hunting still good? Is it better to hunt early in the season or wait till its over & try your luck? All my luck came early but i wanna know if its just as good after gun hunting..
What is your favorite hunting videos? Mine are Muzzy bad to the bone, Primos Truth 11, and Realtree Monster Bucks 11 vol. 1&2.
Hey all!! just wanted to let yaw know im new here. my dad (turk2di) wanted me to get on a couple message boards and learn some stuff from experienced people and teach yaw what i know. Well just wanted to say hey. BigBuck
i was just wanderin if anyone has ever tried rain-x on scope lenses, i was just sittin around thinkin about a way to keep lenses from fogging and that came to mind and i thought maybe someone else had thought of it and tried it if so let me know if it works

just bein out there is enuff
See here:
i just read about this story thought some of you might enjoy reading it too....this fella has a heart of gold,1626,ECP_4476_2454712,00.html

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may be hunting a place to live"
New Jersey story


The Kentucky Conservation Officers' Association
Just wanted to the sponsors of this site know........ I had left my boots at my farm and had to stop to purchase some new ones, on my way to IL for last weeks gun opener. Saw Uncle Lee's on my way down the WK and stopped in......... GREAT PLACE. I wish I had the ladies name who helped me, very informative, friendly, great customer service. I'll go back and I recommend them highly. If your in the area, stop in!!

Back in the 1960s, my dad bought me my first shotgun. It was made by ERBI Toledo Arms Spain. 410 singleshot with a "coin" finish and engraving of bird dogs if I remember correctly. When I was a teenager, I got the "bright idea" to trade it at the poolroom for a junk 22 pistol that shaved lead. Now that I have a son of my own, I would like to find this type of shotgun for my son. Can anyone give me any ideas where and how to start my search? I did a internet search and found very little info. This shotgun was purchased at Meades Hardware in Harrodsburg, Ky.
Got this from the U.S. SPORTSMAN ALLIANCE. SCORE ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS[:)]. To bad the fine is more. This guy deserves to have the book thrown at him.
An Indiana man may soon find himself behind bars after being arrested for harassing waterfowl hunters. Hunter harassment laws, modeled after draft legislation created by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, make it illegal to disrupt lawful hunting in Indiana and all 50 states.
The anti-hunter, whose name was withheld pending further investigation, was arrested for hunter harassment, vandalism and theft. The man, agitated that shooting had awakened him and that sportsmen were killing “his ducks,” continuously yelled at waterfowl hunters on the St. Joseph River in Indiana. He also allegedly let air out of the sportsmen’s truck tire and took money from the vehicle.
The man faces up to a $500 fine and jail time.
Has there been any thoughts about getting some hats or shirts made with the KentuckyHunting...logo printed on them?
i think awhile back there was a few bumper stickers made..

Do you think we could have a contest with say a logo to appear on these items..i say lets look into it im proud to be a member here and would like to show our support..maybe the www could make a few $$ off the items to help pay for some of the fees to keep this site up and running... Anyone else feel this is a good idea ?

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may be hunting a place to live"
I am looking for the person or persons who helped my brother on Friday night Nov. 14th. He was involved in a single car accident on hwy 150 near crab orchard ky. He was driving a blue s10 pickup that went off the road and hit a culbert head. He was not breathing and someone stopped and performed cpr on him till the ems arrived. He is in uk hospital now in a coma but the doctors are exspecting him to make a full recovery. I would just like to find the person or persons who took the time to stop and save my brother, they are true heros. If anyone knows who they are please post A reply and I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Tony

"Not only is bowhunting a fun and real challenge,but its good for you. The exercise in the fresh air, the chance to get away from everday pressures and problems, a return to the basic relationships between man and his environment."
Fred Bear
Congrats on winning the $50 gift certificate!!! Enjoy(I'm sure you will) way to go; high five!!![:D]

<hr noshade size="1">
I'd rather be lucky than good any day!!

Reloaders Haul Brass!
this year's november hunt was monday and tuesday.
we killed 3 monday 424,384,278. and got several dogs hurt.
tuesday we killed 3 also 524,277,221. got 2 dogs killed and sent 18 to the vet. will hopefully have pics soon.
has anyone else noticed that the site is loading slowly?
or is it just me sometimes it takes 5-15 min for me to load
and last week i was at the library and got on their pc and noticed it took a few minutes to load there and they have higher connections them myself...

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may be hunting a place to live"
I was just looking through a Sportsman Guide catalog and seen some Rocky boots that was "factory seconds" for less that half the original price. Now I don't see anything wrong with factory seconds and I was wondering if someone of you that might be interested, in helping me put our net surfing skills to the test and find some sort of outlet or website that sells factory seconds in general hunting gear. Such as clothes, boots, maybe even equipment. But anyway I will start looking and if I find anything I will post. [:)]
Hunting for Nerds 101

Having Coffee and Calculating Antler Spread
By Pooge

In a never ending quest to entertain myself I have used a simple mathematical equation to determine many things while in the woods hunting. This weeks experiment will be to use this equation to determine the antler spread of a Whitetail Deer using nothing more than a coffee stir stick and a few simple measurements.

Lets begin by showing the equation in the form we need for this calculation:
A = a (D / d)
Where (A) is the width of the target (i.e. antler spread), (a) is a known width of a reference object, (D) is the distance to the target, and (d) is the distance from your eye to the tip of the reference object.

In this example, the reference object is a simple coffee stir stick and it measures .125 inches in diameter.

First, place the stir stick in your hand and pinch between your index finger and thumb. Hold at arms length from your body, directly in front of you with your thumb pointing up.
Next, have someone carefully measure from your eye to the tip of the stick. This measurement should be remembered as the basis for all future calculations (d). In my case, this value was 30 inches.

So now we have 2 of the necessary values for our equation:
a = .125(n)
d = 30

Now lets pretend a deer is 20 yards away, and we know this because we are really good at determining distances and or have a range finder, or now how to determine range based on my next essay.
(To practice this, use trees at various distances from the stand.)

D = 20 yds or 720 inches (as there are 36 inches in a yard)

Now, extend your arm, holding the stir stick, just as in the initial measurement and calculate how many sticks will fit between each edge of the antlers, or whatever you are measuring).

Lets say for examples sake it turned out to be 5.

Now we know that a = .125(5) or .625

The rest is simple...

A = .625 (720 / 30)
A = .625 (24)
A = 15 inches...
from the Kentucky Post


The Kentucky Conservation Officers' Association
Hello all I tagged out opening day with a 8 point now im wanting to do some bobcat hunting and coyote hunting, I know the season is open but if the game warden sees me hes going to think im deer hunting. Can I legally hunt theses animals during deer season even though im tagged out also what do I tell the wardon when he wants to see my license and thinks im deer hunting?
we have had a big increase on our bear population in the past two years. im telling you they are everywhere. Is there alot all over the state?

Makes me dred spring turkey hunting[:D][:D]
first of all I would like to say this is one fo the better hunting sites I have found on the web, lots of good information and very nice people. Now here's my question I was wondering on how everyone sharpens there knives. I know a wet rock and a leather belt does a fine job, but I just hate to put scratches on the blade of the Kissing Krane. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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