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Ok, How do I? It's red right now. What is the recommended
method for getting it to look like a hunting rig, and not stand out like a sore thumb?[:eek:)]

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Fred Bear
If ypu want to see what our troops over in Afganistan are doing check out this link. There is a link on the page to download an ac-130 attack video on the taliban. It takes a while to download (30 minutes on 56k modem) but well worth the wait. The clip is 7.5 minutes long and it inlcudes sound. It really makes you appreciate what they're over there for.
I just wanted to let everyone know that Out Back Gun & Pawn of Bardstown has this gun for raffle.. thier will be 15 tickets sold and I was there Friday and he only had 3 left. They are $100 each and the gun has a scope already on it he also said he was givin a couple boxes of shell with is a new 22-250.. hurry over and buy these remaining tickets so I can win[:D]
Out Back Gun & Pawn
1551 Boston Rd (hwy 62)
Bardstown Ky
Take a look at the article on the Auxier Flats area of Paintsville Lake WMA at , guys this is just one of your WMA's that is being made a target in the name of tourism, if you check out the public forum of Cyberhunters you will learn more about our need of your letters to help save this area. They other property available without using hunting land. Another site is
PLease send email or letters to these papers to help protect our hunting land.

Thank You,
Nathan Frisby
From Frank Allen and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Land Between The States Chapter, asking for your help.
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation works to conserve habitat for wildlife across the US and canada, and nowhere have the Foundation's efforts been more succesfull than in the state of Kentucky.
The Land Between The States Chapter is working to raise funding for, and increase awarness of the various elk restoration projects. We are conducting our TERMENDOUS 25 DRAWING to help in these efforts. By purchasing tickets for this drawing you will help to preserve wildlife habitat. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is a non-profit organization and is one of the most efficient Conservation Organizations in America.

Starting May 14th 2003, a winner will be drawn each day to recieve the designated prize for the day. Each drawing will be webcast live at The winning ticket will be displayed for the live webcast and then returned to the hopper for the next drawing. EVERY TICKET IS ENTERED IN ALL 25 DRAWINGS! Thier is no limit on the number of times you can win.

May14 Rem mod 700Mnt Rifle 280Rem
May15 Browning BAR LTWT stlkr 270
May16 Henry Golden Boy 22 Mag
May17 Rem 870 Wingmaster 12 Ga.
May18 $700.00 cash
May19 Browning BPS MosseyOak 12Ga
May20 Ruger Ultralight 3006
May21 Rem mod 700Mnt Rifle 280 Rem
May22 Marlin mod 444S .444 Marlin
May23 Win.M-70Featherweight 7MM08
May24 Browning BAR LtWt Stalker270
May25 Browning BPS MossyOak 12Ga.
May26 Browng Abolt Sstalkr 7mmWSM
May27 Ruger Ultralight 270 Win MAY28 Browng BAR LtWt ST 70WSM
May29 Browning A-bolt Stainless Stalker 270WSM
May30 Rem mod 700 Mntn Rifle 7MM
May31 Browning A-bolt Stainless Stalker 300WSM.
Jun1 Browng Abolt Sstlkr 270WSM
Jun2 Browng BAR LtWtStalkr 300WMag
JUN3 $1000.00 cash
Jun4 Swarovski EL8.5x42Binocular...
i don't know if it's me or not but the forum has gotten really slow, as far as people diccussing thing. is it because hunting season is over(which really sucks). or because no one is coming to the site. everyday i look forward to coming here so i can learn and read people stories, and what they have to say. but like i said it's been really slow. come on people, if there is nothing to talk about. tell some hunting stories from last season!

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Hey has any of you hog hunters hunted the Big South Fork area Peters Mtn for hogs
Just started hunting them in last week or two
been in several of the deep hollars there and havent seen any sign
is there a certain area there that hold hogs
after about 3-4 of those big deep hollar trips it get very discouraging
any info would be great
John Michael Montgomery will be doing a jam session on Sat. 15th at Jim Strader's Hunting and Fishing Expo... ticket price is regular admission - $8.

Plus ... don't forget about the Big Buck Contest...

I am not a spectator of nature, but rather a participant; a hunter.
SB 112 (BR 1279) - R. Stivers
AN ACT relating to cervids.
Amend KRS 150.720, relating to cervids, to ban importation or transportation of cervids from captive herds or states where chronic wasting disease has been found; permit destruction of escaped animals; amend KRS 150.990 to provide criminal penalties for violators and permit recovery of costs.

Feb 5-introduced in Senate

Please call and support this bill! 1-800-372-7181

Prevent Kentucky from Becoming Part of National Deer Disease Epidemic

Leave a message for a legislator: 1 (800) 372-7181

"Good _________________ Senator or Representative ____________.
(morning, afternoon, or evening)

My name is ____________________ and I represent ____ of members of
the _______________. We support Senate Bill 112 to prohibit importation of live deer and elk into Kentucky. I would like you to also support SB 112.

If you’re asked why you support the bill, you could offer the following:

* SB 112 will help prevent the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease among our wild and captive deer and elk herds
* Our wild deer herds support hunting by more 271,000 Kentuckians
* Our wild deer herds are important to more than 1,000,000 Kentuckians who enjoy watching wildlife
* Kentucky’s wild deer herd generates $409 million annually to our
state’s tourism economy and supports 3,700 Kentucky jobs
Anyone on here ever bowhunted CO for elk? Just starting to do a little planning for 2004. Hope to draw a WY mule deer tag for 2003. Anyways, I'm looking for an over-the-counter unit with decent numbers - not looking for "trophy" caliber elk. Feel free to reply here, or email me at if you don't mind sharing a little info.

Brian Grossman
Just wanted to say Hi! I live in western ky and I am a very serious hunter. I hunt what ever that is in season very hard. Deer are my passion I'm an avid bowhunter and my family even raise whitetails as a hobby.
link to the article[:D]
There is a proposed bill that would significantly affect the ability of the KDFWR to function as a managing entity of Ky's wildlife. There is an attempt to have deer and elk reclassified as livestock due to implications with CWD. IF the deer and elk are reclassified they would then be under the control of the dept. of agriculture, not the KDFWR. If this were to happen, then as much as $409 million would be diverted from the KDFWR to the dept. of agriculture. It has been mentioned before that the state would like to be able to get some funds from the KDFWR diverted into the state budget. This is one way that it could happen. If you would like to see the KDFWR retain control over the elk and deer herds in this state, and retain control of the money involved in this situation I urge you to call this number. 1-800-372-7181. It only takes about 2 minutes and they will give the message to your representatives. Please call now. All calls on this subject must be received by noon on 2/4. thanks for your time.
Anyone here rifle or pistol shooting in the winter games?
im sad to say ill have to leave this wild bunch for a while[:D]
were getting our new-generation idiot box upgraded so ill see you cats later...and please try to keep the peace while im gone[:p]

what kinda show is this and what goes on there. do they just advertise thing or discuss different topics? thinking about going, only 15 mins away.

>--> if it's brown it's down<--<
Are they still around?

I am not a spectator of nature, but rather a participant; a hunter.
from the nahc weekly news:
Update: Assembly Committee Approves Wisconsin Right-To-Hunt Amendment
A Wisconsin Assembly committee approved a proposed constitutional amendment last week guaranteeing the right to hunt and fish in the state.

The Assembly Natural Resources Committee voted 10-0 in favor of the state's "sporting heritage" amendment, which would guarantee the rights to fish, hunt, trap and take game subject only to reasonable restrictions as prescribed by law.

The amendment passed both houses of the Legislature last year. It must be approved by two consecutive Legislatures and approved by voters in a statewide referendum before it can be added to the Wisconsin Constitution. It now goes to the full Assembly for a vote.

For more information, visit

The L'ville boat show that is going on made me think. Can some of yall tell me some Hunting Shows coming up? Ive never been to one and would like to try it out...thanks a lot

Chase Powell
Can someone tell me why there is a crow season?
Well I am going all out. I am going to take the last hunting trip I will probably take for a while. I am booking an African Safari for 2004. Going for a change of senery. Anyone ever been or want to go?
i recently heard somewhere that there is going to be a Gun & Knife show in the area around louisville does anyone have any info on the dates, location?

also does anyone have any antlers they would part with to be made into knife handles....a local knife maker is making some VERY great looking custom knives he will trade a knife made out of your own antlers for a knife made just for you skinner, or if you perfer a smaller or larger he can fix you right up also makes sheaths for each knife out of tanned hide...these knives have been selling for upwards of $60-$100 i told him i would see if i can help him locate he is running low

(*** also the antlers he perfers is a average size the bigger ones dont work very well**)

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" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may hunting a place to live"
Where do you buy platt maps in Ky. I'm also interested in purchasing aerial photos and topo maps. I've tried the different web sites but this web tv is not very handy for these purposes. Thanks Tom.
Cyberhunter's are tring to raise some money for a partial or complete sponsorship of a school to participate in the Archery in Schools project from user of this site. Everbody is welcome to participate.

Here's how. Make a pledge and nominate a school. For each $10 you pledge, you get to make one selection. When we've reached our limit, we'll draw from the names submitted. That school will get the money for the program. We need about $1800 for a full ride. We can do this as a site. Let's do it.

Mail your check for your pledge to:

First National Bank of Grayson
Attn: Mark Rogers
Archery in Schools Project
PO Box 67
Grayson, KY 41143
Gawd, I'm glad there are deer hunters that will go out before sun-up and strap themselves to the side of a tree 20 feet off the ground, with the wind chill of a minus whatever, set there motionless and hope.
I'm glad there are duck hunters, that will pray for a blizzard, so they can wade in ice.
I'm glad there are coon hunters that climb over hill after hill in hopes of seeing the glow of an eye up in a tree.
I'm glad there are 'rat trappers that will spend most of the morning walking through ice water, chasing a bounty that will net about 10 cents per hour worked.
I'm glad there are 'yote hunters that sit all day in the snow, hoping for a glimsp of of smelly dog that no one wants.
You all make me feel "normal".[^]
What is your hunting truck/vehicle?
<i>This is a letter sent out by Ronnie Wells of the Kentucky Grouse Hunters Association. Any help that any of you guys can give would be much appreciated. I've been up there grouse hunting with these boys and believe me, it ain't no picnic. Low populations and rough country. Numbers always help. If you can spare $12/year, please join this organization. Nothing but good can come of it!</i>

Kentucky Grouse Hunters

The Kentucky Grouse Hunters wants to take this time to thank all their members for not only joining the efforts of saving their grouse season, but your input in any forum in which it came.

We are two months into this season, and looking down the barrel at one more surge from fish and wildlife to shorten season, to at least Jan. 31st and maybe Dec 31st.

The grouse study ended the last day of Sept. 2002. Results will be
discussed at the KDFW committee meeting in Feduary.

The Kentucky Grouse Hunters needs your help as well as, any other grouse hunters in your area, to combat this short coming.

The Kentucky Grouse Hunters have carried the torch for the last four
years. By attending meeting in Frankfort, working with the LOKS, spear heading habitat work on our WMA's and other activities to promote positive development for grouse and grouse habitat.

With your help and the help of the LOKS along with the CYBER HUNTERS we can improve habitat and the number of grouse in Kentucky.

Send your membership dues to Ronnie Wells, PO Box 1588, Paintsville
Kentucky, 41240. Make your checks payable to Paintsville Recreation
Department or the Kentucky Grouse Hunters. Dues are $12.00 per year,
running from Jan.1 to Dec. 31st.

Thank you for your envolvement in past years and hopefully in the future.

Ronnie Wells
Paintsville Recreation Director

Larry Robinson: Chairman of KGHA
Chris Whitley : Board member
Mike Ferguson : Board member
Bart Ward : Board member
Im thinking of joing either a hunting club or sportsmans club this year I live in Bardstown (though the wife is thinking were moving to Louisville this coming year).

Anyone have any suggestions
A word of caution, Bobcat season in the western zone is closing early. This Sunday will be the last day, Jnuary 19. The season limit of 300 cats has been reached.
Will anyone be at the Jim Straders Hunting and Fishing expo in Louisville repesenting UBK or Cyberhunters?

Marc Beeler
- Redneck Programmer
The Cyberhunters are collecting hunter's opinions from a survey compliled by questions asked by the folks from this site. We'd like to get as many completed surveys as possible. The data will be shared in future meeting with the Dept. and/or the Commission. Instead of selecting participants like the Dept. does, any licensed or licensed-exempt sportsman can participate in the survey. Instructions for the return are on the surveys cover page.

To get your copy, go to this link and download. There are two options, depending on the operating system your running. Please help us to help you by completing this survey and mailing it back. Thanks.

The survey is at the bottom of this page:
Just wanted to let you guys know that I've changed my username. I'll now be using the name that will go on the side of my bowfishing boat. I haven't shot a Mathews bow in over a year now, so MQ1ofKy is dead and gone. I guess I should contact Chad about my Moderator duties, but since it is only in the KDFW section it doesn't matter. Those guys were run off this site a long time ago. Larer.
Flintlock, Salty. Any of you guys see the hog that was killed in Clark Co during ML season?
Rural tradition of hunting shows signs of decline

By Patrik Jonsson | Special to The Christian Science Monitor from the January 09, 2003 edition -

RALEIGH, N.C. - Steve Johnston Jr. doesn't even notice the freezing rain heaving across Little Lick Creek as he scans the brushy bank from his camouflaged boat.

After an hour of spotting only a perturbed heron with his binoculars, he suddenly blurts out "duck!" Three ringnecks dart by. Mr. Johnston doesn't shoot them. Today is just a scouting mission to prepare for his favorite activity: taking his teenage sons, Tripp and Robert, hunting.

Johnston is hoping to imbue his sons with a love of hunting, a pastime slowly on the wane in many parts of America. As fewer fathers take youngsters out into the woods and more suburbanites balk at a sport they see as both dangerous and cruel, some observers predict the number of hunters in the United States could fall by as much as 50 percent in the next 20 years.

For a number of states, that's becoming a concern. Hunters keep deer populations in check and revenue from hunting licenses are key to conservation revenues. Others lament the loss of a father-son ritual that they consider as much a part of American life as the family farm.

As a result, several states - to the great dismay of animal-rights groups - are taking steps to encourage more people to sit in duck blinds and on deer stands:

• North Carolina is launching its first-ever "let's go hunting" campaign, in part as a game-management tool.

• Maine has introduced Young Hunter Days to encourage adolescents to try the sport with the help of volunteer mentors who guide them on their first outing.

• Alabama gives new hunters first access to forests at the start of deer season, so rookies can try their hand when the animals are not as wary - an attempt to lure more to the sport.

• In Illinois, game managers are holding learn-to-hunt...
I don't understand why the Cyberhunters and UBK should have so much of a say so in the decision to season dates and regs.It just seems to me that the majority of the hunters in this state aren't members of either organization.We all either buy our liscense over the phone off of the net or at a local vendor.It is all done by computer.Why couldn't each person be polled when they purchase hunting and fishing liscense.Looks like it would be a better view of what the average hunter wants.
Just my opinion
A sign of getting older looking for warmer clothing.

Has anyone tried polypropolene clothing be it outer wear or long underwear? If so what are your thought plus or minus.

i will be hog hunting in tenn. the last weekin in march.if anyone would like to go . just e-mail me
I have a 7 month old Lab Pup who has problems. I owned his mother who was lost about 2 months ago, so he is my last of the line.

He has developed serious problems and can hardly get around. After laying down for a while he can hardly get up, being so stiff in the rear and back. He also seems to hurt in his front feet after walking a bit and shakes his head occasionally like there is a problem there also.

My vet is stumped. We took x-rays that didn't reveal any problems in the back and rear bone structure. He doesn't think it is hip dysplasia, which is common to the breed, due to the dogs young age and the x-rays. The x-rays should have also shown any problems that might be a result of his having been hit by a car. Cranial cruciate ligament rupture seems to be out due to his having problems all over.

The Doc prescribed Rimadyl but it doesn't seem to have helped. I have owned and raised several dogs over the years but have never seen anything like this.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Hi Everybody
I just wanted to introduce myself this morning. I have been visiting here for the past few weeks and decided to become a member of this very nice and interesting forum.
I don't consider myself an avid hunter these days but I enjoy everything about the outdoors. Keep up the good work and interesting discussions and if I feel I can be of help to anyone I will definately offer my input.

I have a Remington Model 6 .22 Rifle. My grandfather gave it to me about 25 years ago. I have been trying to find out exactly how old it is. The serial number is 45230. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.
Does the KBA or LKS have websites? If not can anyone put me in touch with whomever I need to speak to about memberships and organizational information?


Who got some good "toys"???
I got a digital camera and some camos.

Maybe Uncle Lee won't hang me for this...[:p] I got some good buys last year at this sale.
Folks, The Dept. and the sportsman of Kentucky need our help. With the Budget shortfall, it appears that the Gov. is considering "taking" money from the F & W surplus fund. This is detailed a lot in the Cyberhunter's forum, but it is very important that we make the call to each of our legislators and voice our opinions that this money shouldn't be used. They need to fix the General Fund budget shortfall without taking our money. Here's an excerpt from Xtremes post:

Once again there are some eyes on OUR F&W dollars!! We need to contact our legislators and ask [politely] but firmly that the General Fund be addressed in a manner that will sustain itself financially and that the F&W dollars are dollars that belong to sports persons in this state.

The fact that the General Fund is 600 million$ in the hole is not our fault. If there is so much as a dollar taken out of the F&W monies we will lose all federal monies. We get approximately 24% of the revenue to operate the Dept. from Federal F&W tax dollars. This is nothing to take lightly to say the least!

For those of you who do not know who your legislators are dial 1-800-372-7181 and tell them where you live and they will tell you who are the legislators are in your area.

Please make the call!
<b>Valley Station</b> wins the Haydel's Cocobolo Duck Call.

<b>Multidigits</b> wins the Hunter's View Wildcat Treestand.

and last but not least,
<b>kybuck</b> wins the Mossy Oak Long Beard Turkey Vest.

I will send an email to each of you to get required information.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and I will try and get another giveaway on the site ASAP.
The stuff dreams are made of.
I read something about hog hunting in KY on state land but cant remember where it was does any one know where it is.[?]

Thanks Tim
<font color="red"><font size="4"><font face="Comic Sans MS">Thanks all for the information panthers(cat track)[;)]</font id="Comic Sans MS"></font id="size4"></font id="red">
Was wondering if any of you guys have heard of an American Eagle brand shotgun. It was produced sometime in the 60's. The particular gun I am looking for is a 20-GA, double-barrel (side by side). My grandfather bought the gun new. I took my my first squirrel with the gun and it has a lot of meaning to me. He let my uncle borrow the gun, and to make a long story short my uncle traded the gun in Florida. Of course I can't find the exact gun now and I'd like to find a replacement if I can't find the original. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I'd rather be huntin....
I am currently fencing in about 2 acres, 1.5 acres of woods, for a dog. I have a farm in Butler County and some cows. I have two young boys,3 and 4 years old. I want a dog for us to take around the farm with us and fishing / hunting. I don't duck hunt. I would like to take him to dove shoots and squirrel hunting with us. I want a female that I will have fixed. We want a dog to take canoeing with us and a generally good pet/hunting dog. What would be better, the yellow lab or the retriver? I will want to buy a pup late spring or summer, after turkey season. Do you know of any good bloodlines to buy from for this purpose that may have pups soon?