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Does anyone know who is the officers of the league of Kentucky sportsman. And there where abouts. Cant find them on the internet. Wonder Why. ???
The older boy has already taken his first (and second) deer while ' little lefty' is still practicing his form and marksmanship. The archaic 38 short Colt cartridge is utilized for practice sessions by both boys. Handloaded to low velocity with 105 gr. cast lead bullets, cost per shot is comparable with quality .22 rimfire ammunition.
posted 38 short.JPG
The donor rifle came from the local gun store as a 1917 Spanish Mauser action, rusted barrel and cracked stock. A new unchambered 357 mag barrel was fitted to the old Mauser action and the 357 mag. chamber was then cut a little deep. The used sporter aftermarket small ring stock was cut off very short and the whole assembly camo painted. The Mauser action was drilled and tapped for the used fixed power short scope.

The 38 short Colt cartridges are mild enough in this rifle that no hearing protection is needed by the shooter but it is a good habit to develop for the times that more potent 357 mag cartridges are used for hunting.
sC vs 357.JPG

For comparison, the 38 short Colt components are photographed next to the 357 mag hunting round. Very little powder is utilized in our 38 short Colt 'practice' round, an empty 22 LR case is used as a powder measure . Cast bullets cost about less than a nickel when I bought them. Inexpensive, but I have noticed the boys can shoot them in their little single shot rifle a lot faster than I can handload them.
brass 38 sc.JPG

I use this rifle myself for patrol of the vegetable garden due to its accuracy and low report. Initially, brass is pretty expensive but can easily last a lifetime at the low loading pressures the boys use.
Walked outside a few minutes ago and a gobbler was over about 200 yards in the woods gobbling his brains out.
A guy on another forum I frequent says he checks the zero on his shotgun before every season. I used to do that for years but haven't for the last few years, because it never has changed. At $5 or $6 bucks a shot I quit, just curious do you all check yours?
I've hunted in the thick stuff in Kentucky since 1973, with shots usually under 150 yards and where most are under 75. These are a few things I've picked up....

1 .If you are a pasty faced white boy like me, cover your face with something dull or it shines like a beacon in the will get busted....this means even when wearing hunter's orange..

2. A very sharp ugly 4 inch knife is better than a very fancy, but dull. knife of any length.

3. A quick second shot can save your season....That's why I like lever guns, pumps, or autoloaders for thick woods where shots are fleeting.

4. Camo doesn't have to be expensive or trendy to work....I use a mix of Army surplus, commercial, and cheap generic
woodland....Deer don't care if it's not on TV.

5. Don't go in the woods unless you have checked your rifle's zero, even if it was OK last season.....and even iron sights.

6. Shoot enough to get confident with your rifle...........there's no substitute for practice.

Below are some real life deer hunting tactics I've found that work for me....

1. Act like you are getting ready to eat a seems that every time I get discouraged and decide to eat something, a buck will walk right where I was looking before I laid my rifle down and started digging in my pack.

2. Lay you rifle down at least two arms length away from you to attract deer.......see former tip.

3. Walk out of the woods shuffling your feet with an unloaded rifle slung over your back and act despondent.......deer love this and will walk right in front of you....sometimes within sight of your truck or camp.

4, Clang your rifle on the side of the tree stand to see how fast that buck is you didn't hear just on the other side of that darn thicket.

5. Go ahead and scratch your ain't going to shoot worth a crap if your nose is itching anyway. It's also another good way to initiate the previous scenario.......that darn thicket..............

Hope these help......
I took the kids out on Monday, which turned out to be the only nice day! I tried to teach the two youngest how to gather fire-building materials, and then we all went around identifying early spring plants. I believe early exposure to the outdoors is critical to getting kids interested in nature.

I was re-learning the video editor, so there is an annoying typo and double credits, but if you are trying to forget the snow it's a good watch!

Is a dog that one year old to old to train to shed hunt?
Here is a very well written article on how hunter numbers are declining and the impact that is having on wildlife funding. This affects license price increases, and demonstrates one of the problems with reduced prices for senior citizen licenses. Hunter numbers are declining and the population of remaining hunters gets older each year, which means more people getting the senior discount and state wildlife agencies having less money for everything. Its not just a KY thing. Its nationwide.
I've been watching this flock for a couple weeks. 10 hens and one gobbler. Well this morning he had an intruder come to investigate the party.

first attempt at camouflaging. My dads wing master. Put a several matte clear coats over it
I was watching a video from the Military Arms Channel and noticed they offer a 25% discount on a Gun Owners of America membership. The link is below if anyone is interested.

I used it to buy Dad and the little lady a membership.

Greg Johnson announced his retirement this morning. Tourism/Commerce Department Chief of Staff Frank Jemley announced as interim director.
Had a great time down in Florida. Capped it off with a successful hog hunt. My buddy also got one.
I'm from Indiana and fightin' proud of the Hoosier state. That said, I love this forum, and got to wondering:

What is your favorite aspect of outdoor Kentucky?
Down south for a couple days. Caught a few yesterday. Ive never inshore. Caught my first sheepshead ladyfish and some kinda catfish.
Since I live in Nelson County/Bardstown bourbon capital I figured I make a bourbon themed display for my 2017 buck.

mine is a 20 yr old crystal call by mad calls.
Just did the Kentucky Wildlife survey. You guys know I am NR and they had a ton of questions on there about where I hunt, who owns it, co-owners, how many days I hunt etc etc. Maybe my voice will be heard.
Start calling Monday!
Ask for the office of House Majority Floor Leader "Jonathan Shell".
Let Representative Shell know that you appreciate him and the other House Leadership for standing up for the Sportsmen by opposing SB 8 and all the other Animal Rights Extremist Bills.

SB 8 gives Animal Rights Extremist the right to break into our vehicles and take our hunting dogs with no liability.
Should be ready in about a month. I always keep home made kraut on hand. Although the boss makes me keep it stored in the basement refrigerator.
Sold to Don Wolf today, was very pleased with what he offered me.
The recent warm rains have gotten me curious enough to check the soil temps. I checked the soil temperature change for Warren county over this past week.
My son's next deployment will be at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska. I see a bear and moose hunt in my future.
An early trailcam shot before youth season. Not many folks would be impressed with this buck.

The buck suited a 9 year old boy during the early youth season just fine. Backstraps for the holidays and jerky after Thanksgiving. On Christmas morning, a wide eyed youth retold the story of his first buck to family and friends. Showed off his Christmas present too !
Ready for next year's buck for sure !
I ran out of time before Parkerizing both blades, didn't think the dual sheath would be in by Christmas but it was and all worked out. I didn't need to gift wrap it, he recognized the antlers immediately.
new vortex 10x42 im really liking theese
If you want to keep your right to bear arms and you are not a member of the NRA now is a good time to join. These little Tide Pod eating activist are really making their voices heard. I joined today.
I got first place, best strutting, and best of show at the grand national Taxidermy championship
I just finished up my dads biggest deer. I couldn't be happier being able to share that special day with him, and making memories that last forever.
Anybody know what this is. It started coming up a week or so ago here in the front yard. I know it's some type mushroom I just don' know what kind. rps20180223_165655_367.jpg rps20180223_165724_685.jpg
Hello All.

I’m a newbie to the forum. To be honest I did not know this place existed. Long story (aren’t they all) hopefully short my neighbor Dave and I had some interesting shots on our trail cam recently. We are in Bourbon County off 57 near the Montgomery line. Basically we each own about 40 acres and the neighbor in between us owns closer to 60. In exchange for some helps around her place, she lets the 2 of us hunt her lot. We have trail cams setup around the various trails through all 3 of properties. I admitt, we don’t check em like we should. Once rifle season is over we almost never do. Dave decided to check em this passed weekend. The photo we had is linked (im no good with computers. Hope that worked). I called F&W and they said they get these calls every once in awhile and look into em when they can. I put the search to google and couldn’t find much on big cats in Kentucky. Can anyone confirm if this is the KY wildcat or a cougar. Dave swears by the tail it’s a cougar (or puma or painter. He calls them a different name every time). I’m no expert on the different cat species. Never had any around here before. Anyways the google search brought up this forum. I see there are a few threads on here. Any help would be great.


big cat (2).png

I was driving along I-65 South Sunday afternoon. About 3-4 miles north of the first BG exit, I saw a yote trotting down the fence line on the state side of the fence. I immediately hit my brakes, and went to the emergency lane. I grabbed my pistol and started to jump out. Then I questioned what I was doing, and just sat and watched the dog continue trotting along... Had I jumped out, moved off the emergency lane into the grass, and fired, would I have been breaking the law?

Both in season last fall, compound bow, Rage® broadhead and empty freezer.
OMG... they turned out AMAZING!!! We'll be making another batch in a few weeks!!!!

Used our little old grinder since it was just going to be a small batch. HUGE mistake! It took FOREVER... Next time, we'll haul out the big boy for sure...
Found this one the back side of my farm. This tree is probably 14-16 inches across and the bark is gone over 6 ft high. I am in Pendleton county. It doesn't look like a rub, more like it was chewed on.
Here's a pic of the haul from last weekend's annual coyote hunt. 9 coyotes were taken plus a bobcat. The attendance was down this year but those that made the trip had a great time.

End of season barn pic
Venison ham. 'Bout 20 lbs or so. Brine injected, hickory smoked...
thinking about taking a boat here this spring. anyone ever turkey hunted here?
As hard as I tried, I couldn’t get the breech plug unclogged on my new CVA optima. So I took my smallest drill bit and drilled it out. It may have been a tiny bit larger than the original orifice, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. Any thoughts?
Homemade chicken noodle soup. The boy said he loves carrots, so I made sure that there was plenty in there. I'm sure the 2 gallons of soup was well under $5.
We cut down a maple tree 2 years ago in my back yard that was dying. At that time it was producing oysters so decided to save 2 foot sections on the edge of the woods behind my house. The logs have produced 6 flushes of oysters since then. Picked this bunch yesterday before the freezing temps. Sorry my pic won't load.
Fresh one. Typical 12 from Letcher Co.
When I bought my senior license today at Walmart today, was told new prices don’t go into effect until March 1st. May apply to all license.
This is the largest hog I've shot and was able to recover in Henry county.

I'm 5'11 and weighed about 230 lbs in these pics. This hog was not weighed but I believe it to be about 325 lbs on the hoof.
DSC00020.JPG DSC00006.JPG
I think I have posted this video before, but since the hogs in Henry county have been discussed here lately, I thought I would post again.

Just in case any of you would like to join. tmp_3158-SPhotoEditor-20180130_0658311936686688.jpg
Does anyone know where I can purchase a permit to hunt on Penn Virginia (formally Reynolds) old strip mine land in Eastern Henderson County, KY?

I bought a permit at a barber shop in Henderson about 7 years ago.

They need to tell biologist that everybody on ky hunting has seen a dozen or so.
I am always interested in the reasons we hunt. Some are after meat ,others anything with antlers etc. The question I want to pose is “What is a trophy to you?”