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Just passing this on. I still got .22 from before the shortage when it was in the .014 a round range. But this is .066 a round and one of the better prices I have seen in a while.
More tales of the strange from California. Video at the link.

A Bear Climbed your Treestand, How would you React?

That?s Right, What if a bear climbed into your tree stand?

If you?re this brave hunter, you allow it to get just a few feet from you before reacting.

And, of course, you capture the whole incident on video because no one will believe you if you don?t.

I?ve never had a bear climb into my tree stand. Heck, I?ve never even seen a bear while in a tree stand.

I?d like to think I?d be as cool and calm as the hunter in this video, but I somehow doubt that would be possible. Adrenaline alone would probably send me over the edge. How about you?

by Tony Hansen
Hello all Kentucky sportsman, I am looking to set up an exchange hunt with someone from the State of Kentucky in exchange for a Black Bear hunt in Nova Scotia. I am registered with the Province of Nova Scotia as a registered guide and my hunting/guiding experience has given me the opportunities to be part of some great hunts in different Provinces across Canada. Nova Scotia has a great fall season for Black Bear hunting, with a high percentage of success as we are allowed to use baited sites during the Black Bear season. If you are interested in trying this exchange hunt or can give me some suggestions on how this may work I would be open to comments and/or suggestions. I thank you in advance for considering and reading this post and again I would like some input regarding this exchange hunt. Cheers Trufire
I've caught these kinds of snakes before but I'm not sure what kind they are. Anyone know?

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More tales of the weird...from the land of fruit and nuts. Just proves--never go in the woods without packing.

Bears, Bare Arms, and a Sidearm Bared
A Socal Bear Hunt is Interrupted by a Naked man, then a Staredown with 3 "Hikers"
Silly Californians. They'll eat you too if you fall into a pen full of them...even if they're not feral. They'll eat everything.


Do Hogs Eat Deer?
A friend of mine called me all excited and said a local gun shop owner told him there was, or was gong to be, a state coyote bounty paid for each killed. The bounty payment was what made me really question this. He said the guy told him there would be $90.00 paid for each coyote. Have any of you heard this?

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My question is with the new license being bought for this new season do we get a new HIP number? Or do we keep the one we got last year to put on the new license?
Hay guys and girls Cabelas is opening their new store in Lexington on March 16th going to be a fun time get there early.
Hey guys I am looking for some fields to hunt arrowheads .i have a 11 year old girl who is crazy about Indians .just woundering if there anyone would let a daughter and father look for arrowheads.i live in lee county we find them in fields here but would like to look around Powell ,Clark estill owsley fayette county's .just thought I would give it a try.thanks for any help.
i have the 13th edition, 2011, does anyone know if the 14th is out or when the expected year it will come out?

.....even though a lifetime member of B&C, i don't have a membership anymore to query the records, could someone look something up for me? thanks.
WTVF, channel 5, out of Nashville had an excellent piece on all the recent cougar sightings in the state. the TWRA acknowledged that cougars were in middle Tennessee, along with west Tennessee as well. There have been numerous sightings, both on trail cam and people seeing them. I have some friends in one of the counties cougars have been spotted in, and they told me that the game warden more or less told them that they think a breeding population has been established.
Hi - New to the Forum. Looking for any personal feedback on a reputable outfitter in Western Kentucky? My son is a senior this year and would like to take him on a deer hunt. He plays hockey so he has not been able to hunt in WI very much due to his schedule. Due to his hockey, I am looking at the early muzzleloader season. Any input on outfitters as well as if the early muzzleloader can be productive would be much appreciated.
I'm hoping were just a bit over a month out before the first blacks start showing up. Several getting the morel fever on social media I noticed. Last year was close to a bust. I'm shooting for 2,000 this spring and think I can get there if it's a decent year. My wife has already signed off for me to go a lot under the heading of cardiac rehab. Lol

Found 2-3 new spots while hunting I can hardly wait to get into and see if there are any there.
While doing some scouting on Saturday I pulled a complete set of keys out of the mudd. On the bass pro shop awards tag it had the name Aaron Cook. It also had a 2012 emblem on it with several ford and other keys on it. I know I can drop it off at kroger and they will send it to the owner(there was also a kroger card on it) but I would like to contact the person myself to get a story on where they lost them. I was in Taylorsville at the WMA.
Over the past year. Still into it with a group of horse people (about 25 of them) here in Muhlenberg wanting fish and wildlife to hand over several thousand acres of Peabody WMA for them to ride on year round anyplace at any time with not just horses but also ATV's and UTV's now. I would just like to have some numbers to throw out there as to how much money the sportsmen put into Peabody in the permit fee each year. As a lot of other groups they want things but on OPM (other peoples money) and not willing to stick their necks out to aquire the amount of money it would take to buy or lease the number of acres they feel they need. I gave them a heads up on a Lake Malone state park contact that was willing to work with them towards horse trails but that would require them to help maintain trails and do other upkeep but they are like talking to a brick wall when all they can see is the amount of land F&W has.
Hey guys. New to this forum and I have never hunted in KY but I am thinking about hunting Peabody next year. Any info would be great! Deer numbers high? Potential big bucks? Thanks again for any info.
Is there any place to get printed maps or are they only available online? My new printer isn't working yet. Thanks.
If one of those three is being a nuisance, can you kill them? I know coons have a season.
Cleaned and ready to be put up until next season.
Going to go to Elk Creek for the first time to shoot sporting clays. I shoot a 20 gauge over/under. I would like to hear from those of you who have shot there before, what choke configurations do you suggest? What is the average shot distance? Thanks
wheres the correct fourm room for looking for land leases etc ? Thanks in advance
Here you go coyote hunters.
Anybody using led lights for work/ reloading bench?
Would like to swap out 4-4 foot flourescent lights for LEDs
How do they compare ( lighting lumens, cost etc)?
Thanks for all input

We've had a lot of great threads.... what is your favorite memory, how old, etc.... But, just for fun, what is your favorite time frame hunting memory? Like, when you were a young lad, early teen, etc? For me, I think my favorite time was while in college. After one year of playing basketball in Juco, I transferred to WKU. For the next 4 years while in school, I deer hunted my arse off. Dad was still young, my uncle still hunted with us, as well as some of my favorite deer hunting buddies. We didn't kill any monsters, didn't really kill many bucks, but 82-86 were probably the most enjoyable years of deer hunting of my life.
on saturday january 2 i lost my best friend my hunting buddy the rock of my life my daddy he loved life to the fullest
loved to hunt fish and any thing outdoors he will be greatly missed every day love you daddy
I usually start looking for sheds the beginning of February for deer but have heard a lot of people talking about seeing deer that have already dropped.
I usually start looking the beginning of March for elk sheds. I guess it's getting time to break out the walking shoes.

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Feb 6-14. if you haven't been, it's a pretty cool place to spend a day or two. everything and anything for hunting fishing. an entire wing of guns since the NRA took over. weekends are nuts, less crowded on weekdays.
Special thanks to loshbough hunting lodge for the awesome hunt, we had a blast
Seen this while hunting. There was several of them in a 10 foot area. They are hollow and are about 3 inches high.



Hi ladies and gents. I am an military recruiter moving to Rowan County in the next few months and was looking for some info on the hunting in the Rowan County area. I am looking forward of getting out of the swamps of the okefenokee seamp and into the hills of eastern Kentucky. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Is there anyone from around the Big South Fork area that can give me more information about hog hunting? Looking at going there in January or February, the park service fave me some info but I want to be as prepared as possible and hopefully we can have a successful hunt.
I wanted to share the second part of my Dad & I's hunt this fall. I hope everyone enjoys it! There will be a third part but I will try and get it finished quicker than this one.

Seams like we have to replace our sealer every few years was wondering what everyone is using and how long they are lasting? We usually process 3-4 deer a year not at one time and rarely use it for anything else.

In in the past foodsaver brand has been the one we used. Reading reviews I found the foodsaver gamesaver is more for high volume packaging and maybe that is what is causing our issue.

Look at that form LOL.
image.jpg [HR][/HR]
I am trying to organize a hunting/storage/workbench type room and trying to get ideas on how to organize it. It's a small basement room with some windows. So far I have a 50 gun safe and a tower organizer with some rubbermaid tubs with mostly clothes and small items in there. I have two other walls to work with. I am thinking of a work table and possibly some drawers. Maybe a bow press in the future and a gun vise? Anyone have any other ideas or possibly things to consider? Pics would also be helpful. Thanks
Did ya'll see this Watching this with tears in my eyes.... The bond between a father and son.... Man oh man. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my dad.
He got his the opening day of rifle season and I killed mine with bow 6 days later. We've gated off the property 2 years ago and I killed a 162" 16 ptr last year then this year we killed these bucks. I've also put out some food plots this year as well. [​IMG][​IMG]

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Bought a cargo carrier for my Jeep so I wouldnt have to pull my trailer and ATV to my hunting spot.I have a question for people with a carrier,I can lift up on the end of the carrier and there is 2 inches of play,not tight at all.Do I need to make some braces for the carrier so it will not have free play.If so,tell me what you do to your carrier!
Since I have another two weeks for crow to open I am going to give late dove season a go this weekend. I have never attempted it though. Anyone have any words of advise on how to approach it this time of year?

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Killed this young coyote this morning,killed a black one a couple weeks ago,place is crawling with coyotes,heard several yiping and barking this morning!!

I figure with it being so warm there will likely be a lot killed again today.
After realizing Casey County does not currently have a Conservation Officer, I got to digging.

There are 103 COs in the state with 13 counties having 2 COs. That leaves 30 counties without a CO. In addition to this, some are Captains or Lieutenants which have added duties that take away from actual patrol and investigation time. Also, nowadays Cos are also being utilized for things such as domestic violence calls, drug busts, traffic stops, etc. The Kentucky COs are way understaffed!
And the bad thing is, according to the Dept?s website, they have no plans to fix this. If you go to ?Career in Law Enforcement? page, you will find (in bold, red letters) ?There are no vacancies at this time?.
Also, Dept. employees have not received a raise for approximately 12 years. I wouldn?t even mention this if it wasn?t for the fact that at the last Commission meeting, the District Commissioners voted to accept Commissioner Gregory Johnson?s contract. That contract included a 5% raise for an individual making a six figure salary, who has been with the Dept. for approximately 1.5 years. For the record, only one District commissioner voiced opposition to the 5% raise included in Commissioner Johnson?s contract. He also called on Commissioner Johnson not to accept the 5% raise. Commissioner Johnsonwas silent on the issue.
I just got done with this.This is one of them I killed opening day of gun season.A little different from a deer,more grissel and the meat little tougher.But I like how it turned out.[​IMG][​IMG]

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a black coyote.I was about to climb down when I saw him coming up the ridge in a trot,shot him at 50 yards


Please help/aid me along in my ongoing research to make my own App by taking some time to fill out/answer my online mapping/outdoors application survey. It will not take long and you may actually enjoy it! The more thought you put into it, the better the results will be. Please share with anyone who may be interested.

Thank you.


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I know this is last minute but we had a guy that cant go sunday to deer hunt ohio theres three of us so we have one spot open we live close to richmond be gone sun thru wed to jackson co ohio we split gas n board tag is $170 hmu on here if interested should be a good hunt