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Does anyone have/know someone who has a managed dove field I could pay to use on 1 SEP near Christian County? I almost got my butt shot off here on Ft Campbell last year and would like to hunt on something that is managed for numbers. If you want, PM prices and location. Again, closer to Christian county the better, but I gotta car and I can drive for a good hunt.
Last year was my first deer hunt in a very long time and I approached it like a little kid going to camp for the first time. I relished in shopping for new equipment, packed everything I could think that I could possibly need and headed to the field. As I look forward to this years hunt, I find myself looking back to last years and all the things I carried around in the woods and didn't use. So I'm wondering what everyone else packs for a whitetail hunt where your going to be dropped off 200 yards from your stand, are a 1/2 mile from your truck, 20 minutes from the nearest store, and 45 minutes from home?
Does anyone know of a guide for a dove hunt in/near central Kentucky? Looking to get my dad out and want to be able to kill birds. Not worried about the price, just wanna have a good time with the old man. Thanks!
I know they are having a clay shoot either trap or skeet today (monday). Anyone know what the start and stop time is?

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I'm a relative newcomer to the Paducah area, and I'm looking for a place to shoot some doves. I'm originally from Alabama, and we had a nice little arrangement with an auburn university research farm that allowed us to shoot doves over a sunflower field for a nominal fee. I'm looking for a similar deal in my area. I'd be willing to drive a ways. If anybody knows of an outfitter, public field or just a friendly farmer willing to host an itinerant wing shooter I'd be much obliged.

thank you,
I have always enjoyed dove season especially opening day. While I was in the military there was the better part of a decade I wasn't able to go but even before that I don't remember it ever being on a Tuesday. Why can't they just open it on the Saturday before before deer season? Is there a legal issue with opening in August?

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Well, that's how I feel!

The New HIP survey that is REQUIRED to be filled out ONLINE only puts a huge hindrance on many hunters that do not have Internet access, large enough that we have cancelled the dove shoot we have yearly that is full of elderly hunters. The vast majority of these hunters have NEVER been on the Internet, and are not going too any time soon. My mother and father have never owned a computer, an IPad or a smart phone, they still buy lard by the bucket and eat neck bones regularly, a cell phone has never had a single bar of service at their house! My father said it was more of a Hassle than it's worth to try to complete the survey just to shoot doves one day...

KDFW say they need to be filled out like this to get ACCURATE numbers.

I will say with 100% CERTAINTY that a survey that is FORCED to be filled out will be MUCH less accurate than one filled out voluntarily.

I wish KDFW would reconsider this survey being filled out Online ONLY to allow ALL hunters to be able to hunt, at least legally...
Is this a chanterelle mushroom?
Wasn't the estimated bear population at around 250? Or am I mistaken. Our church's youth pastor took a group of missionaries 4-wheeling and saw 10 in a few hours last week. Which is 9 more deer than they saw. He saw more tonight in a totally different area and one in his yard when he got home. They seem to have exploded this year and last.

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Alright, we're always debating some crazy stuff. Anyone own a HECS suit or watched the hunting ads. Who's a believer, who's calling BS. You can watch on line if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

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I newly purchased a small acreage of land and was wondering if anyone had any good, practical methods to prevent trespassing without coming across as a hard ass. I have been told I might have trouble with one neighbor come deer season. Thanks for the suggestions.
I have a pond that I fish occasionally that has these round balls of slime in them. Some of them are pretty big. Here's a few pics


The first bear spotted in Indiana in 140 years has become a problem already:
Well, I went to the Administrative Regulations Review Committee Hearing yesterday in Frankfort on the new Bear Regulations. This committee of 4 State Senators and 4 Representatives determine whether the proposed regulations are acceptable and not "deficient". I, along with several others spoke in favor of the proposed changes. LKS and Houndsmen were the two groups that spoke in favor. HSUS was also there in force, including the new State HSUS Director, Kathryn Callahan, an attorney from Louisville. She had all kinds of data and reports and tried to convince the committee that her data was right, and the KDFWR's data was incorrect. Well, the Committee voted unanimously to accept the proposed changes from KDFWR. However, take note, that this lady is much more aggressive than previous HSUS folks in KY and we will all be seeing them a lot more. I spoke to the Senior Counsel at United States Sportsman's Alliance and he said that KY has become one of their target states this year. They already have 2-3 bills in process of being pre-filed according to one of the Representatives I spoke to yesterday. Looks like another year of emails and phone calls to our legislators.
Does anyone have any information about which states are on a preference point system for nonresident hunting? For instance If I wanted to go on a hunting trip out west for mule deer and elk would I have to apply a couple years to get a good area? Information on northern states like Iowa would be appreciated.
Received my bobcat mount today. I think it looks great. Bobcats are one of the hardest animals to mount so I decided to send it to cole at timberland taxidermy. He am very pleased. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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Thinking about the hunting trips I have made over the years and curious how far you have driven one way on a hunting trip. I made a few trips into Canada, western edge of Manitoba in the Swan River area, from my driveway to the outfitters was 1,024 miles one way. I also went to Wy after Lopes but rode with someone else just helped with the drive when it was my turn, no idea the exact miles to Douglas from my place.
Anyone here ever been or put in for it? Offer up some info if so.
No Minimum Hunting Age in KY???

I don't know if this has been discussed before, but why is there no minimum hunting age in Kentucky and was there ever and if there was what year did that change?
We might be headed to Henry's Lake in Idaho this fall. It is 12 miles west of the west entrance to Yellowstone. Anyone familiar with anything around there? I've talked to fish and game and got the fees and tag information as well as units for OTC bear, mountain lion, and wolf. It is for units 59-61. Any help would be appreciated.

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I am preparing to go on a DYI moose hunt in Alaska. I have purchased most of the gear and am double checking everything. While I was looking at my rifle I started to debate with myself whether I should replace the scope. Currently I have a Redfield revolution 4-12 x40mm on it. It has not given me any problems. However with the cost that I am paying for the trip and the bumpy plane ride I would hate for it to fail. If it was you, would you keep it on or replace it with a Leupold vx-2 or 3? Thanks for the help!

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Looking to do a pheasant hunt this fall. Have seen a bunch of different places that guide hunts but the prices seem to be all over the place. I am looking to hunt over dogs and not do a tower shoot. Any recommendations? Anything I should know? What is a reasonable price for a one day hunt?

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I know the tags are over the counter but a limited number are allowed. Has anyone bear hunted Kentucky? Is there much public land that is worth trying or would you recommend a guide? If so, how expensive are they? Thanks.

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Anyone else heard about this fella? Several pics of him over the last couple days have showed up. Not my pic[​IMG]

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Who's in it with me? I figure that with 5.6 million acres, there ought to be a booner on it somewhere, right?

An Australian cattle dynasty is selling the largest land property on Earth for $325 million

An Australian family cattle business is selling the largest private stretch of real estate on Earth: grazing land that is more than 75% the size of England. The 23,000 square km (8,880 square mile) property is so big that prospective buyers will spend an entire week of flying around in a plane to view it.

As many as 30 bidders—other farming families, local and foreign investors, meat companies and global pension funds—are reportedly interested in the real estate, which includes a collection of cattle stations (otherwise known as cattle ranches) in southern Australia. The prospective buyers are from all around the world, though the as The Australian reports (paywall), local lawmakers are calling to ban the sale to any foreign governments or state-owned companies.

The company selling the land is S. Kidman and Co—no relation to Australian actress Nicole Kidman—and is the eighth-largest landholder in the world. The owners of a cattle herd of 185,000, S. Kidman produces about 1.3% of Australia’s beef, largely exporting livestock to Asia. China’s increasingly massive middle class is developing quite a taste for beef, much to the benefit of Australian ranchers....
I posted this last night, but it got deleted. I used some language shortcuts that weren't appropriate. Here is the cleaned up version;

Just got a text from my former neighbor. He owns a little farm about 5 minutes from my house, and he has let me hunt there since we became neighbors in 2004.... He and his wife split, and she still lives across the street. I've remained friends with both of them, as I've always done in past experiences with divorced friends. She remarried several years ago, and we went to the wedding. That didn't last long. I'm friends with her and her current boyfriend, and cut up with them on facebook a lot. The former neighbor just joined facebook this week. His text read, "No more hunting in my bottoms, ever. it is for my family and get your "stuff" off my property now". I was in the dark, so I called him up. He went slap off..... "He said welcome to the game, you chose sides. I don't give a dang about you or your family." Called me many cuss words, etc. I told him I'd get my camera tomorrow. Texted him and told him as in past experiences, I never chose sides, I chose both, thanks for letting me hunt, sorry you feel wronged, and my stuff would be gone before dark tomorrow. Shaking my head on this one..... He knew I went to her wedding, he knows I still talk to her and his daughters.... Sucks, but it is what it is. He's not a real stable person sometimes, so I guess I finally got a dose of his other side.......

So I go down there at lunch, get the camera. As I was driving off, I ran over something in the road and got a flat. ughhhh. I hope he comes to his senses. If not, well, life goes on.
Just curious if anyone has ever been to this wma for opening day of dove season? I went to the one in Harrison County last year and it was absolutely packed. I'm not a fan of hunting like that plus you have to be there at 8am or sooner to get a good spot. Just curious if it's that bad there also?

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Too small to be a turkey and too big to be a song or game bird that I know of . There are no domestic poultry in the area. It seems to be a weird time of year and the egg candles out fresh still.

About the only thing I can think of in this size range is a Hawk

Ive already got one Deer mount and im fixen to get my bobcat and deer back from last year. I also god willing will have an elk to hang up next year being that i won the lottery and drew a Kentucky archery bull tag this year!!! Im hoping some of yall will post pictures of yalls trophy rooms. I love seeing other peoples trophy rooms and it gives me ideas for mine so post away!!
Just wondering if any of yall have tried using a hog squealer (sounds like piglets in distress) to call in hogs. Thinkin about givin it a try this time home, see if I can get my son on a big ok boar or sow hog.
Does anyone know if you can coyote hunt this time of year at Otter Creek? From what I read in the last hunting guide is was ok to hunt furbearers in the fall. I'm wanting to hunt close to home Saturday and that's the closest WMA to me.
Good deal on Walker ear muffs on $34.99. Get 'em while they're hot.
Well I'm gonna be optimistic and say my group has enough preference points to get drawn for units 57 there in Wyoming. As we are there a week I was wondering what experience any of you have had there that might help me plan. Specifically is there any bird hunting or fishing one should do while there? I've never been to Wyoming and so starting the planning now.

Ps if this counts as Internet scouting I'll go ahead and apologize:)
Got a guy from Arkansas wanting me to mail him one. He is wanting to set up vacation time. I told him I have no idea when they will go to print and be available. Anyone know ?
Ive seen two feral hogs now in bowling green (over by old barren river road) and several in fields along I65 in between bowling green and franklin. Does anyone know if the population is growing around here to huntable numbers. I know the damage they cause but i also know it is inevitable that their will be an established population here.
Seen dicks sporting good has them on sale(online only) til 10pm. 149.99$
Left my cellphone at home so I can't download the pics I took. Buddy of mine bought a new farm and we went exploring yesterday via ATV. Lots of woods and old logging roads. In 5 or 6 spots, in thick cover, we found hanging
milk crates, about 4' off the ground. They were empty and the ground underneath appeared to be disturbed. There were no old stands nearby and they were in heavy brush. Thought they might be trap related.....not sure. What are these?
Hi! Can anyone tell me what the trophy buck potential is like in Owen county? I know it's got good deer densities but was wondering about the trophy potential on bucks. What county is producing some of the better bucks? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
Has anyone ever hunted wild pigs in big south fork. If so, whats the best way to get info.
There is a swarm of bees that has taken up residence in a hole in a tree at about 4 feet high. If anybody wants them let me know.
It's that time of year again who's ready to go out after some frogs?
Any news on the 2015-16 Kentucky deer hunting dates? I searched and still only found the purposed dates. Have they been confirmed yet? I need to to start planning Vacation time and such from work for my trip up there.
My in-law's live at Nobob, which is between Temple Hill and Tompkinsville. One of my nieces said she saw a bear cross the road in front of her this week, but she didn't say anything because she thought people would say she was nuts. My mother and father in law said they saw a bear walk up the bottom across from their house the next day. They both watched it from about 600 yards or so. They both said it was too big to be anything other than a bear. Their farm is on Nobob creek. I was cracking up at them because they both said they didn't want to say what they saw..... They finally talked about it a couple of days later and were relieved to hear they both thought it was a bear.
So I know nothing about this stuff but I found this today tilling the garden. The same garden we've planted for 15 years. Thought it was pretty cool. I stuck it in the creek and was cleaning the dirt of it and I cut my thumb so it's fairly sharp[​IMG]

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I had an idea this morning while turkey hunting. I think it will sell, big time. Anyone know how to go about pitching an idea without it getting stolen?
my family went 0 for 12, which didn't surprise me.
hey all. My wife and I are moving to the area of Louisville, Sheperdsville or Bardstown. Not sure where just yet, but it will be in that general area of the three. She is from that area born and raised. has family there. we shall be there in about 2 months or so. maybe sooner. So anyhow i would like very much to meet some people out there who know the lands. where public hunting is, what is in season and the rules regarding what you can tag and bag. what license do i need for this and that. currently i have a scoped .308 by ruger. a scoped 30.06 by savage arms and a .12 gauge by winchester. basically someone to show me the ropes on how it works with hunting out there.
Looking for a pair of decent cheaper binos for the truck. Just from looking around leaning towards the redfield rebel 10x42 for $149. I have a redfield scope on a rifle and have been very pleased with it. Any others I should look at in that $150 range?