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i would like to hear some prices from surrounding counties. I'm in knott co and it's around 4-450 rt now dried.
Gutless Field Dressing Method
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Don’t like dealing with the guts on your deer? Try this method out.
Let’s face it: gutting a deer is probably the worst part of hunting. Maybe your harvest has fallen in a location you won’t be able to drag it out of. Try this alternative to the traditional field dress and see if it works for you.

Seems pretty quick and easy. If you process your own deer, this will probably save you time as well. One takeaway, if you are going to try this method, is to make sure you have a game bag or a quarter bag!

Alright, so I got the deer down, now it’s time to do the fun work.

I’m back in here a long ways, not a long ways from my truck, it’s just gonna be a freakin’ insane climb outta here. So, I’m gonna have to cut him up. Luckily, where I killed him, it’s down in this valley, the sun shouldn’t hit it for a couple hours, so I’ll have plenty of time to get him cut up, and get him cooled down, then I’ll pack him out to the truck.

So basically what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna skin him, both sides, I’m gonna cut the quarters off, cut the backstraps off, cut some of the neck meat off, get the tenderloins inside, and that’ll be all the meat, I won’t even have to gut him. So, that’ll be nice. This is the gutless method.
So all I do is, try to lay him on his stomach, and I just make an incision all the way down his back, right on his spine, then I’ll skin one side all the way down, lay him down, skin down to his legs, quarter him off, do the other side, and uh, pretty slick. So, especially if you don’t like dealing with the guts, which I don’t. So let’s go!

You just wanna follow right down the spine. You can always tell...
Dinner delivered to your door...

Just another day in Alaska
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You come home, get ready to relax for the evening, get out of your car, and the moose are fighting again.

Nothing like the snorting and clomping of fighting moose to wake you out of your evening commuter’s haze. These two bulls started battling it out in the middle of a busy suburb. You can see and hear people filming from their cars and holding back their dogs, hoping these too massive beasts don’t cause any property damage in their wake! Thankfully, we don’t see any thing -or anyone- get hurt, and it looks like nobody gets too injured. One bull runs off in defeat, and the spectators got one heck of a show.

Is it an Alaska thing that nobody is fazed by this? The people (including the walkers and their dog, toward which the moose run at the end of the video) all seem pretty relaxed about the two-ton behemoths clashing in their quiet suburb.

Or the other version is that:
Male moose tend to be more aggressive during this time of year, their annual rut cycle, when they spend virtually all their energy looking for females to impress and mate with.
FRANKFORT, Ky. (Sept. 29, 2016) — Public land hunting opportunities in Kentucky just grew by more than 4,600 acres.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources announces the opening of six new properties ranging from Ballard County in the west to Bath County in the east. Newly opened properties include one new wildlife management area in Nelson and LaRue counties, plus additions to five existing wildlife management areas.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Gregory K. Johnson said the acquisitions are an outgrowth of the department’s sportsmen-centric philosophy.

“Our surveys show that sportsmen and sportswomen want more places where they can hunt and fish,” he said. “These new public lands help us work toward that goal. We’re proud to offer these new opportunities where people can go and create lasting memories.”

The newest wildlife management area (WMA) is Rolling Fork River WMA, Frasiur and Theresa Reesor Family Tract, in Nelson and LaRue counties. This nearly 2,900-acre area, which is bisected by the Rolling Fork River, features a mix of heavy forested hillsides and fallow fields. This property will be open to hunting under statewide regulations, including modern gun season for deer.

Additions to existing properties include:

  • Big Rivers WMA and State Forest, 842 acres in Crittenden County.
  • Clay WMA, addition to the Justice Tract, 148 acres in Bath County.
  • Kleber WMA, 505 acres in Owen County.
  • Kentucky River WMA, 70 acres in Owen County and 5 acres in Henry County.
  • Boatwright WMA, 217 acres in Ballard County.
Hunting regulations for each addition are the same as the main wildlife management area. Maps and additional information about each area may be found online at, by looking under the keywords, “public lands search.”

Some areas have quota hunts for various species. The deadline to apply for these quota hunts is Sept. 30. Hunters...
Hi all,
so today I got off work a couple hours before dark and decided to do a little squirrel hunting. So I bagged a few squirrels (it was a pretty amazing hunt) but I started to think about it and noticed there's not many squirrel hunters any more. every time I ask a friend to go squirrel hunting it seems all I get are excuses, ask the same concerning whitetails and it's a different story. Seriously where did all the squirrel hunters go it seems like I hardly see people in the wma hunting them either. I can't pass up a good squirrel hunt there really fun especially bow hunting them with my mathews halon and some judos.
Taking down 4 hogs in a row

Hunting season is just around the corner, have you been out shooting to polish your skills? Stationary targets or moving targets? Shooting at something that’s moving is challenging. However, a proficient shooter can make it look simple like this hunter here in the video below. This hunter dropped 4 hogs in a row within a minute with no time to spare, hope this gets you inspired for the upcoming hunting season, enjoy!

Source: I Love Hunting Facebook
Hi all. I'm moving back to Hopkins co. A little after the 1st of the year. Been out of hunting for a long time now. I'm wanting to start back I'm disabled now but I think I can still do a little hunting. Maybe some small game. Stuff. I would love to go deer hunting again never did get one back in the late 80s when I used to hunt. I'll just see how it go's. Have a really good friend there that loves to hunt maybe he can help me. Is the any special rules for disabled hunters in ky? The web site was hard to understand. I look forward to talking to everyone and getting advice. Thanks. David
So pumped was going to get my first ar today. Had the paper work finished and was in line with my buddy both of us already handed the money over. Proud new owners of 2 ruger ar 556 AR15s. But wait! NICS has been down all day and can't approve to officially give me my new gun. So now we have to wait for them to get the system back up and running. No idea if it will be ready tomorrow or when. So happy to live in the land of the free that won't hand over my gun I just bought and have every right to be playing with right now. But I bet some people who plan on using the same type of gun in the wrong way could get their hands on one today if they wanted to.
Video: Underwater Glock-Fishing For Lionfish
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Posted: 9/22/16
Lionfish are an invasive species doing a lot of harm to underwater ecosystems. They’re basically the feral pigs of oceans reefs.

This underwater Glock-fishing video was originally made to see if this group of guys could shoot a Glock underwater, and once they realized it was possible, it developed into much more.

With no known predator, the lionfish has been eradicating baitfish all across the ocean. These guys do their part in slowing the lionfish devastation by bringing their Glocks underwater with them and firing away. The guns had to have a few modifications done to them, and then they were ready to go.

This video shows some really cool slow-motion footage of the guns being fired underwater, and they look like they shoot fine, just ask the lionfish.
High School buddy in NW Ontario. No story, but looks like a great trip.
I heard somebody in middlesboro got busted for illegal seng digging in national forests, and buying it out of season. Anybody else hear this??
Anyone ever seen an all white Barred Owl.?

I was driving home last night around 6:30. Up ahead I see an almost pure white bird on a telephone line. As we passed, I swear it was barred owl, just perfectly white. I'm 100% certain it wasn't a barn owl.
I was up planting food plots a few weeks ago, and got into some Boone and Crocket chiggers. Most miserable few weeks of my life. I tried Epsom Salt baths, Neosporin, Hydrocortisone, Benadryl Cream and liquid, Nail Polish, Nail Polish remover, peroxide, Calamine etc. Finally broke down and went to the DR after a week, and they put me on a steroid cream.. A week later and my left leg started to get infected, I got a bad fever, and had to go back. DRs put me on Doxycycline, a very strong antibiotic which made me vomit and have incredible stomach pains. Im finally back to almost 100%, still have some minor itching, but holy cow... Something so small can make you so miserable.
Figured someone on here might know the answer. A buddy and I are planning a trip up there. If crossing into Canada by auto what is the amount of ammo you can have on you?? Only flew into Canada before and think regulations would be different.
Thinking of making a trip down south to do some hog hunting in October. Florida Georgia Alabama Mississippi Louisiana. Don't really matter to much which state. Would prefer a day time hunt, and not interested in high fence hunting. This will be a family trip so would like to find something decent. Any one have place they have been or can recommend. thanks
Does anyone have any experience with these? They look impressive...but cost $1,550.
I couldn't spend a 150.00 for a bow holder so I made one out of stuff I had around the house.

2 muffler clamps piece of fence post and atv bow or gun holders.
One of the eye pieces on my Leupold Cascades broke off. Sent them back last Monday, got a brand new in the box today. Sweet... Mine were over 12 years old.... Lifetime warranty means no questions asked.
Calling all hunting and outdoor fans – this is for you!

Hunt Brothers Pizza just kicked off their popular Hunt To Win sweepstakes for the fifth year, and this year’s grand prize is a Bad Boy Off Road Stampede 900 4x4.

You could also win other awesome prizes from Bass Pro Shops and Winnebago, so lock and load and join the hunt this year!

Entering is easy:

1. Buy a whole pizza from a participating Hunt Brothers Pizza location. Visit our store locator to find one near you:

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The contest runs through November 13th, so don’t get left in the dust and enter today!
anyone know when packets for the bluegrass army depot archery hunts will be drawn and sent out?
What does everyone recommend?? Does anyone know anyone with a Honda pioneer and if so what do they think of it. Looking for one for hunting.
With Dove Wood duck and early Goose season getting ready to open.Dont forget your H.I.P. number on your hunting license before hitting the field.
image.jpeg Any ideas???
Commonwealth Chapter 3133 Host Youth Event
I know a guy that can get me up to three mule deer tags in units 4,14,441 & 221 aroung Criag County Colorado dose anyone have any info on mule deer or Elk hunting in this area? Thanks
I'm headed on a 10 day western elk hunt this fall. Any recommendations on a good pair of boots?
Spying on Big Bucks
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Benefits of drones?
Drones have caused quite a stir in the hunting world with how they are used. Drones can be a great tool for deer hunting. Watch this video to see some awesome drone footage spying on bucks.

While drones can be a very useful scouting tool in the summer to simply scout properties, they are starting to be outlawed by many states to be used during hunting season.

Drones can cause problems with ethics if used incorrectly or illegally. If a drone is used in the wrong way, they can be a non ethical tool. When used the right way, you can capture some great footage with them though.
Just a little something to whet the appetite.

Hosted our 2nd Annual Taking Kids Outdoors Youth Conservation , Outdoor Safety, and Orange Card Cettification Class.

Hosted over 50 kids from 6 counties including Grayson, Edmonson, Warren, Jefferson, Ohio & Butler. Camp is out of Grayson County @ Camp Loucon.

-Orange Card Certification
- Tree Stand & Harness Demonstrations
- Water & Boater Safety from The Corp of Engineers
- Archery Class
- Bow Fishing
- Trapping Class
- Fishing
- and other fun events!!
Orange card class


Practicing now fishing

Trapping techniques

Made kids fall out of a low hung stand and get back in alone.

Few of us local guys started this a couple years ago.

We also host a large youth turkey...
last few years of morel hunting have been incredible in areas of recent forest fires in western US and Canada . I saw more morels in a day turkey hunting the west in the spring than I saw in decades in our part of the world. Any of you get out there this year?
Is there any market for snapping turtle meat in Kentucky?
Does anyone have a suggestion for an area of the Daniel Boone Forest, or some other public area that would be open to hunting, but not too crazy of terrain? I want to spend a week of November camping out, with a close campground in the forest.

Where would you recommend?
What is the deer population like?
How is the terrain?
The Triple Double Shotgun

You read right, this beast of a shotgun has 6 barrels and holds 48 rounds at a time. The ultimate zombie apocalypse weapon.

Triple double is usually a term thrown around in basketball. Not so much in shotgun lingo. Double barrel shotguns are awesome. But you know what they are not as awesome as? A triple double shotgun.

The guys from Demolition Ranch brings us one of the coolest and craziest guns you will ever see. Sure it is super heavy and quite uncomfortable and to be honest, not practical whats so ever. But that doesn’t matter because it is also ridiculously awesome.

If Walking Dead was a real thing, and we must go on fighting zombies to survive, you can bet this is what I would be packing. Surely you could eventually hit your mark after 48 rounds.

Yes, 48 rounds. Each tube holds seven shells plus one in the chamber, amounting to a 16-shot capacity in each gun. You do the math. Simply put, he mounted three DP 12’s together with a few bolts and nuts while synchronizing the pump actions together.

Quite genius and shockingly never done before, the triple double shotgun is pretty cool.

If you bring that to the range, you are guaranteed to turn some heads and have plenty of questions to follow.

Video Transcript:

[Gunshots] [Host] “Don’t get me wrong, I really like this gun with two barrels, but–” [Clip from Oliver Twist] Oliver: “I want some more.”
Person #1: “What?!”
Person #2: “What?!”
Person #3: “What?!” [Demolition Ranch Intro] [Host] “Welcome to Demolition Ranch! The Standard Manufacturing DP12 is a double-barrel, double-magazine too, pump-action shotgun. With every pump, it loads in two shells, and then you have two shots. Pretty awesome idea, and Rich and Ryan came down a while back, and we made a quad-rail shotgun, ‘cuz they hooked two Remington eight-seventies, one on each side of the thing. It...
I live in Lexington, I'd like to get a group of 4 to eight to plan for a large out of state hunting or fishing expedition. It would take me some time to have the cash for some big hunting outfitter so I'm not in a rush. I've fished in Canada and few times back in the day and new River gorge. Fishing cheaper but I'd go either way. Call or text if interested 859-327-7469.
Has anyone ever used Phillips Hunting Club in Central City, KY?
I met them in Birmingham World Deer Expo and was thinking about heading up that way from Georgia.
I believe that Gentleman's name was George Phillips, said they managed 700 acres.
Any feed back would be appreciated. thanks
image.jpeg Well there out,don't know why but look forward to them.
Watch out you’re now the Hunted
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This hunter makes a last minute shot to save his life in this heart-pounding lion encounter video.

When you mess with the King of the Beasts, you should expect danger—a lot of danger.

In the clip below, a team of South African lion hunters have shot and wounded a male lion, but it disappears from their sight. What they don’t realize is that the lion is circling them, looking to counterattack.

When they hear the growl of the lion, the hunters take their positions to fire. The lion is outnumbered, but it has its sights set on one hunter in particular.

Watch the tense hunt unfold.
I am looking for something to hunt in the spring and summer since this is the most boring time of year for me. Has anyone tried hunting pigeons? I have been looking into and it looks like a ton of fun and since i LOVE wing shooting and hate the fact there is nothing to hunt in spring and summer this seems like an easy choice.
I am trying to mentor a 12 year old boy I guess you could say he is not good at taking test and he lacks confidence in taking the test to get his card. He wants to hunt & fish. The fishing I have already taken him and we had a great day.
I could give you a long story , but this kid needs someone in his life ,,and I want to try and help him if possible .
Checking the Wildlife website its has options C.D instructions? ---Class Room and another I forgot what it was but the shooting would be on a specified date.

Has any one had experience with a youngster that is not good at taking test.
I can't begin to teach him how to hunt with out the card?
IF I take him to a class can someone like myself sit with him while he is taking the test to help him? Is that permitted? Not sure who to call or ask these kinds of questions so looking for help.
Posting to let anyone who has a Bass Pro credit card know that your points expire over a period of time. BUT if you ask them at the service desk they will re-activate all of your expired points. I did this last week and they went all the way back to when I opened the account in 2009!

After a few minutes I took my $421 and went shopping. I hope this helps someone else.
Howdy all, I've been interested in hunting feral hogs for a while and have read that Kentucky has a pretty sizable population. I'm just wondering if anyone on here hunts them or sees any regularly. I realize that the kdnr doesn't want to encourage people to hunt em, but I'm sure there are those that do. My buddy and I are always looking for a "cheap" adventure, especially when it comes to hunting, and I figure this is probably about as cheap as it gets. :D
Any input is appreciated, thanks all!
I was out green apple hunting the other day...
After a few shots I noticed this Hunter sneaking away...
I didn't fuss much but I did ask him to leave..
Does anyone have any information on a good outfitter or just a buddy who has a good hunt and wouldn't mind 2 extra people who are willing to pay? I'm wanting to buy a hunt the first day of dove season for my dad and I to go on as a Father's Day present this year. We went a lot when I was a kid but as I've gotten older and pursued my career as well as dad pursuing his, we just can't ever seem to find the time.

My thought is if I plan it all out now then we will have plenty of time to hammer out the vacation days and details.

Thanks for any info about a friend or links of good outfitters!

Happy hunting!
I'm hoping someone out there in the Livingston County area can help me. I've been at war with the Beavers on our property for two years. They have completely made half of my property inaccessible and had taken down hundreds of tree's. I keep blowing but and digging out their dams but I'm pretty sure they have them built back by the time I load the truck up.

Would anyone be willing to volunteer their trapping services to help me get rid of these nuisances? I'm losing my mind.

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It's Green Apple hunting season in Ky...
So I grabbed me a Green Bow and went hunting...
I thought it might be good for all of us to share our response to LBL and try to send a common sounding statement to those in charge.

Here is the email address i used:

To whom it may concern:

I am 48 years old live 4 hours away and have made one to two trips to the LBL area since I was 10 years old. This means that is at least 38 motel rooms rented, 38 tanks of gas, permit fees, restaurant bills paid etc etc. I know my annual contribution to the local economy isn?t much in the grand scheme of things but I also anticipate that I am not the only one who has this type of testimony. Why have I taken this trek religiously over almost 4 decades? To hunt the whitetail deer on LBL. Now what I listed above is the minimum, being the CFO of a bank I tend to lean to the conservative side. Just last year myself and 8 other individuals of my immediate family spent two weeks using the LBL facilities in late October and the middle of November. We rented 2 cabins at the Kenlake State Park in November, campsite at Wranglers in October. Dined at Kenlake and in Murray. Traveled to Grand Rivers and visited Patti?s, again none of this happens if not for the quota hunts and bonus tags. We already had planned this year?s October trip and were going to reserve a cabin at Wranglers.

After the regulation change, which I know is needed, none of the above is going to happen. Again I doubt I am the only one to have this testimony as well.

Now don?t get me wrong I too see a decline in the deer herd on LBL. I have seen it have ups and downs before. What I have noticed since the TVA is no longer in charge of management is a change in the management practices. Those changes are what have caused the decline in the deer herd. Now maybe that is this groups goal, if so mission accomplished. I sincerely though that a balance can be found between groups. I am not going to say that my wants are any more important than those of another...
Anyone have an extra coupon laying around they are not using I would appreciate it