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E5758562-DBD1-478F-928F-71B6ACF11CAD.jpeg New guy to the forum , I’m from southern WV , thought I’d share . My daughter loves to hunt , like her brother and dad , so we put her up a stand this fall and she decided to hunt on her own one morning and that’s when Smokey walked onto the wrong flat , she was pumped LOL. One of the best calls I’ve ever answered
I can't believe John Wesley Hardin wasn't in this. I've read he killed more than anyone in the old west. I would have put him in this list instead of "The Sundance Kid".
10 Infamous Deadly Real-Life Gun Slingers of the Wild West


Gunslinger and gunfighter historically refers to men in the American Old West who had gained a reputation of being dangerous with a gun and had participated in gunfights and shootouts.
Gunfighters range from different occupations including lawman, outlaw, cowboy, exhibitionists and duelist, but are more commonly synonymous to a hired gun who made a living with his weapons in the Old West. Here are the top 10 real-life deadly gunslingers from the wild west era.

  1. Tom Horn Jr.
    was a scout, cowboy, soldier, range detective, and Pinkerton agent in the 19th-century American Old West. Believed to have committed 17 killings as a hired gunman throughout the West.
    Horn allegedly killed his first man in a duel — a second lieutenant in the Mexican Army, whom he killed as a result of a dispute with a prostitute.
    Horn was convicted in 1902 of the murder of 14-year-old Willie Nickell near Iron Mountain, Wyoming.
    Later in life Horn quickly developed a reputation as a killer-for-hire, and is said to have been responsible for as many as 50 murders in his 43 years of life.
  2. Billy the Kid
    was an American Old West gunfighter who participated in the New Mexico Territory’s Lincoln County War of 1878. He is known to have killed eight men.
    He was portrayed as a cold-blooded killer, history shows that he actually entered...
Did anyone catch Jim Strader's show on 12/10? Check it out if you get a chance. It exposes the latest KYDFW cover up.
trying to see everyone opinion on what they use and what they like,keep in mind I want to stay under 150.00,thanks for everyone's input.
Looking at 8x42 mostly but open for opinions,thanks again.
I don't want to stir the pot on compound vs crossbow. I have been a compound bow hunter for over 34 years. This past September I injured my shoulder and tore my labrum and stretched some ligaments. I did get a Dr's note that allowed me to crossbow hunt during the archery season. I know there was some talk about expanding crossbow season to run concurrent with archery does anyone know if that happened?
Heard rumor of a 180"ish 8 pt killed in Edmonson county by a female. also heard deer was not dead and was seen sittin up in the truck after it was tagged.

My two kids both drew this hunt for Dec. 9-10. It looks like we could get a room at the park and enjoy a weekend.
Buddy's neighbor sent him this pick from his trail cam 637 area of Clay Co. Is it a big bobcat or one of those mythical Mountain Lions? 2017-12-06 19.54.55-288x384.jpg
My youngest daughter is home from college on Christmas break and she wants me to take her squirrel hunting in the morning. Its supposed to be around a high of 38.

I was just wondering because we've had a few days of relatively warm weather and then having a temperature drop for the last couple of days, do you all think that the squirrel activity will shut down because of it? I don't recall going squirrel hunting with temperature drops or this cold before so I was wondering if the temps would screw up activity.
when the bow fishing got slow Jackson became a gator wrangler and the gator was none too happy to be caught. momma gator was making noises back in the reeds.


Had an absolutely blessed 2017 season. Was able to connect on my first buck.

From a friends cam don’t ask where at and no it’s not edmonson co
I swore I saw a bobcat yesterday on Fort Knox while driving out of the hunt area. At first I thought it was a coyote, but I noticed that it did not have the right head shape.
Just spoke to a man from the dept of fish and game and I simply asked him if I was permitted to carry my 9mm glock with me when up in the mountains of Harlan ky while deer scouting as I am afraid of running in to a big bruin on those lonely logging roads..he said I had nothing to worry about as they generally run from a I don't know about any of you..but there was a story about some college kids in a park in NEW YORK AND THAT BEAR STALKED BOTH OF THEM AND KILLED THEM..NOW WITH ALL DUE RESPECT. TO KY DEPT OF FISH AND GAME..I WILL BE DAMNED IF I AM GOING TO TAKE THAT ADVICE THAT THEY WILL RUN....B.S!
10'-4". guesstimate 400 lbs. shot on a dairy farm in Okeechobee




last spring break, while older brother was playing baseball in Fl, Jackson had some fun.


This morning right after good shooting light I looked out into the field and could see a deer so I put my rifle on the stick and the moment I seen him through my scope I knew he was a shooter, he was following a couple does.

I figured I would hv seen this one on here already but I haven’t. It was killed opening day of gun season at like 1:45.
On Wednesday November 15, 2017 morning I was sitting in my stand bordering Floyds Fork (Jefferson/Bullitt county line when up out of the creek came a Sika or Sitka (not sure of the correct spelling) deer.
Has anyone else been having issues getting a crazy amount of pop ups from this site? Can't look through 2 threads without getting one that says my phone is infected.
Thanks for adding me to the forum. Looks like alot of knowledge and alot of good folks to learn from.
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Who alls going to be out this weekend?
Been up for an hour. Trucks warming up and about to head out the door. Good luck this weekend everyone.
Dont forget your ORANGe and SAFETY HARNESS.

Wife's uncle got his biggest deer to date after retiring from the military this year. Congrats on buck and thanks for your 24 years of service
It is that time of year to sit and watch the road hunters come out .
How many time have I seen road hunters driving the roads trying to find deer and take a shot .
I don't like road hunters at all .
Any members here hunting anything there?
This buck just showed up on cam yesterday thought I would go after him this afternoon never killed a good one on Halloween.

I've ate a bunch of it over the years. I've always liked a good brown breakfast gravy made with sausage, or ham drippings, bacon works too, but ham dripping gravy has always been my all-time favorite.

I was at Walmart today looking around and noticed they had chestnut trees for sale. From what I read the wildlife really like them.
Just taking the time to share a positive experience with Summit Treestands customer service. On Wednesday, I was out moving a couple sets at the farm, and did a bonehead move, and left my foam seat to my brand new Summit ladderstand in the bed of the truck when I started on my 35 mile journey home. Needless to say, as soon as I hit the parkway the last I saw of that seat was it flying out of the bed and being ran over by the semi behind me. So I immediately looked the number up and gave summit a call. I told the nice lady that I made the mistake and was wanting to buy a new one. She insisted that was not necessary, and had the replacement form in my email before I got home. I sent it back to the company Thursday morning, and had a brand new seat setting on my porch last night (Friday) when I got home from work... So not only did they cover my mistake, but they overnight-ed the seat and all was free of charge. Needless to say they have made a returning customer out of me!

When does everyone start making mock scrapes? I have a few of those mock scrape dripping bags and scent that I've never bothered to open.

Me and my daughter had a great hunt this evening we didn't have much luck during the youth hunt and only got to hunt this evening.but god blessed us this evening I lost my dad about a month ago I know in my heart he was with us and was watching us this evening we really miss him .he loved to see her harvest a deer so I am a happy dad this evening congrats baby girl.

In a shaky voice, he told me that he did not have a heart shot but he said he had the lungs wide open. In a returned shaky voice, I told him to squeeze the trigger when he was ready.
I have always been right eye dominant. In recent years I have become even more so due to macular degeneration in my left eye. With this in mind, what are the pros and cons of using binoculars vs a monocular?
It turned out to be a great weekend of hunting despite the hot weather on Saturday.

anybody heard any dried seng prices as of lately?
10 Best Compact Handguns for Everyday Carry

A concealed carry license deserves reliable and top of the line handguns.

However, with a huge market to choose from this can be a challenge. We stacked up 10 guns against each other to bring you our top carry handguns based on stopping power, weight, ease of use, and price. Using a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best, you’ll be able to compare the best of the best. In this article, we’re only covering compact handguns.
Here are 10 ideal choices for the everyday carrier.
Glock 26 Gen3 (9mm)

  • Portability: 4
  • Ease of Use: 5
  • Weight: 3.5
  • Affordability: 2
  • Stopping Power: 3
The Glock 26 was designed for concealed carry. It has a small frame and short barrel that make it easy to hide anywhere on the body – and it also packs the power of 10+1 rounds of 9mm.

Even with the small frame size, the Glock 26 retains the same width of a full size Glock. This allows the shooter to get a better hold and much more control over the firearm.

It is a smaller firearm in general, and the internal parts have been moved closer together, but the Glock 26 is still a Glock. It boasts the same proven and well known reliability. With a plant in Symerna Georgia, these fine pistols are being made in the USA as well as being imported from Austria.

Springfield XDs .45

  • Portability: 5
  • Ease of Use: 3
  • Weight: 3.5
  • Affordability: 1
  • Stopping Power: 4
The Springfield XDs .45ACP is one of the best carry guns on the market. It has a single stack magazine which will hold 5 rounds of .45ACP, and of course you can add an extra round in the...
Hey all. I , sadly, had to put down my 12 year old Chocolate Lab, Zeus, last week. I had him before wife, kids, my house, he was a great companion. So, I'm looking into a new hunting dog. After a lot of research, I've settled on a GSP. Will be used for pointing on Quail, Grouse, Pheasant, the rare duck hunt, sheds, and blood tracking. Must be a good family, house, dog, (7 year old and 3 year old kids) and shed less than a lab. I will probably wait until the spring to get a new puppy. Does anyone have experience with breeders within 1-2 hour drive of Louisville?
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closeout waders.jpg
A moose hunt had been a dream hunt for a while. Planning this hunt for almost 3yrs. A buddy and I made the trip to Ontario Canada for 7 day fly in remote wilderness moose hunt.

My brother killed this bull filling his at large tag that measured around 300... was killed at 9 this morning. Wonderful creatures these Elk are... however they don’t give up easily.

Saw this squirrel in our neighborhood, I've never seen a black squirrel before, has anyone ever seen one before? And, No, it's not a skunk. LOL, before you guys start in!

Black squirrel 1.JPG

Black squirrel 2.JPG
I've seen a lot of coyotes over the years, with a lot of different color phases. Never seen a blonde one until this week, and then in the strangest of places.

Somebody hit and killed a doe on the main drag of our subdivision. Our subdivision has quite a bit of deer and other wildlife due to the wooded lots and draws, a ton of water, and a golf course buffet. I actually almost hit one last year in the same spot, as it's a pretty well used crossing.

Anyway, I'm running to the bank Friday, and as I approach the spot, I see a car pulled off and a lady trying to call a dog to her that's off its leash. Then, the "dog" moves, and I realize it's a coyote, but blonde, and been eating the deer carcass. Took me a second to process it as I've never seen one close to this light.

When I pulled away, I thought maybe I should tell this lady that what she's trying to call in isn't someone's lost pooch, but then reconsidered and literary let nature take its course. They were both gone when I got back, but the carcass was still there this morning, so maybe I'll see the coyote again.

I didn't think to take a picture, but o googled it, and this is exactly what the one I saw looked like.
Got my Rio back this week. Built the base with a wagon wheel and fence post from my grandparent's old farm. Thought it turned out great!

[​IMG] [​IMG]
I'll be canning venison & a variety of soups and so forth over the winter but we did the last of our "summer" canning this past weekend.
I believe if you dont plan on spraying at least twice then you shouldnt mess with it. You won't be happy.
A friend of mine from Colorado and I are planning a hunting trip. We'd like to stay in the western Kentucky area and prefer to be relatively close to Madisonville. I've contacted a few places but am really interested in Pleasant Valley Whitetail ( Has anyone heard or had any dealings with them? They appear to be a nicely run farm, but that could be said for a lot of other places as well. I'm especially interested in their hospitality and lodgings. Thanks!
Anybody know a good coyote man?
[​IMG] Got him yesterday evening.
185 5/8" gross