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Anyone know if their are wild hogs around Frankfort in franklin KY?
How many of you fellas are going to be attending the Louisville outdoor expo this weekend?
My little buddy sporting our first shed of the season. He was a trooper. First year I have taken him. 6 miles walking according my GPS. Public land early drop. Had been on the ground a while.
2 years ago during rifle season I was able to tag this guy. All year I've been seeing him on my cam, but never had any day time pics. On the evening of the 2nd day of rifle he presented himself. I never knew he had this type of rack, nor have I ever seen this on any deer. What would you call this? What would you name this guy?
What's the earliest some of you have found any morels? With the weather we've been having in western ky, do you think it's to early? Thanks
this is, former member's, True Rifleman .270Win's YouTube channel.

who all is coming to the Convention next month? Come by the Snyper Hunting Products booth 1330 and say hi. We will have some awesome deals on Cellular Trail Cameras and some really great Blinds!
Does anyone know what's going on with this? Way to many changes. Going to 10 zones! What website can I go to review this!
Looking to do an unguided Yukon Moose hunt this fall. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? It's always been a hunt my dad has wanted to do but hasn't. He's been down this year due to a bout with Lymes disease but on the road back. My mom wanted to surprise him with it for his bday and also as a good reason to keep working to get back into shape. So with that in mind, it's probably best that it isn't an absolute killer hunt either. Any suggestions???
I plan on going hog hunting with some friends in Georgia in February. Having never been, I have a quick question about weapons choice. I have a bolt action 30-06 and an AR-15. Which would you guys choose for this hunt?
I've been looking at a winch for my atv. Getting the deer out of the mountains is getting harder and harder lol. I've always had wire cable in the past but I see a lot with the synthetic cable now. Anyone use the synthetic? Pros and cons of it?
has anyone ever used any websites for trading hunts? Would be looking to trade a 140-150 inch whitetail hunt for any other big game (alligator, bear, antelope, mule deer, or elk).
Planning a hunt for this spring or summer. Need referral for a reliable outfitter. Open for any state.
this past spring. Feist ain't stupid.


Kevin and Nicole Lawson just came and picked up their male pup from cracker and tiny. Good luck with him and keep me posted on his progress. Thanks again
Always trying to expand the outdoor activities with family and friends . Like to have a discussion on What breeds , Training , starting with a pup or looking for a finished dog ? We have been hunting the same Private land for 10 years now have stumbled across a few sheds but am sure we are missing many more .

Also are there such things as Shed hunting clubs in Kentucky ?

I know we are a few months away from the deer dropping their Antlers but any help , advice , or opinions would be greatly appreciated

Any breeders trainers you can suggest or some to stay away from ?

My dad recently purchased a Polaris Ranger 500 and he asked for a gun holder for it for Christmas. I have been looking around for one but was wondering if anybody had any recommendations on one?
I just wanted to thank you all for being a friend to my brother Philip Martin Fleek. He loved and respected (most) of you so much. I wish i knew all of your names. I love and miss him every single day! I love you Bubby! Robin Sandra. Aka Bubbys sister
First year really hitting the woods, just wondering what everyone does for cover scent when deer hunting. And if you changed methods along the way have you noticed an increase in deer sightings.
What all deals has everyone found for Black Friday?
Dicks sporting goods has a lot of there scent lok clothing buy one get one free. I'm not much of a believer in the scent lok concept but the full season clothes are the best feeling clothing for mid-late season. Got 2 pairs of pants for $150 ($149 a pair regularly). U can also mix and match and get the whole outfit for $150
Just wondering if anybody has either of these cold weather outfits. These sets are going to be on sale on black Friday and cyber Monday at very good prices. looking for a good late season cold weather set and wondering which set you guys would recommend. Thanks
I don't really see what's funny about rights restrictions...but anyway, that's the title of this article.


15 Laughable Vintage Gun Ads

These vintage gun ads will have you Rolling on the Floor
and show you just how much the world has changed in the past few decades.
A lot has changed in the last century. Looking back at these vintage gun ads is a great way to highlight just how different our society is these days.

Vintage gun ads of the past reminds us of a simpler time, that era is not as complicated as it is now. However, there are some very entertaining ads when you think about the reaction some of these gun ads would get if they were published today.

Read on to see some of the funniest vintage gun ads ever made.

1. Not a Dull Vacation

It’s nothing like having a .22 rifle and a pocketful of shells while on vacation.

2. Fun for the Whole Family

Before there was “Toys R Us” there was “Guns For Us” for Christmas: everybody gets a gun! Look at all those smiling faces!

3. He Knows if You’ve Been Naughty or Nice, The orginal “Bad Santa”

This vintage gun ad showing Santa driving a car full of rifles and shotguns really shows how much attitudes towards guns have changed since the first half of the 20th Century. That being said, I’d be pretty darn happy if he showed up at my house on Christmas like that.

A plate of cookies and a glass of milk in exchange for a rifle or a shotgun?...
New NRA Infographic will improve your shooting

The NRA put together an Infographic to help your shooting Fundamentals
If you are just getting into target shooting and need some help fine tuning your shooting skills. Look no further, the NRA (National Rifle Association) has put together this amazing simple shooting fundamentals infographic that will get you on target.

Handguns vary differently from sizes, feel to weight. With all those variables basic shooting skills itself doesn’t change. This infographic cheat sheet shows you the right way to properly sight align, focus, trigger control, and breath control. This visual will get you on the right track to better your shooting skill.


Source: National Rifle Association
I am looking for clothing suggestions. I wear the UA base layer and a scent lok jacket over that. Saturday morning on stand was a bit chilly but not cold. The problem is my arms get real cold. Almost to the point of shivering. Seems to be just my arms though. A cotton sweatshirt does not cut it.
Any suggestions?
I use a pair of Bushnell binoculars for almost all of my hunting adventures (if you will). The problem I keep running into is that the plastic pieces that connect the binocular to my binocular harness keep breaking. I plan on calling Bushnell on Monday and seeing if they are willing to help me out with a new harness etc because I just ordered a replacement set of plastic pieces. After searching the internet the only type of harnesses I can find are expensive/bulky covers or harnesses that similar to the one I have now. Does anyone have any other suggestions on another type of harness I could look into? Possibly one that loops around the binocular itself?
This guy missed this Deer…Thirteen times
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This guy can be the next American Sniper, no not likely.
Ok maybe he’s just having a bad day. A very bad day. Maybe he’s experimenting a bent barrel, or using a lighter grain ammo.

Amazingly, the buck barely moves in between misses. The range is unknown, but it must be a long shot. You are also able to see the bullet’s vapor trail on the video.

One would think after several rounds of misses, the hunter would make some adjustments or Kentucky wind it. Goes to show how difficult precision long-range shooting can be, with many factors to account for such as swirling winds and the inconsistencies in ammunition.

That deer has nine lives.
I heard that you can hunt wild hogs in Big South Fork on the Kentucky side after deer season up into Feb. All you need is a small game license and a hog permit. Does anyone know if this is true? I really don't want to explain to DNR why I am rabbit hunting with a 45-70.
Does anyone have any experience with ear plugs that enhances hearing, as well as, protects hearing? I've got some hearing loss in my right ear and a bit of tinnitus. I need to start wearing something while hunting.

Brand suggestions and price range would be helpful. I appreciate it.
looking for somewhere in kentucky to hog hunt. looked into big south fork, don't know if thats where I want to go. Does anyone know of any land owners or farmers that have a hog problem? I'm not really interested in an expensive hunt at some lodge.
We were drawn for Veterans Memorial, not too keen on it from what I've seen. Tree stands everywhere tells me there is a ton of early bow season pressure. If anyone has hunted this chime with your thoughts.
Typically we apply for Clay and the last couple of times we were drawn a lot of the good deer were taken in the bottoms chasing does. It'll be interesting to see if that holds true for Veterans.
Spent some time today on behalf of a local group I'm involved with called Taking Kids Outdoors. A few friends and I developed this group a couple years ago

Took the mobile BB range that the local NWTF lets us use to a community event and taught local kids gun safety and shooting . Put almost 200 kids through the range !!





We also do a summer outdoor safety camp which includes orange card certification, boating safety, archery instruction, fishing instruction, Treestand and harness safety , poisonous plant and animal ID, edible plant ID , trapping instruction, etc.

For spring youth turkey we host anywhere from 30 to 50 kids for a fully inclusive all weekend turkey hunt .

It's a great group , Will try to update this post as we have events
How do we go about encouraging our state to adopt the purple paint laws for property boundaries like Texas and other states?
I recently moved from Greenville, S.C. to Louisville. I left two very nice hunt clubs, one with 2,600 acres and the other with 7,500 acres. I am an avid hunter and QDMA member. I have taken the QDMA Deer Steward II course. I am looking for a nice hunt club in Kentucky, preferably no more than 1 1/2 hours from Louisville. I am not overly cost conscious, just want to find a good club with great members. Any ideas? Like many of you, my passion is hunting.
This is going to be long, so I apologize in advance.

Aug of 2015 I bought 17 acres in Western Kentucky to turn into a horse farm. When I bought the property there were 2 tree stands out in the back field. I checked for identifers and saw none but left them there because I didn't want to deal with taking them down until I was ready to plant and seed and bushhog the fields.

Sep of 2015 a guy in a tractor showed up at my property, after a few minutes it turned out he had an agreement with the previous land owner that if he kept the fields maintained that he could hunt them each year. Now mind you the fields were full of pig weed up over my head and so no way was he maintaining them all year but thinking I would save myself a few hundred bucks hiring someone to come bushhog the field I allowed him to come bushhog it and told him that once he shot his deer that would be the end of it because I was going to be fencing the property off and turning horses out there.

He shot his buck the opening day of Rifle season. I never saw or heard from him again, fast forward to this summer, I cut down trees, plowed up the land, planted grass, fenced it off, turned it into a horse pasture, and took the stands to the dump. They were not fancy ones just some homemade ones.

Last month he showed up at my house while my husband was here, asking if he could hunt. My husband curtly told him no, that he was told last year he would not be allowed to hunt here and to "get the hell off our land"

2 weeks ago I get a call from the sheriffs department stating that the guy was in the office asking to see if he could have his tree stands back. I told the officer that no because I had removed them in April and hauled them to the dump, officer said no problem that he would inform the guy and that this was a civil matter not criminal.

Today I receive a certified letter from him threatening me that if I don't return these stands him that he will take me court.

I have tried to look up the...
i would like to hear some prices from surrounding counties. I'm in knott co and it's around 4-450 rt now dried.
Gutless Field Dressing Method
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Don’t like dealing with the guts on your deer? Try this method out.
Let’s face it: gutting a deer is probably the worst part of hunting. Maybe your harvest has fallen in a location you won’t be able to drag it out of. Try this alternative to the traditional field dress and see if it works for you.

Seems pretty quick and easy. If you process your own deer, this will probably save you time as well. One takeaway, if you are going to try this method, is to make sure you have a game bag or a quarter bag!

Alright, so I got the deer down, now it’s time to do the fun work.

I’m back in here a long ways, not a long ways from my truck, it’s just gonna be a freakin’ insane climb outta here. So, I’m gonna have to cut him up. Luckily, where I killed him, it’s down in this valley, the sun shouldn’t hit it for a couple hours, so I’ll have plenty of time to get him cut up, and get him cooled down, then I’ll pack him out to the truck.

So basically what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna skin him, both sides, I’m gonna cut the quarters off, cut the backstraps off, cut some of the neck meat off, get the tenderloins inside, and that’ll be all the meat, I won’t even have to gut him. So, that’ll be nice. This is the gutless method.
So all I do is, try to lay him on his stomach, and I just make an incision all the way down his back, right on his spine, then I’ll skin one side all the way down, lay him down, skin down to his legs, quarter him off, do the other side, and uh, pretty slick. So, especially if you don’t like dealing with the guts, which I don’t. So let’s go!

You just wanna follow right down the spine. You can always tell...
Dinner delivered to your door...

Just another day in Alaska
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You come home, get ready to relax for the evening, get out of your car, and the moose are fighting again.

Nothing like the snorting and clomping of fighting moose to wake you out of your evening commuter’s haze. These two bulls started battling it out in the middle of a busy suburb. You can see and hear people filming from their cars and holding back their dogs, hoping these too massive beasts don’t cause any property damage in their wake! Thankfully, we don’t see any thing -or anyone- get hurt, and it looks like nobody gets too injured. One bull runs off in defeat, and the spectators got one heck of a show.

Is it an Alaska thing that nobody is fazed by this? The people (including the walkers and their dog, toward which the moose run at the end of the video) all seem pretty relaxed about the two-ton behemoths clashing in their quiet suburb.

Or the other version is that:
Male moose tend to be more aggressive during this time of year, their annual rut cycle, when they spend virtually all their energy looking for females to impress and mate with.
FRANKFORT, Ky. (Sept. 29, 2016) — Public land hunting opportunities in Kentucky just grew by more than 4,600 acres.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources announces the opening of six new properties ranging from Ballard County in the west to Bath County in the east. Newly opened properties include one new wildlife management area in Nelson and LaRue counties, plus additions to five existing wildlife management areas.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Gregory K. Johnson said the acquisitions are an outgrowth of the department’s sportsmen-centric philosophy.

“Our surveys show that sportsmen and sportswomen want more places where they can hunt and fish,” he said. “These new public lands help us work toward that goal. We’re proud to offer these new opportunities where people can go and create lasting memories.”

The newest wildlife management area (WMA) is Rolling Fork River WMA, Frasiur and Theresa Reesor Family Tract, in Nelson and LaRue counties. This nearly 2,900-acre area, which is bisected by the Rolling Fork River, features a mix of heavy forested hillsides and fallow fields. This property will be open to hunting under statewide regulations, including modern gun season for deer.

Additions to existing properties include:

  • Big Rivers WMA and State Forest, 842 acres in Crittenden County.
  • Clay WMA, addition to the Justice Tract, 148 acres in Bath County.
  • Kleber WMA, 505 acres in Owen County.
  • Kentucky River WMA, 70 acres in Owen County and 5 acres in Henry County.
  • Boatwright WMA, 217 acres in Ballard County.
Hunting regulations for each addition are the same as the main wildlife management area. Maps and additional information about each area may be found online at, by looking under the keywords, “public lands search.”

Some areas have quota hunts for various species. The deadline to apply for these quota hunts is Sept. 30. Hunters...
Hi all,
so today I got off work a couple hours before dark and decided to do a little squirrel hunting. So I bagged a few squirrels (it was a pretty amazing hunt) but I started to think about it and noticed there's not many squirrel hunters any more. every time I ask a friend to go squirrel hunting it seems all I get are excuses, ask the same concerning whitetails and it's a different story. Seriously where did all the squirrel hunters go it seems like I hardly see people in the wma hunting them either. I can't pass up a good squirrel hunt there really fun especially bow hunting them with my mathews halon and some judos.
Taking down 4 hogs in a row

Hunting season is just around the corner, have you been out shooting to polish your skills? Stationary targets or moving targets? Shooting at something that’s moving is challenging. However, a proficient shooter can make it look simple like this hunter here in the video below. This hunter dropped 4 hogs in a row within a minute with no time to spare, hope this gets you inspired for the upcoming hunting season, enjoy!

Source: I Love Hunting Facebook
Hi all. I'm moving back to Hopkins co. A little after the 1st of the year. Been out of hunting for a long time now. I'm wanting to start back I'm disabled now but I think I can still do a little hunting. Maybe some small game. Stuff. I would love to go deer hunting again never did get one back in the late 80s when I used to hunt. I'll just see how it go's. Have a really good friend there that loves to hunt maybe he can help me. Is the any special rules for disabled hunters in ky? The web site was hard to understand. I look forward to talking to everyone and getting advice. Thanks. David
So pumped was going to get my first ar today. Had the paper work finished and was in line with my buddy both of us already handed the money over. Proud new owners of 2 ruger ar 556 AR15s. But wait! NICS has been down all day and can't approve to officially give me my new gun. So now we have to wait for them to get the system back up and running. No idea if it will be ready tomorrow or when. So happy to live in the land of the free that won't hand over my gun I just bought and have every right to be playing with right now. But I bet some people who plan on using the same type of gun in the wrong way could get their hands on one today if they wanted to.
Video: Underwater Glock-Fishing For Lionfish
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Posted: 9/22/16
Lionfish are an invasive species doing a lot of harm to underwater ecosystems. They’re basically the feral pigs of oceans reefs.

This underwater Glock-fishing video was originally made to see if this group of guys could shoot a Glock underwater, and once they realized it was possible, it developed into much more.

With no known predator, the lionfish has been eradicating baitfish all across the ocean. These guys do their part in slowing the lionfish devastation by bringing their Glocks underwater with them and firing away. The guns had to have a few modifications done to them, and then they were ready to go.

This video shows some really cool slow-motion footage of the guns being fired underwater, and they look like they shoot fine, just ask the lionfish.