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Going rabbit hunting tomorrow with my dad (79 on the 15th), and my uncle(61). Dad has always been my best friend, and my uncle was my hero when I was a kid because he was still playing ball in high school... They are my two best friends... Dad asked me if I wanted to deer hunt, then go rabbit hunting.. I said, "No, if i deer hunt and should happen to kill a deer, the rabbit hunt is off...". I'd give up all the deer in the world for these hunts with him... We've got good genes in my family, but I am not going to miss out on these hunts with them. Can't wait... Kiddos, hunt with your elders while you can.... I know when either of them are gone, I'll regret some things, but I hope to not miss out on much...
Whatcha think....
I recently ate at a new restaurant in Elizabethtown called 701 Fishhouse and oyster bar and saw that they were having a wild game dinner on November 12, 2015 at 7pm. It is a ticketed event which get you Elk, wild boar, duck, quail and barracuda. You don't pick get all of them!! I think I will have to definitely have to check this out. If anyone else is interested in this dinner you can call the restaurant at 270-735-9648.

Anoher cool part of the dinner is that they pair each animal with a specific beer to compliment each other. This is all inclusive with the ticket.
Logged onto the KFW website to print me a replacement sportsman's license (mine was ran through the washer). And it showed that I hadn't purchased one this year. I, figuring it was a computer glitch, called the department and was informed that they had no record of my buying one since March of 2014. They ran my name, birthdate, and social security number and still nothing showed up. Having the actual license in my hand, I read him the FW# and still nada. I asked what should be my next step and he said that I would need to purchase another license. No way am I shelling out another $95 for a mistake that wasn’t mine.

So I called my bank and had them pull my transaction history and sure enough on 4/02/2015 there is a debit of $95 made to our local Walmart. I had the paperwork faxed to me and took it to Walmart. After 15-20 minutes the manager comes out with a receipt showing what was purchased on 4/02/2015 and lo and behold it was for a sportsman's license. He stated he didn’t know what had happened but that the transfer of funds was made from my account to Walmart, then from Walmart to the KDFW. Tried to get walmart to print me another license but they wouldn’t. Said it was the departments mistake not theirs. Called the KDFW back and all they know is that there is no record of me purchasing a license this year.

I’m just going to carry the license I have along with the receipt from Walmart and hope for the best.

What would you do?
Just wonted to share a pic of the bear I harvested during KY archery bear season.
Does anyone know how many bears were actually harvested on opening day archery season. I know the season ended with that day only because they must have met heir quota but I can not seem to find any telecheck results for bears. The quota for the hunt is either 5 female bears or 10 male bears. I know they at least had five or more. If I am not mistaken this is the quickest year that they reached the quota limit so the weekend must have been a good weekend to hunt.
Anyone know anywhere in Tennessee or close to there that I could do some hog hunting and not have to give an arm and a leg to do it? It's just one off those things to cross off the bucket list. I don't understand how all these ranches are complaining so much about be over infested with hogs but they want to charge over $500 for you to come hunt them.
Who here does it and what gear do you use?
Found this in the woods this weekend on our 50 acres in LaRue County. Never seen this before. No big trees were fallen around it and i think its too low for a woodpecker. We do have a Bobcat thats in the area we see, could that be it? Any suggestions.

Sorry its sideways.
So, what does it take to knock a scope off zero? How hard a hit, what type of hit? I opened the back door of my truck this morning, and my ML tumbled out. I had it muzzle down in the floor board, stock resting on the seat. It had shifted while driving, and when I opened the door, it tumbled down. Clanked pretty hard on the running board. I figured it was knocked off zero, and I also expected to see one of my target bucks and miss.... I didn't get a shot. When I shot it later in the morning, it was still dead on. 1" high at 50 yards.... Thoughts?
Well my son is off for fall break. He got an oppurtunity to head to fla. To hog hunt with some of our customers. He is pumped up. He arrived this morning and got to spend the day cruising the swamps on a airboat. He headed to the stand this evening and the hogs never showed at the feeder but hes having a blast. He will be hunting tomorrow and saturday also. It was a sudden thing that just came up and i wasnt able to join him. Talk about a jealous dad. What a fall break. Man i hope he busts a big porker. Hes been sending me pics from the stand just pouring salt in my open wound lol. Hes already asked if he gets a boar if he can mount it. Im hoping to lose some $$$$$ in the next couple days.
I've been going to LBL several times this year scouting and today another dog showed up near my truck as I was getting ready to leave. He was a large brown dog without a collar. From the looks of it someone dropped him off. He looked like he was not his ideal weight so he's having a hard time and with winter coming I doubt he will make it.

I HATE the people that will take their dogs in a place like LBL and simply leave them, it's not like dropping them off in a different neighborhood where someone MIGHT take them in. This is a long slow hard death for them. I also HATE those same people for putting me in a position like that. I had my 22 mag rifle with me but it was in the truck unloaded. I had thought if I could put the crosshairs on his brain I could put him down without any pain but I wasn't ready. It should not have been me that had to decide to put him down but the owner of that dog.

Just 4 weeks ago I went to another place and as I was walking across the cut field two dogs came out toward me. This time they had collars so I yelled and shot into the ground to run them off. I talked to a ranger there about it and he told me more and more people are dropping dogs and cats off in LBL. This is wrong.

they nailed it. Thought this would make you guys laugh.
Was fortunate enough to head up to B.C. a few weeks and was able to get a pretty good goat. Here are some pics...

As promised, here is the first part of Dad & I's hunt this fall.
I hope you enjoy!

Any one know what wild ginseng is selling for in Ky?
Hey guys just wanted to get you fired up for hunting season!

Here is a video of me putting my 13 pound raft to the test!
More to come...



Past few days going in and out of my place there has been a couple white chickens down the road a ways. I tried yesterday to invite them to dinner but they didn't take me up on the offer...LOL. I have a idea where they came from as a neighbor nearby had some but sold out and moved a couple weeks ago and I would say the new owners just open the pen and turned them loose. I figure a yote will have a chicken dinner before long.
Does Otter creek still have a gun range? I searched some threads , but they were old. Does anyone have any info or have used it recently? . Looking to let my son shoot his rifle some before youth and gun season.
Got down to Lbl last night.Going squirrel hunting in the morning.Got to hear the elk bugle tonight.Going to stay till Sunday.[​IMG][​IMG]

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Any rumors about strange goings-on up there? Specifically, around Lockport. I hunt up that way, and heard some things from folks...trying to see what the locals might have to say.
Took my 11 yr old grandson squirrel hunting this morning, out of school for some reason. He did good, got 4 and he spotted the last 3 squirrels himself and got 2, he may make a squirrel hunter yet. Bad part was we found a nice 8 point buck dead in a little creek, probably EHD, no sign of it being shot. I was afraid it would start happening with this long dry spell.
Hi, new here and new to deer hunting. I've hunted pleant of dove and turkey but never for deer. Me and a friend of mine are looking to apply for a few quota hunts at wma around the state. I've heard kentucky river is a good hunt but wanted to know if you guys had any better suggestions.
anyone on here know when archery bear season will be?
I'll be in Bowling Green for work the last week of October and was wondering if there are any archery shops/ranges nearby.
I am curious on how most hunters get their deer or elk out after getting one? Which would be easier, just quartering an elk and packing it out a quarter at a time or is it possible to use a cart and take half of the elk with two or three hunters?
What the best inespensive flashlight
For the past 60 years (except for time in the service) I have gone squirrel hunting and fishing over the labor day weekend. It started out with about 15 of us and went up and down over the years. For the past three years it has been down to just two. My buddy this year had double knee replacement and the streak ended. Started when I was 9 and my grandpa gave me a used J.C. Higgins 22. A kid with a 22, a boker pocket knife, a laundry safety pin, and a box of shells would have been too much for Rambo. Menu never changed over the year. Breakfast was slab bacon, eggs, biscuit and gravy and black coffee. Lunch was fried fish, fried potatoes and onions, and hush puppies. Supper was squirrels, dumplings, taters and onions, and corn fritters. So many stories.
I've learned never to trust a long term, well in Ky, even a short term forecast, but if the report holds up. 50s next Sat morning with high of 74.

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Having a hard time finding this info online. Thought maybe some of you guys who hunt in Illinois may know. I don't have a concealed carry permit. Is it legal for me to have a pistol in my truck in Illinois on the Shawnee National Forest during my annual bow hunting trip? Most days I will be parked/camping on private land, but will be on the Shawnee some as well. I won't have it on me while hunting, but would like to have it for protection while camping.
I've never hunted bear, but I think I may give it a try this year. I'm just debating on whether to bite the $30 bullet for a tag or not when the archary season dates are posted. Also if you had any counties that are heavy in them I'd appreciate it. Need a bear to fill the freezer!
Crow season start's 9/1/2015. Anyone going?
Has anyone used this method? If so what's your opinion on it?
Looking at the trail cams this weekend and saw a buck with a trash rack. Decided if it presents itself I am going to go ahead and remove him from the gene pool. I would like to have the antlers made into a knife. It's rack isn't really good for anything but would be really cool to have a knife with the handle from a deer you shot yourself. Anyone know of a company that does this?

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Just got back Friday from my DIY archery antelope hunt around Glenrock Wyoming area. Had a great time. Thought I would share some pics from my trip. I hunted over a waterhole. We think he will make pope and young. Glassed this buck about 1.5 miles away after daylight then he disappeared over a hill. About 3 hours later I spotted him coming back over that hill about 300 yds north of where he went over the hill. Glassing on and off as he disappeared over each hill. He finally appeared about 400 yds down a draw from me. Slowly making his way to the waterhole. Finally at 26 yds away facing me head down drinking water. He was very cautious knowing something was not right. I was waiting for him to stop drinking and turn . As soon as he stopped drinking he raised his head and on his way angling away to my left. I pulled my bow back and found him in my sights. Let the arrow go at 33yds. I watched him run off about 30 more yards. He stood there for a minute or so and then went down.
Pic of some of the land we hunted
Waterhole I hunted
Some antelope I saw
Antelope I got
I just got this letter from a friend of mine. Contrary to what the media and anti hunter propaganda led some to believe. The Zimbabwe Gov't found NO wrong doing during the lion hunt. Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force & Johnny Rodriguez to be sanctioned by Zimbabwe for Malicious & Reckless reporting on Wildlife issues.
Mabe this is the start of holding that ARA groups accountable for false, reckless & damaging reports to the social Media!

See letter below.
Kentucky made top news in the national magazine (Peterson's Hunting). It seems our state government robbed the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund of $8 million dollars. The majority of this money comes from nature plates that citizens purchase to help wildlife, conserve parks, purchase land and protect land statewide. We should still buy the plates, but tell your local representative to manage their $9.5 billion dollar state budget appropriately and leave these much needed funds ALONE....
Does anyone have/know someone who has a managed dove field I could pay to use on 1 SEP near Christian County? I almost got my butt shot off here on Ft Campbell last year and would like to hunt on something that is managed for numbers. If you want, PM prices and location. Again, closer to Christian county the better, but I gotta car and I can drive for a good hunt.
Last year was my first deer hunt in a very long time and I approached it like a little kid going to camp for the first time. I relished in shopping for new equipment, packed everything I could think that I could possibly need and headed to the field. As I look forward to this years hunt, I find myself looking back to last years and all the things I carried around in the woods and didn't use. So I'm wondering what everyone else packs for a whitetail hunt where your going to be dropped off 200 yards from your stand, are a 1/2 mile from your truck, 20 minutes from the nearest store, and 45 minutes from home?
Does anyone know of a guide for a dove hunt in/near central Kentucky? Looking to get my dad out and want to be able to kill birds. Not worried about the price, just wanna have a good time with the old man. Thanks!
I know they are having a clay shoot either trap or skeet today (monday). Anyone know what the start and stop time is?

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I'm a relative newcomer to the Paducah area, and I'm looking for a place to shoot some doves. I'm originally from Alabama, and we had a nice little arrangement with an auburn university research farm that allowed us to shoot doves over a sunflower field for a nominal fee. I'm looking for a similar deal in my area. I'd be willing to drive a ways. If anybody knows of an outfitter, public field or just a friendly farmer willing to host an itinerant wing shooter I'd be much obliged.

thank you,
I have always enjoyed dove season especially opening day. While I was in the military there was the better part of a decade I wasn't able to go but even before that I don't remember it ever being on a Tuesday. Why can't they just open it on the Saturday before before deer season? Is there a legal issue with opening in August?

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Well, that's how I feel!

The New HIP survey that is REQUIRED to be filled out ONLINE only puts a huge hindrance on many hunters that do not have Internet access, large enough that we have cancelled the dove shoot we have yearly that is full of elderly hunters. The vast majority of these hunters have NEVER been on the Internet, and are not going too any time soon. My mother and father have never owned a computer, an IPad or a smart phone, they still buy lard by the bucket and eat neck bones regularly, a cell phone has never had a single bar of service at their house! My father said it was more of a Hassle than it's worth to try to complete the survey just to shoot doves one day...

KDFW say they need to be filled out like this to get ACCURATE numbers.

I will say with 100% CERTAINTY that a survey that is FORCED to be filled out will be MUCH less accurate than one filled out voluntarily.

I wish KDFW would reconsider this survey being filled out Online ONLY to allow ALL hunters to be able to hunt, at least legally...
Is this a chanterelle mushroom?