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  1. Bubbles
    Bubbles hollandhunter
    I have 8 for sale in 3 weeks. Wormed them last night.
    5025101985 text only
    1. hollandhunter
      Full blooded akc or ckc? How much? Pics? Interested.
      Oct 20, 2018 at 12:08 PM
  2. jsc3150
    jsc3150 mike goodlett
    just sent you a text
  3. mike goodlett
    mike goodlett jsc3150
    Jim my phone died and I lost your number send me a text. So I can see how your hunting going.
    1. jsc3150
      just sent you a text
      Oct 18, 2018 at 6:16 AM
  4. Carl
    I'd like to have me some of them biscuits and mustard. Ummmm
  5. Todd H
    Todd H Mainbeam
    Hi..dont you hunt in Metcalfe County?? Are you familiar with Mosby Ridge area? Trying to find the name of the outfitter that is up there now...just thought you may know..cant find online anywhere. Just a couple miles up from the Louis Free road. Not wanting to hunt there just wanting to see their rates.. they are buying land all over up there and you can see several food plots and blinds from the road.
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    2. Mainbeam
      I hunt all over we own about 2500 acres all over columbia and gradyville community. Theyve just freshly logged this place in metcalfe and there aint a tree big enough for a stand left lmao
      Oct 7, 2018
    3. Todd H
      Todd H
      The house sits at Mosby Ridge red and Chess Jessee Road. Hear he is bringing a lot of folks in from Georgia for big $$$$
      Oct 7, 2018
    4. Mainbeam
      I dont doubt that. And theyll shoot every deer that walks bu. There fixin to sale off a farm up that way real soon
      Oct 7, 2018
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  6. Wampuscat
    Wampuscat Drahts
    I noticed your name and the porcupine pic, do you or someone you know sell witehaired pointers or draghts? I’m looking
    1. Drahts
      Sorry just seeing this now. I own Drahts, I do not breed myself but can connect you to several breeders and litters coming soon. I own 2 myself. I'm in Elliott county.
      Sep 29, 2018
  7. farmboynick
    farmboynick TCam
    If u dont mind i was wondering about ur army worm post. Did u spray them or just reseed? Dang thing wiped my plot out this week.
  8. farmboynick
    farmboynick TCam
    If u dont mind i was wondering about ur army worm post. Did u spray them or just reseed? Dang thing wiped my plot out this week.
    1. TCam
      I reseeded that year and was prepared to spray. Foodplot came up green and all the armyworms died and ran their course. After that year I have kept a close eye and sprayed before they got my plot. I did not have to spray at all this year. Usually this late in the year army worm cycle is over. Good luck.
      Oct 1, 2018
  9. Joseph
    Joseph Bassline89
    I'm in Lexington I'd like to do some varmit hunting somewhere or trapping. I also have family in far eastern ky if you wanted to drive 2 1/2 hours. It's a big piece of land.
    1. Bassline89
      Possibly. I’m having very little luck squirrel hunting right now. I’m pretty new at hunting in general.
      Sep 22, 2018
  10. muddhunter
    muddhunter gicts
    Can you post some more pics of the ARs that you have for sale? You can pm me with your number if you like.
    1. gicts
      Sure, more pics are in the listing
      Sep 19, 2018
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  11. Paul Priest
    Paul Priest
    On a stage, or in a stand.
  12. RDL270
    RDL270 keith meador
    Keith, would you please make the How to Donate a Deer to Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry post a sticky in the deer donation thread please.

    Thank you,
  13. 120+
    120+ standsitten
    Nice kill. Congrats.
  14. rcb216
    rcb216 bdbrown66
    Or email. Is there a way to reduce the size on the forum? From my iphone
    1. bdbrown66
      No way to reduce it on the forum, that I'm aware of. You can use this site to do it. Follow the directions, and if you get the width down to about 800 pixels, you'll usually be small enough to upload here.
      Aug 25, 2018
  15. rcb216
    rcb216 bdbrown66
    I’ll have send it by text
    1. bdbrown66
      Send it to 5025074299
      Aug 24, 2018