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  1. standsitten
    standsitten littlebear
    Is it just me but has activity on the site really dropped?
  2. ky.longbeard
    ky.longbeard pentail
    Pentail saw your post on the TSS 20 ga. #9 shot. I shot the grandsons gun yesterday and at 26 yds it was awesome ,but at 40 it had a few holes in pattern.How would u compare the Tightwad to the others you mentioned?
    1. pentail
      The tightwad was probably the most open of the 3 at longer ranges, but no big holes, still pretty even. It is on an H&R Partner pump. The Longbeard is probably the tightest at 50. It's on a MB 500
      Feb 8, 2019
    2. ky.longbeard
      I was just wondering . The choke in his gun is a Hevi-shot that has wad strippers and I didn't know if that had anything to do with it .
      Feb 8, 2019
  3. Duster
    Duster wprebeck
    Court stuff. Looks like they showed up without a lawyer on Arraignment day last Monday. I am guessing the judge went thru with the hearing anyway. Next date listed it the 25th for a pre-trial hearing. Any idea what to expect then ?
    1. wprebeck
      Likely, a public defender would be appointed if no lawyer was present. Pretrial hearings will deal with various motions and give the defendant a chance to examine a plea deal, if one is offered by the Commonwealth.
      Feb 10, 2019 at 2:26 AM
  4. Davidlondon4
    Davidlondon4 Mctitanfan
    I didnt take part in the hunt but I did find a few pics with the winners, names, etc.. I found the info on the Facebook page for that hunt.2019 Southeast Coyote Classic
  5. Cape Hillian
    Cape Hillian wprebeck
    This is Greg the owners number. Tell him Jimmy sent ya.
  6. gdb
    gdb gettin bit
    Hi. I saw in your post you wanted to join LKS. I am the LKS 6th District President Griff. Woodford county is in my district. Do you got any questons about LKS???
  7. gdb
    gdb Flounder59
    You wouldn't be with Backcountry Hunter's & Anglers/BHA would you???
  8. deerhunter24
    deerhunter24 pentail
    Can you please send me a message
  9. kyhunter99
    Thinking about the woods.
  10. hunt
    hunt kyhunter99
    I think you will be ok with that stand,just be careful and like has been said before, a new strap is in order. Good luck!
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  11. Duster
    Duster mmayes
    Is Jenkin's bait still open? I heard they had shut down, Been trying to call but keep getting busy signal. Buddy looking to buy minows by the pound and that was the closest place I could think of
    1. mmayes
      Last I heard they finally shut down. At least that's what dad was telling me
      Jan 7, 2019
  12. wildirishman64
  13. turkeyfan
    turkeyfan MikeKy
    You interested in coyote trapping. Have 350 acres in Sadieville would love to have ever last one of these suckers killed.
  14. Duster
    Duster pentail
    So in the new political forum it is ok for a member Drakeshooter to call another members family white trash ? Just want to know where I stand if I decide to go off on him in a open forum.
  15. outdoorsman_33
    outdoorsman_33 mike007
    Hey mike if you want to talk Alaska give me a call at(502) 640-7753