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  1. muddhunter
    muddhunter wolverine1
    Hey Corey. Can you give me a holler. Might have some info to pass your way.
  2. f150howard
  3. Risner
    Risner James50
    Went last year only heard one bird and seen alot of people in the three days i was days i was there out of staters definitely get looked at differently lol
    1. James50
      Damn, I was hoping for better news than that lol.
      Apr 10, 2017
    2. James50
      I was just hoping to find a place that's not so crowded. I'm sure I'm gonna have hunters anywhere we go being opening weekend.
      Apr 10, 2017
  4. Shane Baker
    Shane Baker
    Are the skipjack at ky or barkley dam right now? Looking to go this weekend?
  5. stevenvalleyagain
    stevenvalleyagain teach27
    Just a heads up. There are just not a gob of gun nuts on these forums although there are a couple like me. It may be worth your time to consider joining or amd trying to use their classifieds section as I imagine you would get more responses.
    That's a cool gun and if I didnt have so many on my buy list already, I would buy it as you are asking a good price. Good luck.
  6. DH13
    DH13 JPete
    Flooded Corn and Japanese Millet work good
  7. kyjohnky
    kyjohnky coach&hunt
    Would like to know more about gun!5028274461
  8. Side-by-side
    Side-by-side USdiver
    I've got a friend that can help you with your pup. Give him a call 606 282-0514 David
  9. High Rack
    High Rack pentail
    Hey Pentail. I don't know if you can help me, but I can not post because there is always an add in the post block. It has been that way for some time now, I am just not sure how to fix it.
    1. pentail
      So there is an add in the actual spot to post? Phone or desktop? The powers that be did some new add blocking procedures a bit ago. Might try clearing old cookies and see if the new blocks work. Let me know
      Feb 8, 2017
    2. High Rack
      High Rack
      Yea,the add is in the post block, already tried the cookie route.
      Feb 9, 2017
    3. pentail
      I'll forward it to admin to see if they have any ideas
      Feb 10, 2017
  10. bgkyarcher
    bgkyarcher CentralKyHunter
    My name is Dana Denton. I live in Bowling Green. Your name?
    Seaching snow sheep game
  12. bgkyarcher
    bgkyarcher CentralKyHunter
    I've been to Loucon many times as camper and counselor. If I don't have a youth hunter I'd be interested in coming to guide a kid or two.
    1. CentralKyHunter
      Awesome, give me a call sometime and I will get you on the list. 270-316-9860
      Jan 30, 2017
  13. Rut-n-Strut
  14. Rhino2380
    Blew my knee out hv to hv it drained Monday ooo what fun
  15. Rhino2380
    Fixed blades or mechanical