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  1. Cape Hillian
    Cape Hillian
    ducks 24 7 365
  2. bgkyarcher
  3. KyHorse
    KyHorse danf26
    I have a bull archery tag and was wondering what if any info you may have come across last year during your research or time scouting areas that you may be willing to share. I did not draw a spot at one of the LEA's, so I'm researching a few areas that may hold a bull or two. I can be reached at 812-598-1193 if you are willing to talk. I live in West Kentucky. Thanks, Bill
  4. massive horns
    massive horns wprebeck
    Hello may I have ur number concerning land for sale?
  5. bugle freak
    bugle freak DADDYRABBIT1974
    Where in southeast ky you from?
    1. DADDYRABBIT1974
      Clay county
      Jul 25, 2017
    2. bugle freak
      bugle freak
      What is your name? I am from laurel county and do quite a bit of duck huntin myself!
      Aug 2, 2017
  6. Diamond island
    Diamond island
    Diamond island Ky duck lease available. Leasing exclusive water fowl rights to diamond island located on Ohio river near Henderson Ky
  7. BirdBuster
    BirdBuster Matt Orr
    Everything is going good. Summer started off bad with a couple of drowning's. Hate going into a season on a bad note but thank God it is going normal now. I will stop by the camp and see if I can catch your dad.
    1. Matt Orr
      Matt Orr
      That would be great!
      Jul 10, 2017
  8. BirdBuster
    BirdBuster Matt Orr
    This is Ray Lawson. How is your Dad doing?
    1. Matt Orr
      Matt Orr
      Hey Ray! He's doing a lot better. Taking a lot longer than what he likes but the main thing is he's slowly getting better. He's out at his camp by the lake most weekends. You should stop in and see him if you can! How you been doin?
      Jul 6, 2017
  9. Marsh CallUser
    Marsh CallUser
    In a fish in state of mind.
  10. Vahunter23322
    Vahunter23322 loveofthehunt1
    I have recently been referred to a neuro-muscular specialist at Duke University but cannot be seen until August.
  11. Vahunter23322
    Vahunter23322 loveofthehunt1
    Hi, my name is Jeff. I know this is may sound weird, but I read your post regarding your degenerative spinal condition and it sounds very familiar to my condition. I have been fighting this condition for years and have seen numerous specialist to no avail. I was wondering if you would mind sharing your diagnosis with me and how it was actually diagnosed?
  12. mudhole crossing
    mudhole crossing dmullins
    Been looking at some of your work. What's ur price for shoulder mount deer. If I ever get lucky enough to get a big one, I may holler at u.
    1. dmullins
      Sent you a pm.
      May 11, 2017
  13. muddhunter
    muddhunter wolverine1
    Hey Corey. Can you give me a holler. Might have some info to pass your way.
  14. f150howard
  15. Risner
    Risner James50
    Went last year only heard one bird and seen alot of people in the three days i was days i was there out of staters definitely get looked at differently lol
    1. James50
      Damn, I was hoping for better news than that lol.
      Apr 10, 2017
    2. James50
      I was just hoping to find a place that's not so crowded. I'm sure I'm gonna have hunters anywhere we go being opening weekend.
      Apr 10, 2017