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  1. Bill Dowd
    Bill Dowd allseasonhunter
    Today Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017 I shot a nice 6x6 bull elk and we have lost the blood trail. We are going back out in the morning to continue looking. It was shot near the Bell County/Harlan County line in Kentucky. If you are interested in helping to track him, please call me on my cell (606) 524-6101
  2. elmer
    elmer KYhunter87
    If no one has been chosen, I would like my son to be considered. I have been hunting for about 15 years. My son is 8 and hunted last year, which he shot a 4 point buck. We were unable to retrieve the deer due to it going onto another property and the owner would not allow us to get it. Thank you
    1. KYhunter87
      Sorry, I have already had two other inquiries.
      Sep 19, 2017 at 8:54 AM
  3. Jman
    Jman silentarcher
    got some more arrow cresting questions for you if you have time.........
  4. Jman
    Jman silentarcher
    Hey Silent Archer! Are you still in the game, dude? : )
  5. old bow hurter
  6. I love whitetail
    I love whitetail ggodwin
    Hey, been a member for awhile but never post anything. Saw that you were from Boone county also. I live in union just thought id say hi
  7. crossfire
    crossfire buchanangt
    Almost forgot..............I'm now in Taylorsville, KY.
  8. crossfire
    crossfire buchanangt
    I've got an Ameristep dome blind used once before my wife decided she wanted a bigger, more spacious cabin blind. Go figure. $50.
  9. keith meador
    keith meador SmokeShow
    I can load you up with does. Message me you name and contact information.
  10. kyhunter35
    kyhunter35 spanky116
    I'm needing a rifle for this years season and an only afford $300.00. would you take this? Not trying to low ball you, that's just all I can afford.
  11. BKM1991
    BKM1991 Smokin9mm
    Hey buddy. My number is 8595953509 hit me up and I know some good public land spots we can hit up. Text me
  12. KYhunter
    KYhunter Smokin9mm
    Email me at and I can give you some of my old spots on Kleber. KYhunter
  13. Drewbays
    Pissed off some people never think they just do
  14. jarr77
    jarr77 admin1
    how do I delete my post,Thanks
  15. Cape Hillian
    Cape Hillian
    200 yards!!!!!!