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  1. Ktstroud3
  2. TMG
    you still have the mathews passion? If so text me at 502-525-9795. Thanks
  3. mudhole crossing
    mudhole crossing hotdog
    Man we gonna have to meet up sometime and hunt. U got a good deer this yr. congrats. I'm in knott co
  4. Duckbutter7
    Long time listener, first time caller
  5. muddhunter
    muddhunter 1wildcatfan
    Can you send me a pic of those legacy bows? I may be interested.
  6. Kyhunter1982
    Good luck to all hunters and be safe and please make sure you wear a safety harness In a tree
  7. Kyhunter1982
    Good luck to all hunters and be safe
  8. brush hopper
    brush hopper
    Happy that Fall is finally here!
  9. itstherush
    itstherush F250Stroke
    Is this Kevin Fulkerson?
  10. jason head
    jason head nontypical2002
    Would you mind sending me a pic of the deer you said you killed with the rage. That’s what I shoot and am after a 160 ish and all the rage hate is making me nervous. It’s would be my best if I can pull it off. Thx in advance either way.
  11. Smoke pole muzzy
    Smoke pole muzzy
    Wish it would warm up!
  12. mountain hunter
    mountain hunter
    I'm either hunting or fishing or wishing I was hunting or fishing.
  13. Tyler Bacic
    Tyler Bacic
    Can't eat them antlers, if it's brown, it's down.
  14. Frick
  15. riverview
    riverview quailgunner
    I hunt Peabody quite a bit. I'm in Hawesville, Hancock County. 2 male shorthairs, 3 years old and a 4 month old pup. Be happy to meet up sometime. Not many of us bird hunters left.
    1. quailgunner
      Sounds good. Are you Jeff? If so I met you at Dons a week or two ago. I've got your number and I'll definitely hook up with you once Peobody opens.
      Oct 30, 2017
    2. riverview
      Yes, give me a call.
      Nov 1, 2017