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  1. EC
    EC Brsutton86
  2. clovis67
    clovis67 danny99
    good looking bird...what form did you use..really looks realistic.
  3. beauhunter41031
    Beau Drayton Caudill
  4. beauhunter41031
  5. redjackson
    redjackson buckson
    3800 woods store etoile road glasgow ky 42141. My name is Andy Jackson...i greatly appreciate the help and guidance Buck!
    1. buckson
      Give me some time I’ll send it to ya. I don’t go town much so it be little while. But it will come.
      Dec 27, 2017
  6. Manhattan
    Manhattan Duster
    Hey Duster....I saw awhile back where you were interested in panning for gold in out West. I ran into a book in the mid 80's called "Gold Mining The 1980's" Written by { Dave McCrakken} .
  7. preachnhunt
    preachnhunt hossamassey
    Thanks for answering my post. A buddy of mine owns a strip mine company that covers a lot of floyd county. He gave me permission on 800 acres that i dont think anyone else hunts,so i need to find out more about it.
  8. mike goodlett
    mike goodlett BuckReaper
    Congrat's But a gun that belonged to a loved one is so special. I have my fathers guns and some of my grandfathers and even one that was my great grandfathers. To me there priceless so when I do use one it means so much. It's like they were hunting with me. I still get emotional when I handle them. I know its crazy but it's how I feel. So I know this deer means so much more to you taking it with your dad's rifle
  9. shadow
    shadow JG26_Irish
    JG, I live in morehead also and Fly fish a lot. I would be interested in helping you find more places local to fish. Red River Gorge is a beautiful place to fish. All stockers but a few hold overs every now and then. If looking at Tellico, go about another 30 minutes to the Hiawassee.
  10. KawRider
    Seller of Land in Ky
  11. Jdgrouse
    Jdgrouse ribsplitter
    I live in rush as well sir
  12. Ktstroud3
  13. TMG
    you still have the mathews passion? If so text me at 502-525-9795. Thanks
  14. mudhole crossing
    mudhole crossing hotdog
    Man we gonna have to meet up sometime and hunt. U got a good deer this yr. congrats. I'm in knott co
  15. Duckbutter7
    Long time listener, first time caller