A Bear Climbed your Treestand, How would you React?

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by EC, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. EC

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    Jul 13, 2003
    Louisville, KY.
    More tales of the strange from California. Video at the link.

    A Bear Climbed your Treestand, How would you React?

    That?s Right, What if a bear climbed into your tree stand?

    If you?re this brave hunter, you allow it to get just a few feet from you before reacting.

    And, of course, you capture the whole incident on video because no one will believe you if you don?t.

    I?ve never had a bear climb into my tree stand. Heck, I?ve never even seen a bear while in a tree stand.

    I?d like to think I?d be as cool and calm as the hunter in this video, but I somehow doubt that would be possible. Adrenaline alone would probably send me over the edge. How about you?

    by Tony Hansen

  2. Brsutton86

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    Sep 19, 2009
    Harrodsburg, KY
    I would have messed my pants for sure.
  3. ptbrauch

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    Nov 10, 2004
    I don't know how close I'd let one actually get, but I think I'd be pretty calm about the whole thing. I figure that first of all, I'd have a weapon with me, and I'd have the advantage of being in the better position.
  4. jblack1

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    Dec 13, 2005
    Science Hill
    It seemed as if the bear tracked him to the stand,
    I read somewhere that a bears sense of smell is 1,000 time greater than a bloodhounds sense of smell.
  5. Feedman

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    May 28, 2003
    In the basement
    shoot him then change my pants
  6. WaterDog88

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    Jul 28, 2008
    As soon as he touched that ladder I would have tossed something at him. Black bears are curious animals.
  7. T-wil69

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    Jan 16, 2015
    Awesome vid the bear seemed a little embarrassed haha
  8. kybowhunter58

    kybowhunter58 Fawn

    Sep 15, 2010
    Sonora, KY
    I had a small 5 footer climb in the stand with me in Alaska. Put the muzzle of my gun basically on his nose and did the only thing I could think of and said BOO!! Scared him half to death.
  9. crossfire

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    Jun 13, 2006
    Mayfield, Ky
    Not many regrets in life, but one of them is not learning technology. I had my bear hunt with Dad on video, including my archery kill. That said, before I killed out, I was filming a bigger bear with a hand held device as he approached my tree. Cautious not to turn quickly, I lost him and couldn't figure out where he disappeared to......................until I noticed my bow rope swinging. I looked straight down through the grids on the metal lock-on stand and he was sitting in the fork of my tree, 6 feet from the bottom of my boots, swiping my hoist rope. Already made my mind up I wasn't going to shoot him because of a big bald spot on his right hip, so I just enjoyed the show. 2 hours later, I killed a different bear. Next day, I filmed my Dad as he smoked one with a muzzleloader (pardon the pun). My regret is that turkey season two years later as I was filming my hunt, I tried to "format" the picture window for a broad view. Nobody told me that format means delete!! 6 years ago and it still makes me sick to think of the footage that is lost forever; thank God for the experience and memories though!
  10. EdLongshanks

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    Nov 16, 2013
    Northern Kentucky
    The guy in the video must walk with a limp!

    If this happened to me, I think I would have a new bear skin rug...or the bear would have a new EdLongshanks rug.
  11. Muzzleflash

    Muzzleflash Fawn

    Sep 5, 2013
    louisville, ky
    I'd probably shot it in the face as I shat myself
  12. shadowride69

    shadowride69 Spike

    Oct 1, 2014
    That's great hey what are you doing there the bear was like what the HELL I'm out

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  13. 1wildcatfan

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    Jan 2, 2009
    raised n Bullitt Co.
    while bear hunting in Alberta, I had one under my stand (10' stand) that was pulling on the rope I pulled my gun up with. he'd pull with his mouth and i'd pull back. we did this several times. I dropped m&m's on his head and spit on him. I finally unclipped the rope and dropped the clip on his head. he stood up and put his front paws on the tree and looked up at me. I had the 35 whelen pointed at his head in case he decided to visit me. he eventually wandered off to enjoy some green beaver that the site was baited with. their pads are so soft you cannot hear them unless a twig snaps or leaves rustle. it was fun to watch a group of bears interact at the bait site. they had never seen and evidently never smelled a human before.
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  14. JDMiller

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    Jun 12, 2005
    " Between the Rivers "
    Several years ago... went on a fishing trip about 3 hours northeast of Kenora, Ontario. Camp we stayed at ran black bear hunts in the fall and literally bears were everywhere at the time we were there in early June.

    We would come off the water from fishing all day at dark .... which it was the same time bears would filter in and roam from cabin to cabin. Which we had a centrally located bathhouse to shower.

    You would grab a towel , clothes & flashlight and walk a couple hundred yards in the dark. Nothing out the ordinary to see a few bears going & coming.

    The first night there was a learning experience, bears danged near made me hurt myself not expecting to have one just short distances away . But by the end of the week ... you got use to them. They might huff and maybe bluff you a little but never had one act very aggressive. Most time they go about their business and you do the same there wasn't a problem.

    So can't say how I would act with one climbing in the stand with me ... but think I wouldn't totally freak out.

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  15. Carpdaddy

    Carpdaddy 10 pointer

    May 12, 2016
    Corbin, Ky
    Yep, something like that, at least the pants part!

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