Any update on expanding crossbow season.

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    This past season was my first hunting with an Xbow. Got into it because we got on a lease in Ohio and most the guys in our group hunt with them so I just borrowed one. Ended up killing a buck in KY with it in early December. I love it. As mentioned the biggest advantage in my opinion is that you don't have to stand and draw.

    I'm one of those live and let live guys. Hunt with the weapon you want, we're a one buck state. For me, I want to be holding the most effective weapon allowable by law when I'm in the tree. I really enjoyed Xbow hunting this year and I hope they expand the season. Could somebody copy and paste the commissioners? I would like to speak with mine about this topic.
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    The KDFWR Commission is supposed to be discussing this at their meeting on March 23. The Kentucky Crossbow Federation has info on their website on how to voice your opinion

    For those living in the KDFWR 3rd District (Breckinridge, Bullitt, Jefferson, Meade, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer), there will be a public meeting hosted by 3rd District Commission Member Rusty Gailor on Monday, March 12, 2018 at Cabela’s at 7pm.
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    That be me... open it all the way thru. Xbow’s aren’t cheap and requires considerable set up and practice. I don’t think there would be a large swell of hunters flocking to use them.
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    I would rather use my compound. I had a back injury that made me use a xbow with a permit to use all season. Biggest disadvantage I have is it is so hard to pack in and is clumsy to move around to get a shot. Now it has to be said this is a $300 Barnett and has wide limbs. It also makes it hard to get doubles like I could with my compound bow. I use to get momma then the yearling. Only did this once the past 5 years. They have disadvantages. Just a different method of putting meat in freezer.

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