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Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by Big_Steve, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Big_Steve

    Big_Steve Spike

    Aug 21, 2007
    Richmond, Ky
    My wife bought me a blind and I have yet to hunt with it. The only hunting I have done from a blind was coyote, and that was on someone else's set up. I am hoping to use it for deer, turkey, and possibly bear.

    If I hunt on public land, can I just go our pre-dawn and set up my blind and wait? Do animals have to get used to it?

    Can I just plop it on a ridge and hunt, or do you have to camo them in? Do I have to worry about scent and wind as much?

    Any help about getting started with a blind would be great. At this point, all I know how to do is put it up.
  2. Iceman35

    Iceman35 12 pointer

    Oct 27, 2008
    Boone County
    I’d say they need to get used to it a bit. Soonest I’ve done it is 2 weeks, but I’m sure a few days would work. Once they’re used to it, brushing it it n helps, but doesn’t really matter IMo.
  3. 1wildcatfan

    1wildcatfan 12 pointer

    Jan 2, 2009
    raised n Bullitt Co.
    always worry about wind if you have placement options. pop up blinds are not a bubble or vacuum, they will not hold your scent. i can only assume that the longer you can leave it out in an area, the better. if you have read other threads, if you don't spend $300 on an ozonics gizzmo, you have a snowballs chance of killing a deer.
  4. ojibwa62

    ojibwa62 12 pointer

    Jul 1, 2018
    Round top or square top blind? I have found they get used to a round top blind quicker , don't ask me why.. I actually think there have been some studies done on this.. I am talking if you don't brush them in a round is better.. If you brush them in well they will get used to either one fairly quick.. I have set one up in the morning and bow killed deer that afternoon.. it's all about location.. I have one on a plot behind the house a round top dog house on a the edge of the plot.. I had deer within 5 yards of it the day I set it up with minimal brushing in.
  5. Big_Steve

    Big_Steve Spike

    Aug 21, 2007
    Richmond, Ky
    Its a round top I guess. Its this one HERE Ameristep Element
  6. bird whisperer

    bird whisperer 10 pointer

    Aug 16, 2012
    Hog Town USA
    I have found if I setup a blind in the woods where they will be closer than 100 yard when the first see it they need a few days to get used to it. If Im setting up in an open field looking into the timber and they are close to 100 yards away when they first see it it makes no difference.
  7. ojibwa62

    ojibwa62 12 pointer

    Jul 1, 2018
    If you are putting on the edge of a field try and tuck it under some low hanging branches or a couple cedar trees.. if in open woods try and find a downed tree top to stick it in or a clump of young pines or cedars.. it is less important (slightly) to hide it if you will be gun hunting.. We hunted in VA for a week last year and mostly hunted big open hardwood ridges. I set the blind up the first day up under a big pine with low hanging branches, the wife saw deer out of it every day , saw one big shooter at 75 yards she just couldn't get on him.
  8. luvtohunt

    luvtohunt 10 pointer

    Sep 1, 2011
    Eubank, Ky
    For Turkey hunting it doesn't matter. I have busted turkeys up in the fall, plopped out a blind, and called them right back to where I busted them up. For deer or bear I typically like to put them in a week or two ahead. I have brushed in and not brushed in and done equally as well. I put my parents in ground blinds every year along field edges as they have some difficulty getting around and they have been successful each year. Now that isn't killing giants each year as they aren't picky so that may be something to take into consideration. I love a blind for turkey hunting but I'm not so crazy about them deer hunting. Just my preference I guess.
  9. Rowdyotter

    Rowdyotter Fawn

    Oct 7, 2014
    A good old dominant doe or buck will be pretty leery and may require a week or so to adjust. Younger deer, though, I don't think care at all. I take the same approach with regard to scent as with any other set-up. Do you best to be down-wind of the trail or corn pile or whatever the case may be. I've also found that I have to be strategic about having the windows behind me closed and the windows in front of me open just enough to get a shot off. Seems like I get busted in a blind pretty easily (bowhunting), even blinds that have been up and brushed in for months.
  10. countryboy3006

    countryboy3006 6 pointer

    Jan 28, 2015
    Northern KY
    I set mine out a couple weeks ahead of time for deer and don't totally brush it in but I do try to tuck it into a grown up edge or under a tree limb. Turkeys are the complete opposite. I put my blind up when I hunt and will set it up in the middle of a field with no brush and they don't pay any attention to it. You still have to be just as careful about scent with deer. The most important thing to keep from getting busted is to only open the windows you need to for a shot and leave the one behind you totally closed. I have also found that it is better to wear black clothing instead of camo inside a blind.
  11. Drahts

    Drahts 10 pointer

    Apr 7, 2015
    For Deer I like to brush it in as much as possible. If you brush it so the only openings are the two or three windows to the front where your expecting them to come to/from is best. That also makes it way less possible of them seeing you move inside. Takes way less time for them to get used to it. I'm setting mine this week, they'll stay there til turkey is over, then I'll pull em. If you have access to cedars, they are great to brush in with.
  12. timer

    timer 8 pointer

    Feb 20, 2013
    La Grange
    I've always worried that I'll catch a stray bullet in a blind. I'm more careful to set mine up in a place where someone who doesn't see the blind won't accidentally send a round my way.

    Does anyone have a good method for making the blind visible to other hunters in the area without compromising the concealment offered by a blind?
  13. reivertom

    reivertom 12 pointer

    Dec 17, 2007
    Greenup Co.
    I can't seem to find the right seat for my blinds. It seems like my seats are always too high to see out correctly, and if I get them low enough my legs are all cramped up. I also worry about being seen, so I drape my orange vest over the top, which kind of makes the camo of the blind useless. If I had a place where there were no other hunters and I could set it up a bit more permanent, at least through the season, I would be more apt to use one.
  14. Big_Steve

    Big_Steve Spike

    Aug 21, 2007
    Richmond, Ky
    A buddy of mine said that he uses high-vis flagging tape, and marks the trees above and beside the blind. I was going to use this approach unless someone has a better idea. I bought these two from Amazon and plan to alternate them. - Bright Green - Blaze Orange

    Getting shot it is the reason I don't use decoys. I have seen some stupid people in the woods. Watched one boy shoot twice through the brush at the sound of movement. Never went hunting with him again.

  15. luvtohunt

    luvtohunt 10 pointer

    Sep 1, 2011
    Eubank, Ky
    Lots of blinds are made now with a small flap up near the top of the blind that flips back to reveal a blaze orange patch that can be seen by other hunters and lowered when hunting so that you don't have the color exposed. I have a couple blinds like this. Also helps with location in the dark.
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