Bored tonight... Anyone have a crazy hunting/Fishing buddy ?

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by Duster, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Duster

    Duster 12 pointer

    I had one I truly believe if I called him up and said George lets go to BFE and hunt camels his reply would be when to we leave and how long to I need to tell the wife we will be gone. Last I heard he had moved to Arizona tho.
    One of the story's went like this. I had set up a Canadian bear hunt he wanted to go on but didn't have the needed deposit at the time. I told him no problem I will just send in both of ours and you can pay me whenever. I got a call a few weeks later that they were catching big bluegill out of a marsh on a F&W area he lived nearby. So off I go to meet up with him and catch myself a bucket full of cold thru the ice bluegill. There was several others that had got the word on that hotspot. As we are sitting there he says in loud enough voice the other guys around us could clearly hear. I bet you $600 I catch a fish before you do and I said OK knowing he was just messing with those other guys. Just a couple seconds later I pulled up a large bluegill thru the hole. Old George walks over and peals off 6 100 bills and hand them to me making sure those other guys seen it. Those guys went nuts, one to the other they were saying did you just see that guy lose $600 on a bet on the next fish. Him or me never told the other guys it was a joke and about the hunt deposit deal.
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    Oct 27, 2017
    Estill County
    First little buck I ever killed I called in and it's left side was facing me. As I SLOWLY squeezed the trigger it turned it's head back to lick it's back haunch like they'll do and the bullet entered the right side of its head. Dropped. One antler flew about 15 feet lol I was so excited I ran out to get my dad, cousin, and another hunting buddy (all old hunting vets).

    So when we get back with the truck my 6 point that was dead as a door nail is GONE. Of course they start questions me where I hit it, what he did, etc. I'm saying it was DEAD! Green stuff coming out of its head!

    So we're running trails, looking for blood, anything. Then we hear a buck grunt. Everyone already on edge grabs for their rifles then we hear "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" Little did we know, my dad's hunting buddy had came in late, heard the shot, and came down the ridge to see what happened. He'd found the deer, drug it in a ditch and covered with leaves, then cleaned up his tracks. He found a hiding spot and sat back for a good laugh. I bet he let us look for that deer 30-40 minutes before he started grunting lol Good times.
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  3. Duster

    Duster 12 pointer

    Another George story. On another bear hunt up in Manitoba 4 of us went. I took my wife just because she said she had never been out of the country and George took his 16 year old son. Neither the wife or son were hunting. We stayed in a motel in Brandon on our way up that had a outside door and a inside door to a hallway leading to the heated indoor pool and hot tub. Laid back watching TV and hear a knock on our inside door. Open it to find Joe the son standing there and he says, you GOT to come to the pool. So I followed him there. Found George in the pool with about 20 people swimming. Only strange thing was George had no bathing suit and was wearing only his tighty whitey's and a bandana on is head. He would go pool to hot tub and back several times while I was sitting there laughing. Not a person said a thing to him or motel management.
    Same trip the wife was collecting those beanie baby's and there was one only available in Canada name Maple. Her and myself went to a mall gift shop searching. Found some but the clerk would only sell us one each. So we got those two and went back to the motel. Wife told George about only getting to buy two when she had two friends at work that wanted Maple also. So off to the mall goes George and Joe. When they get to the mall just inside the main entrance was a music store with a piano sitting outside. George looks it over and sets down and music starts playing. After a few minutes Joe says dad had got a crowd watching him play. Song done George stands up and people applaud and he walks away. Joe says dad got about 10 ft from that piano and it started playing again. Seems is was a player piano and all George had done was turn it on but forgot to turn it off. Joe said he felt about 3 inches tall when his dad turn around and took a bow. Oh and they came back with two more Maples for the wife.
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  4. Duster

    Duster 12 pointer

    Another George story... On one trip to Canada he took his 16 year old son with us. While passing thru Riding Mountain national park we spotted a monster bull moose about 60 or so yards off the road eating willow bushes. George stops his truck and hands Joe his son a video camera and tells him to put a sneak on that moose and get some video. Wife who I also took along on that trip and myself had pulled up behind George truck about the time Joe started his sneak. Joe went bush to bush and got to within about 25 yards of that monster moose while shooting video. George hollers at Joe to come on back to the truck. About the time Joe turned and had taken a few steps George yell's out RUN. 16 year old Joe hit 5th gear in just a few strides. When he got close to the road I ask him what he was running from, he just pointed over his shoulder backwards. We were laughing hard and told Joe to turn around, That monster moose was still in the same place eating away at those same willow bushes he was eating when first spotted.
  5. 00noturkey

    00noturkey 8 pointer

    Oct 31, 2011
    high grove, ky
    thats funny, the stories. i think i like George..
  6. DH13

    DH13 12 pointer

    Jan 13, 2012
    Shelby county
    Back when I started Deer hunting 12 years old. Dad had a good friend Tyler. It was back during the 3 day split seasons. Wasn't many Deer and not many places to hunt. But Tyler had a big farm with a few Deer on it. He converted an old school bus into camper. Sleep 8 in bunk bed style. Tyler would invite Dad and me to go stay and hunt his place. Tyler had a son older than me and hunted. He had a daughter A LOT older than me and her brother. His brother and nephew hunted. Tyler his son Tylers brother and his son all had stands built in areas of the farm. Me and dad pick a spot sit on the ground.
    The next spring Tylers daughter got married. He wanted to Deer hunt. So Tyler built him a stand. NOW TYLER WAS A JOCKSTER LOVED IT. So when season came Freddy showed up to stay and hunt. Before Freddy got there Tyler told us the joke. So we knew. Next morning all got up got ready. Tyler told Freddy let these guys go on they got further to go than we do. He gave us 10 minutes. We gathered behind Freddies stand. Tyler took a manican Dressed it in hunting clothes orange vest and hat put it up in stand. Then took a long rope lead it out behind stand. Here come Tyler and Freddy just light enough to see. They stop. Tyler yells HEY GET OUT OF THAT STAND. Then GET OUT OR I WILL SHOOT YOU. Pulls up 30 06 shoots it. Son pulls rope it falls from stand. Freddy runs gets in car and leaves. Never did go again. WE ROLLED LAUGHING.
  7. DH13

    DH13 12 pointer

    Jan 13, 2012
    Shelby county
    Another time. Tylers son was going to come in late from a date. He had a top bunk. Tyler rigged up a Coons tail and fishing line. When son showed up. Tyler said be careful we had to run a mad Coon out here. It could come back. Son got in bunk. Tyler gave him about 10 minutes then pulled the string. Coon tail fell on sons head. In the dark all you heard was AH HELL ITS BACK. I got it oh shit I pulled its tail off. Now it will be really mad. Then son starts slinging stuff trying to get away. I think we all laughed till we puked.
  8. Duster

    Duster 12 pointer

    We had one guy that was scared to death hunting bears. Why he even went is beyond me. He would be out on the side of the road a hour before dark everyday. With 2 days left of a 6 day hunt George goes to town (and that was 60 miles one way) and buys a big teddy bear. Took it out to Don's stand in the dark with a little help from one Indian guide and set it up to where you had to be almost on top of the stand to see it. Next afternoon when they took Don to the stand they dropped him off and pretended to drive away. Stop just around a curve in the road and went back to where they could see Don walking in with his gun swinging side to side at every sound. Said when he reach that stand and went up the ladder as soon as he seen Teddy all hell broke loose and Don ran all the way back out to the road. Refused to go back in the bush after that even tho everyone told him he was set up and it was a stuffed teddy bear. He pretended to be pissed off at everyone but the true fact he was done with bear hunting after the first 4 days and sitting there scared out of his wit's one would climb the tree and kill him. He later used the excuse he seen 6 wolves that were stalking him. I set until the last afternoon before I pull the trigger on a bear praying a wolf would show itself. Up there if you had a valid bear tag you could shoot a wolf for no extra charge. Thought a wolf skin rug with head and all would be a neat thing to have.
  9. Early in my hunting career, I deer hunted with my Dad's hunting buddies. The year I was 17, about 6 of us all slept in a big tent together in our deer camp in Lawrence County. One of our buddies was a fellow named French. He was a practical joker. I spotted him as he slipped the plastic off of a pack of smokes that belonged to Bo (another hunter in our party) as he napped. We all turned in and about 15 min after lights out, I could here Bo attempting to tap a cigarette out of the open pack. Since the cellophane now covered the opening, Bo was unable to get it out. He tried and tried for several minutes getting more frustrated all the time as all of the rest of us we trying hard not to laugh out loud. Then in a fit of rage Bo ripped the pack of cigarettes in half and came up with half a cigarette in his mouth which he lit and took a long drag upon. At this point French busted out laughing and Bo cursed him loudly as he chased him out of the tent.
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  10. Another hunter I knew as a young man was a neighbor named Bev. He was a Korean War Vet who was one of the most accomplished marksmen and hunters I knew. He was one of the first I ever encountered who hunted squirrel with a 22lr rifle instead of a shotgun. We always claimed that he was part indian because he could move silently thru the woods. I can recall several times I when was sitting watching a hickory and would hear a twig snap behind me and turn to see Bev about 10 ft behind me holding the broken twig. That was a little spooky. When he would deer hunt, he only took two bullets with him. One in the gun and one in his shirt pocket. He never needed more than one to harvest a deer. One time French asked him why if he only needed one bullet, did he always take two with him? His reply was, "I take two bullets in case I get overrun by injuns". The kind of answer only a Marine Marksman would have. "Semper Fi"
  11. 44mag

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    Sep 21, 2005
    Some of these stories are hilarious had me and dad rolling on a couple!!!
  12. labwild

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    Jan 29, 2006
    Mercer Co., Ky.
    The Adventures of Jill and Tiny. Tiny is from Texas and is a member of the same Duck Club as I am. Its in Arkansas. Jill is Tiny's Chessie and is more like his child. Jill is a talented retriever.

    Chapter One: Tiny is a trucker and Jill often accompanies him on the road. Jill loves ice cream and knows what they sell at Dairy Queen. Anytime they pass a DQ Jill gets excited and usually convinces Tiny to go thru the drive thru and get her a cup of Ice Cream. She even has her own DQ card and knows when she gets a free serving!

    Chapter Two: Coming soon.....
  13. Dark Cloud

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    Aug 14, 2009
    Lawrence Co.
    Did that old feller retire from gas co.,if he did ,we lived on the same holler in Floyd co.I just talked to him a couple days ago,about some squirrel dogs ,he lives down here now

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