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    The older boy has already taken his first (and second) deer while ' little lefty' is still practicing his form and marksmanship. The archaic 38 short Colt cartridge is utilized for practice sessions by both boys. Handloaded to low velocity with 105 gr. cast lead bullets, cost per shot is comparable with quality .22 rimfire ammunition.
    posted 38 short.JPG
    The donor rifle came from the local gun store as a 1917 Spanish Mauser action, rusted barrel and cracked stock. A new unchambered 357 mag barrel was fitted to the old Mauser action and the 357 mag. chamber was then cut a little deep. The used sporter aftermarket small ring stock was cut off very short and the whole assembly camo painted. The Mauser action was drilled and tapped for the used fixed power short scope.

    The 38 short Colt cartridges are mild enough in this rifle that no hearing protection is needed by the shooter but it is a good habit to develop for the times that more potent 357 mag cartridges are used for hunting.
    sC vs 357.JPG

    For comparison, the 38 short Colt components are photographed next to the 357 mag hunting round. Very little powder is utilized in our 38 short Colt 'practice' round, an empty 22 LR case is used as a powder measure . Cast bullets cost about less than a nickel when I bought them. Inexpensive, but I have noticed the boys can shoot them in their little single shot rifle a lot faster than I can handload them.
    brass 38 sc.JPG

    I use this rifle myself for patrol of the vegetable garden due to its accuracy and low report. Initially, brass is pretty expensive but can easily last a lifetime at the low loading pressures the boys use.
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