Chestnut trees

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    You may need to fertilize the trees to give them a boost.
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    The Dunstan Chestnut is not the grafted (mix of Chinese and American) trees that are blight resistant. The Dunstan trees come from a specific area and are apparently a "strain" that has proven to be blight resistant for the past 30 years.
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    From what I've read, the Dunstan is largely a Chinese hybrid. They crossed a Chinese x American and then crossed back to a Chinese. My math is probably wrong, but that would make the Dunstan about 75% Chinese and 25% American. I'm guessing that the only reason they crossed with an American at all was to improve the flavor of the nuts. The advertising for the Dunstan hybrid is very misleading. It is touted as the "original" tree, but nothing could be further from the truth.
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    I have 4 that are 3 years old now, hoping to see some production in the next 5 years. First nuts produced I will plant right back into the ground.

    There is also a lot of misinformation on these trees. Rather than type it all myself I will just cut and paste a nice (and accurate) summary

    In the early 1950s, James Carpentar of Salem, Ohio, discovered a large American chestnut, living without blight although in a grove of infected trees. Over the next several years, he inoculated the tree with active blight spores and mycelia, but failed to induce any infection in the tree.
    Carpentar sent budwood to NC plant breeder Dr. Robert T. Dunstan, who grafted the scions onto chestnut rootstock and the trees grew well. He cross‐pollinated the American grafts with a mixture of 3 superior USDA‐released Chinese chestnut selections.
    In 1962, seedling trees from the first cross began to bear. Selecting the individuals with the most hybrid characteristics, Dr. Dunstan crossed them back to the American and Chinese parent trees. The resulting second generation was moved to Chestnut Hill Tree Farm in north central Florida, where the trees have been growing and bearing every year for almost 50 years!
    In 1984, a second grove of 500 trees (both grafts and seedling Dunstans) was planted. Many are now over 50' tall and 12‐16" in diameter. These
    blight‐resistant Dunstan Hybrid Chestnuts show a combination of American and Chinese traits and are the first chestnuts ever to receive U.S. Plant Patents.
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    Chestnut Hill Tree Farm in north central Florida - That's where I got my trees from. They probably grew between 1-2' last year.
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    So, the Dunstans are hybrids as well. Sounds like there are two hybrid programs going.

    I've located a couple of native american chestnuts that are bearing each year. One is about 9 inches in diameter, the other about 6. There may be a parent tree on the same hill but I haven't found it. These trees appear to be healthy but I may not recognize the signs of blight. Lots of large native chestnuts are reported but all are suffering from blight in some way.

    There are a lot of other chestnut stumps that send up saplings but by the time they reach 2-3 inch diameter the blight cuts them down, and it starts all over again.
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    Where is this at? Alexandria? Ky?
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    Yes. I got 2 couple weeks ago. Only had couple left.

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    We planted nine chestnut trees today that we bought at the Walmart in Danville. If they do well, we'll buy more next year.
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    Where at in Alexandria? How big were they. Did you notice they said they need to have a couple in the area to cross pollinate.
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    It's off US 27 and close to AA Hwy. Yes you need atleast two close together.
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    I bought 100 Chinese Chestnut saplings from the Kentucky Division of Forestry. Paid $38 bucks plus shipping for 100 healthy saplings. Went out and took a look at them yesterday. I put tree tubes around 50 of them and flagged the rest. Of the 100 trees only 4 dead so far. Hoping to keep up this kind of mortality rate!
    I thought about buying some dunstans but couldn't pass up buying 100 trees for the price of 2 dunstans.
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    Anyone ever tried growing them from seeds? I've seen some posts about it after doing a google search but was wondering if anyone here had ever thought about it

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