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    You won't find a 100% american chestnut for sale. They will the chinese variety or if lucky the new hybrid variety. A gentleman I now was actively involved in its development. He has one of the few true american chestnut trees on his land. They did cross breeding for years to develop a tree.
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    Clay, Can you explain what you mean by the new hybrid variety? The only hybrid trees that have a high % of American are the 15/16 American/chinese trees developed by The American chestnut Foundation after more than 30 years of work. See
    You mention crosss breeding to develop a tree. What did they cross the tree with, and was it to get a blight resistant tree? It would have be with an Asian tree to get any resistance and that wouild make it a hybrid, not an American tree.

    There are 100% American trees for sale, but most of the nuts for those seedlings come from trees now outside of the native range of the American chestnut. But, being 100% American they have no blight resistance. I sent 6,000 pure American chestnut nuts to the NY state nursery in Saratoga last year that they distributed to counties here in NY, for sale.

    The NY chapter of TACF, working with SUNY-ESF for over 27 years has developed a blight resistant American chestnut with all of the American chestnut genes and one gene from wheat added, which makes it 99.997% pure American, and totally blight resistant.

    We hope to have approval to distribute this tree to the NY members of TACF shortly, possibly within a year.
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    How does one go about getting one or a few of these Mother trees? I resently planted several Dunston trees and would love to have some that have a better chance of making it to mature nut producing trees.

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