Commission to vote on Resident License fees

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by bird whisperer, May 25, 2017.

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    Dec 25, 2008
    They raised NR in 2014 I believe. The last raise for residents was 2007. All be it, a 2 deer tag is $30 dollars. In 1987 they was $11.50 each for a total $23 for 2 deer. So we really haven't seen much change in prices compared to inflation of everything else in the world. I'd just like to see something worth while come of the extra money if they are going to do it. I don't want talking heads that set behind desk seeing raises. I want the CO's to see raises, I want more CO's, and even see the biologist to receive raises. Main thing is for it not to turn into what the state and federal government has become. A bottomless pit of waste.
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    Dec 26, 2004
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    The senior rate was too low to start with. The hunting population is aging and the department is losing money because not enough young bucks make up the difference. I think 15 dollars would be a better number though. I don't see the department wasting a lot of money. I think non hunters on WMAs should have to buy a permit to be on it. Bird watchers or hikers or horse people. They need to pay part of the load if they use these lands.
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    They are supposed to do just that on Peabody $15 per year permit. I am sure some do but some don't.
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    Jul 14, 2014
    I agree, $15 is a fair price for Senior Licenses. Also "Users" of public properties should also pay something for using public lands for their enjoyment.
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    Oct 9, 2013
    Central Kentucky
    This will be voted on by the KY Fish & Wildlife Commission at their upcoming Friday June 2nd meeting at 830am in Frankfort at the KY Department of Fish & Wildlife at #1 Sportsmen Lane. You at least need to let your District Commissioners know what you think in the next week before Friday June 2nd.. If approved by the Commission, then the price increases will require a final approval by the legislative regulations committee.
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    Oct 9, 2013
    Central Kentucky
    The attached is what LKS will read at the meeting on Friday June 2nd

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    Oct 27, 2008
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    I agree with this. Even at $18, I'm just not convinced that amount is seriously detrimental to a large part of the senior population. Not trying to sound cruel or cold, as I realize people are on a fixed income, but if the additional $13 shatters your hunting budget, then you have larger issues than a license fee increase.

    I also agree with the WMA fee's. They could easily make it where you buy the permit online, and print out a permit to be displayed on your vehicle in the parking area. For those who bought a hunting license, just an additional page to be printed out along with your license.

    As for non-resident fees. I think they should be comparable to other trophy whitetail states, though I'm on the fence about a lottery system. Even if both were instituted tomorrow, I don't think it would make a dollars difference in the outfitters profits.
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    Feb 25, 2003
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    Yea right, nothing against them. whatever you %$(&@% .. We simply flood the state dont we! Im a born and bred Kentuckian, married out of state 3 years ago. You want to lottery me out of my home state i was weaned on and hunted for 55 years! I already pay over $300 a year to hunt my lifelong stomping grounds!
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  9. bdl605

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    Nov 18, 2006
    I hope everyone opposed to this hijacking contacts their commissioners, I know I have emailed 6th district commissioner Bevins twice on this matter and he will not acknowledge or return an email! Where does the lack of accountability on the commission come from? I am 45 years old and have been hunting and fishing my entire life, I have raised my 14yo son doing the same. With that being said between QDM, outfitters, Deer leases, and KDFW trying to bleed the residents dry, I wish I had taught him to golf instead!! I applaud those of you who are outfitters and have turned something you love into a job but with high dollar land leases the regular guys cant afford to hunt anymore. I know the common answer is look how much revenue the out of state hunters bring in, I never see the outfitter in my county or any of his clients at a local restaurant, gas station or Wal-mart. Didn't mean to get on a rant but this all leads back to nonresidents not having to pony up to hunt our state. I would also encourage everyone to look at the Kentucky League of sportsman 6th district letter they plan on presenting to the commission on Friday, a lot of research went into it apparently more research than fish and wildlife did. So please contact your commissioner before Friday and try to attend the meeting if you are as aggravated as me its time they here from the RESIDENT hunters and not just the special interest groups who have chosen to turn hunting into a business instead of a heritage that a parent can pass on to a child.
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  10. bird whisperer

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    Aug 16, 2012
    Hog Town USA
    Now that was a good read!!!

    One can only hope the Commission does not turn A deaf ear to the league and the states residents.
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    Oct 9, 2013
    Central Kentucky
    AMEN on what you said!
  12. gdb

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    Oct 9, 2013
    Central Kentucky
    This paper is NOT only the 6th District, but for ALL districts of sportsmen/women in the whole state!
    25 May 2017
    RE: Proposed Resident License Fee Increases
    To Whom It May Concern:
    The League of Kentucky Sportsmen (LKS), representing the sportsmen and women of
    the Commonwealth of Kentucky, disagree with the Kentucky Department of Fish and
    Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) proposed resident license fee increases. It is the position
    of LKS that the residents of our state should not bear the burden of compensating for
    financial shortfall at the state level.
    KDFWR consistently report that resident license/tag/stamp sales are declining, yet the
    numbers reported to the US Department of Fish and Wildlife are in conflict with these
    statements. In 2014 resident fishing license/tag/stamp sales were reported at 485,596,
    2015 reported 528,124 and 2016 reported 533,279 – an increase of 47,683 licenses sold
    over a three-year period. In 2014 resident hunting license/tag/stamp sales were reported
    at 494,854, 2015 reported 504,097 and 2016 reported 520,032 – an increase of 25,178
    licenses sold over a three-year period. It is evident from these numbers that
    license/tag/stamp sales are increasing rather than decreasing.
    What is disturbing to LKS is the exclusion of non-resident sportsmen and women from
    the proposed fee increases. Kentucky non-resident license/tag/stamp sales are soaring.
    Although this is a financial windfall for KDFWR, non-residents and commercial
    outfitters are making it harder for resident hunters to find lands on which to hunt.
    Between 2014 and 2016 non-resident fishing license/tag/stamp sales increased 7% for a
    reported 89,167 sold in 2016. Non-resident hunting license/tag/stamp sales increased
    14% for a reported 97,097 sold in 2016. Therefore, the League of Kentucky Sportsmen
    would propose the following increases in non-resident license/tag/stamp and commercial
    outfitter pricing:
     Annual fishing $75
     1 day fishing $15
     7 day fishing $35
     14 day fishing $50
     Trout permit $20
     Annual hunting $150
     1 day hunting (small game only) $25
     7 day hunting (small game only) $75
     Annual trapping $140
     Statewide deer permit (2 deer) $150
     Youth deer permit (ages 12-15/1 deer) $25
     Additional deer permit (2 deer) $50
     Spring turkey permit (2 turkeys) $100
     Youth turkey permit (ages 12-15/1 turkey spring or fall) $25
     Fall turkey permit (4 turkeys) $100
     Migratory game bird-waterfowl permit $25
     Pheasant quota hunt permit (if drawn) $35
     Sandhill crane permit (if drawn) $10
     Quota bull elk permit (if drawn) $600
     Quota cow elk permit (if drawn) $450
     Youth elk permit (if drawn) $50
     Out-of-Zone elk permit $450
     Non-resident commercial hunting/fishing guide business $500 with each
    individual guide obtaining a $50 permit
     Resident commercial hunting/fishing guide business $250 with each individual
    guide obtaining a $50 permit
    If each of the reported 89,167 non-residents reported purchasing fishing
    license/tag/stamps in 2016 were to purchase the annual license, revenue for KDFWR
    would increase $2,229,175. This is a best-case scenario as the license/tag/stamp sales are
    not broken down into categories. Comparatively, if the reported 97,097 non-residents
    reported purchasing hunting license/tag/stamps in 2016 purchased only an annual license,
    revenue for KDFWR would increase $2,912,910. This is only revenue at the state level.
    As license sales have a 2:1 matching funds ratio from US Fish and Wildlife, there is the
    potential of $10,284,170 in increased matching funds for a total increase of $15,426,255
    in revenue.
    KDFWR has reported a minimum $1.5 million shortfall in providing for the Youth
    Conservation Camps and the Salato Wildlife Education Center. Although increased
    license sale revenues would be appropriated to the General Fund in order to obtain
    matching funds, there is no guarantee that the General Fund would budget for these
    shortfalls. Increases in tag/permit revenues could be ear-marked specifically for these
    programs as they are not part of the matching funds program. As these youth programs
    are essential to the continuation of our hunting and fishing traditions, LKS would have
    them financed with a sustainable revenue stream.
    Kentucky has become a premier vacation destination. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, The
    Bourbon Trail, The Kentucky Horse Park, or any other “only in KY” venue; nonresidents
    are coming to our state in record numbers. It is the position of the League of
    Kentucky Sportsmen to increase “admission” fees for the tourists who want to hunt and
    fish our lands and waterways instead of having our residents, seniors and disabled bear
    the burden of KDFWR’s monetary shortfalls.
    League of Kentucky Sportsmen
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    Jun 7, 2004
    Louisville, KY.
    I don't mean any insult by this, one forced you to move. You chose to do that.

    I'm close to retiring from my first career. My second will likely be in wildlife biology, be with an NGO or some state/federal agency. Since KDFWR - like most state agencies - doesn't pay very well, I am looking at other states for jobs. Among the requirements that our family have for moving is, the state must have good hunting laws in general, and good duck hunting in particular.

    I'd prefer not to move, but I hear it's hard to get a federal job anywhere right now, which makes obtaining a job here in KY even more challenging. But, if I move, I won't be complaining about nonresident fees to hunt this state. I'll understand that I voluntarily chose to move, and that choice comes with consequences.
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  14. bdl605

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    Nov 18, 2006
    I agree with wprebeck, moving out of state is a choice you now get to buy permits at a resident rate in the state you now reside in. I have nothing against non resident hunters I hunt in Kansas several times a year and brother I pay for the privilege! I liked life better before QDM when no-one wanted to come here and hunt. Shooting 6 pointers is better than not finding a place to hunt! I don't blame non residents, I blame the guides and KDFW for making it all about the money. Ask anyone in Pike Co. Illinois what big bucks and outfitters have done for Thier hunting!!!
  15. predator1

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    Dec 25, 2008
    You made that choice now didn't you? Why should you be catered too? Sense of entitlement much?
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