connors hard work pays off.

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    we roosted a bird Friday evening that i thought was by himself but yesterday morning i had him come to the other side of the hill about 70 yards away but before he got up enough to see the decoys we had some hens move in and take him off. we stayed in the blind till 10:30 and decided to run out a grab a bite to eat. after eating he wanted to go back out so we headed back out, after not striking anything we moved up on top of a ridge and i cutt a few times and 1 starts gobbleing like crazy across a big holler up on the other ridge. connor looks at me and says can we go after him and i told him if you want to so we made a big circle going through a thicket and a swamp. we get about where i thought we needed to be and set up but nothing happened. so after making it back to the truck he said lets go get a snack and head back out. we get the blind set up about 4:30.around 6 that evening, 3 hens flew down into the holler where we are, i could some hear more up behind us and 1 drumming. all of a sudden about 15 fly off the hill landing right at the decoys, the looked them over before moving off but i could hear the drumming getting closer. then i hear 1 start doing a fighting purr and here comes a tom to the decoys. connor starts getting the gun up and the tom catches a little movement and streches his head and i told connor you better be getting on him. he takes his time and busted him at 15 yards. he weighted 23 pounds even had an 11 in bear and 1 1/16 curved hooks. so last night he said i really want to go in the morning but i dont care if i fill my tag so we decided to go to a farm i hadnt scouted this year and i figured if nothing else we should hear some birds and he could spend some time in the woods. right as we are setting up 1 gobbles probably 65 yards over the hill. i called to him a little and then shut up. i hear him fly down below us, then i see him heading away from us so i called and he turned and started up the ridge. the bird finally decides to come to the decoys after standing out there strutting and gobbleing for a few mins. the bird comes into about 30 yards and i tell him ok go ahead. he shot and the tom took off flying, he made a clean miss. he was a little up set about the miss but i told him he got a great bird yesterday and still has the regular season and he looked at me and smiled and said it was still a great day. i am really proud of the hunter he has grown into, yesterday we hunted pretty much all day until he shot around 6:20 and we walked close to 2 mile. then today we walked close to a mile and he was still ready to go after them.I was able to record his miss this morning but I didn't have time to get the camera going on his kill yesterday

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    congrats to both
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    congrats on a great bird
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    Good deal congrats
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