Dale Hollow Resort Park Quota Hunt

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    That 8 on the left looks like the one that had been running with the big 10 down there. Congrats to the kiddos!

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    Dec 13, 2001
    Jackson, TN, USA.
    Congratulations to those girls and all of the hunters. Those girls will never forget that weekend! A chance at a big buck was why we drove 5 hours and braved the cold.

    My 10 year old son and I had a fantastic trip that we will always remember! He chose to pass up a small buck that came to rattling and then a doe an hour later. We were hunting very close to the lodge and soon there were about 10 bird watchers that were after some reclusive bird. They stayed out out of the thicket we were set up near, but I know they had to affect deer movement.

    After a late and very nice hearty breakfast in the restaurant, we were warm enough to get back out for a long evening sit. We studied the google aerials some more, drove around, but other hunters were beginning to return and we did not want to walk up on someone else’s spot, so we decided to move return back close to the lodge and just move a couple hundred yards further north.

    We had been setup at the back of a thicket overlooking hardwoods for about an hour when another father and son suddenly appeared 50 yards away coming out of a very steep hollar. They really did not know where they were, so we got them on the horse trail with directions to follow it for about 800 yards and they should arrive back at the truck they described.

    We decided to change vantage points and moved 100 yards closer to our morning position and set-up near some fresh scrapes where we had seen the deer in the morning. Around 2:00, I started hearing more commotion towards the main road, as a few cars were beginning to slow down, stop, and then drive off. Then I saw orange vests about 150 yards away and figured that a hunter had no idea that we were here and they were going to walk into our setup. BUT, I figured it out. The cars I had been hearing were slowing down to watch some deer feed on the grass median. So, this guy had now parked and was attempting to get on these deer which might have moved back into the thicket. They might have walked 50 yards when bang! I guess they missed because they left within just a few minutes.

    Of course all of this action placed us on high alert and within 5 minutes we spotted a few deer moving out of the thicket and looking behind them. My son got setup and we kept patiently waiting for a trailing buck. We had already decided to take an anterless deer on the evening hunt, so when I gave him the ok, the 30/30 went bang, a deer dropped, and tails started bouncing. It turned out to be button and he had ample oppurtunity to take a second deer when mama and his sister returned to check on him a few minutes later. We watched them stomp and sniff him, before they decided to move over to our side of the valley for some up close action before they finally got behind us and got our wind.

    The deer was small enough that my son got some experience dragging him to the vehicle. We placed him on the cart and wrapped him in a tarp as was suggested by the park to avoid offending non-hunters.

    We spent two nights and ate 3 great meals at the park. We did not see ole 18 point drop timed “turkey foot” the next morning and checked out at 11. The drive was just too far to stay for the evening hunt, so we stopped at another spot in TN for a 2 hour evening sit.

    I hope they offer this juvenile oppurtunity again next year, and we will certainly apply. The park is not an easy place to hunt because so much of it is very steep and not easily accessible. The campground and most of the golf course were closed for the weekend. If more of those areas could be opened, there is more oppurtunity to better access some hunting areas.

    I will tell you that we saw some tremendous sign and impressive rublines. State park or not, deer are skittish animals and killing a deer is not a given.

    I want to acknowledge that the park lodge staff and the rangers were very welcoming. We had a great time and hope to do it again!
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    Bull Moose or others. Did very many hunters show up? I was not able to go so that was minus two.
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    I don't know exact numbers??? But by judging the numbers of hunters we saw, I'd say a little more than half showed up for the hunt.

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    I believe that only 18 actual hunters out of 40 showed. 1 no show was my daughter. I believe that the very cold weather affected the attendance. I would be interested to hear success rate, but most that I talked to had an oppurtunity to kill a deer.

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