Diamond Island duck lease

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  1. Diamond island

    Diamond island Fawn

    Jul 7, 2017
    Henderson ky

    Seeking a few members for our water fowl lease.
    Ducks by the thousands on a very special piece of property, Diamond Island.

    Diamond Island is located in Henderson Ky, it's an island on the Ohio river.
    It made up of 900 acres of crop field with 7 miles of river edge and 600 acres of woods along river.

    Farmer is leaving a few hundred acres of cut corn stubble after harvest without tilling and willing to dam off drainage ditch to help hold water.

    This is a migration transition area so the ducks are thick after first good cold front as they split in this area to go south toward gulf and east toward east cost.

    Membership is $2,200 person with 1 guest allowed. Only have 10 max members.
    Island can easily hunt 15-20 people with plenty of room.

    Contact me 850-319-0965

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