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Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by brow_tines, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. brow_tines

    brow_tines 6 pointer

    Nov 13, 2003
    Lake Cumberland, KY.
    I was just looking through a Sportsman Guide catalog and seen some Rocky boots that was "factory seconds" for less that half the original price. Now I don't see anything wrong with factory seconds and I was wondering if someone of you that might be interested, in helping me put our net surfing skills to the test and find some sort of outlet or website that sells factory seconds in general hunting gear. Such as clothes, boots, maybe even equipment. But anyway I will start looking and if I find anything I will post. [:)]

    INKYHUNTER Cyber-Hunter

    Dec 10, 2001
    Bowling Green, KY, USA.
    My son purchased some seconds from some outlet in Bowling Green. Several cleats on the sole broke off. Must have had a problem with the sole and thats what made that particular boot a second. He didn't save any money on that deal.
  3. raktrakr

    raktrakr Cyber-Hunter

    Jan 20, 2002
    central ky
    i got the rocky boots from sportsmans guide about 5 yrs ago and they leaked after the first season

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  4. greenskeeter

    greenskeeter Cyber-Hunter

    Nov 3, 2002
    Bardstown, KY, USA.
    I contribute quite a bit to the Sportsman's Guide. Including 3 pair of Rocky boots that I caught good deals one. I have a Ducks Unlimited version of their rubber boots. I have a heavily insulated "pac-type" boot. Finally, a standard pair of their Wildcat version (I think that is the one). Overall, I purchased them from probably 2 - 5 years ago and haven't had any problems with any of them. However, I have heard other experiences similar to raktrakr's on this site before.

    Related to Sportsman's Guide, overall, you can find some really good deals on their clearance items, but you should compare their other prices as I found better deals on some things elsewhere.

    Given the luck of the draw, I will soon be using my gift certificate (and I'm sure contributing more than that!) with our proud sponsor Uncle Lee's! Sounds like a good road trip to me!
    Good luck.
  5. RutNBuck

    RutNBuck 12 pointer

    Dec 10, 2001
    Northern Ky
    i bought rocky boots 2 years in a row that werent blimishes and they both leaked and Rocky sent new ones back BUT the Sporting goods place i took them back too acted like they didnt want to deal with me...i think im on my last pair of rockys unless i go back to the green ones they always seem to out last camo's

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  6. ez

    ez 8 pointer

    most seconds are returns from others when they bought firsts and found something wrong with them including leaks, blemish, don't fit,and ect.............take your chances w/no garentee..........ez

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