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    Hey Guys I need help. A friend of mine has brought a rifle to me that we can't find a caliber. The only writing on it is MARHOLDT INNSBRUCK. BHOLER SPEZIAL. This gun has tremedous scroll work on it and has double set triggers.
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    Did it look like this ?

    OR this may help ?

    "Richard Mahrholdt lived from 1878 to 1949. From 1898 to 1918 he was head of Tiroler Waffenfabrik Peterlongo Richard Mahrholdt & Sohn (Tirol gun factory P. R. M. & son) in Innsbruck/Austria. That factory was founded by Johann Peterlongo in Innsbruck in 1854.
    In 1919 he founded R. M. & Sohn, which overtook the Tiroler Waffenfabrik again in 1939. After Richard Mahrholdt's death his son became head of the firm.
    The production of Tiroler Waffenfabrik Peterlongo R. M. & Sohn (according to "Waffenlexikon" of 1957):
    • target rifles
    • rifles for high power cartridges and repeating rifles
    • drillings
    • side-by-side rifles
    • over-and-under rifles with different calibers
    • over-and-under shotguns
    • over-and-under rifle-shotguns
    • scope mounting
    R. Mahrholdt was in good contact with the Suhl gunsmith August Schüler. In his time he was known as a good expert of gunnery. He is the author of the "Waffenlexikon", which was published in 1931 and its second edition in 1937. This book is even today in publication and revision.

    Mahrholdt was one of the biggest gun gurus of prewar Germany. He was also a master gunmaker with a safety Drilling of his own design. His greatest legacy was the "Waffen-Lexicon", first published in 1931 followed by editions in 1937. It is still in print, but has been heavily edited so that the good info on older makers has been lost. If you can find the 2nd edition, get it. It is a treasure trove of gun lore, patents and company profiles now lost to posterity.
    Mahrholdt managed the Peterlongo guns works in Innsbrück, Austria from 1898-1918 after which he took over as his own under the name of Tiroler Waffenfabrik Peterlongo, Richard Mahrholdt und Sohn. After Mahrholdt's death in 1947, it was taken over by his son, Herbert, who was also co-author of later editions of Waffen-Lexikon. The Tiroler Waffenfabrik (Tyrolean Arms Factory) closed shop some time in the 1970s."

    OR this,,,,,,
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    Oct 16, 2005
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    A gunsmith can make a chamber casting and tell you what cartridge it is chambered for.

    That looks like a real prize coming from that factory. Can you post some pics?
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    Sep 10, 2002
    The Power of google =], you beat me CL
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    LOL, yep. After reading his request I got interested in what the gun looked like. I checked the gun sites before hitting Google. Got to love that search engine. :D
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    Nov 30, 2008
    30-06 was the most common chambering for most of Marholdt's bolt action rifles. I think the Bohler Spezial means this one is .270.

    But again best to let a gunsmith make sure.

    On another note, regardless of caliber, in just decent condition this gun is worth a pretty good chunk of change. $3-5K depending on condition.
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    Sep 10, 2002
    It could be 8x57 or 7x57.
  8. Haves

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    Feb 17, 2007
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    Bohler Spezial looks to refer to a high grade of steel versus the specific caliber.
  9. I would try to contact Dr Lewis drake. He has a shop on the court sqaure In murray . He is An expert in old guns especially old double rifles and Collectible firearms. He has probably forgotten more about old european guns than most of us could learn in a lifetime. Google Lewis Drake and his website will pop up and it will have contact info on it. He is very friendly and willing to chat.
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