Hogs near Monterey, KY?

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by jfiscus, Aug 23, 2017.

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    On Facebook yesterday there was a post on a KY Deer hunter group about someone talking to a KY/USDA Biologist about a WMA near Monterey, KY having a large group of wild hogs, and that it was open for archery hunting to help eliminate them.

    I replied asking which WMA area they were talking about, as there are a few different tracts of the KY River WMA near to Monterey, but the thread got deleted before the poster could respond. I know there are hogs in the area, as a friend had over 150 trapped and killed last year by the DNR on his property near to this area.

    Does anyone here have any info on this? It sounds like a great way to spend a day before bow season starts.
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    If they referenced Monterey, probably Roberts Tract of KY River off of Old Landing Rd. If you're going there to chase hogs, you better be tougher than the hogs are because there is some rough terrain, especially initial access.
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