Just another day in Alaska

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    Dinner delivered to your door...

    Just another day in Alaska
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    You come home, get ready to relax for the evening, get out of your car, and the moose are fighting again.

    Nothing like the snorting and clomping of fighting moose to wake you out of your evening commuter’s haze. These two bulls started battling it out in the middle of a busy suburb. You can see and hear people filming from their cars and holding back their dogs, hoping these too massive beasts don’t cause any property damage in their wake! Thankfully, we don’t see any thing -or anyone- get hurt, and it looks like nobody gets too injured. One bull runs off in defeat, and the spectators got one heck of a show.

    Is it an Alaska thing that nobody is fazed by this? The people (including the walkers and their dog, toward which the moose run at the end of the video) all seem pretty relaxed about the two-ton behemoths clashing in their quiet suburb.

    Or the other version is that:
    Male moose tend to be more aggressive during this time of year, their annual rut cycle, when they spend virtually all their energy looking for females to impress and mate with.

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    That's crazy.
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    I can't even imagine having those big sob's walking around.
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    Wonder how much damage was done to that car
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    I used to work with a lady that lived in Alaska for 20 years. The pics of wildlife, especially moose, that she showed me that came into her yard during winter was amazing. Girl my wife grew up with lives in Colorado and sends pics of B&C mulies walking down the streets of her neighborhood. It is crazy!
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    That is wild. Even had the wife watching it. Thanks.
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    I took my son to see the Great Alaska Shootout basketball tournament one year. (Derek Anderson, Anthony Epps and Ron Mercer were on the team.) Anchorage got a huge snow the first two days we were there. We saw three large moose walking down the middle of Spennard Road just a couple of miles from downtown Anchorage. The locals said that when there are deep snows early in winter, moose will come into town to eat the shrubs around people's houses.

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