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    The KY Grouse Hunters Association will be hosting two "FUN" field trials at the Morgan's Creek Shooting Preserve, located near Fallsburg in Lawrence County, and adjacent to the Yatesville Lake WMA on Sunday, March 14th & 21st.

    If you have an interest in grouse, bird dogs or bird hunting, make plans to attend. The fun will begin around 8:30-9:00am and continue throughout the day. These are "FUN" trials trophies, points, or champoinships, just actual grouse hunters getting together to extend hunting season a few weeks and using the opportunity to work their dogs.

    These are shoot-to-retreive trials, whereby the dog/hunter team is judged on bird finding, pointing instinct, shooting skills, & retreiving. All participants must join the KY Grouse Hunters Association ($12.00/year) and pay an entry fee, usually $20-25 depending on the cost of the birds. Or simply come on by to enjoy watching some good dogs work and swap some hunting stories with some accomplished liars (See Birdman & gsp[:D])

    For more information or directions, contact Joe Hamilton at Morgan's Creek Shooting Preserve at (606) 573-4382 home or (606) 424-3393 cell, or go to and click first on the Recreation Department and then click on the KY Grouse Hunters.

    Hope to see you there!

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