No. 11 Caps vs. 209 Primer

Discussion in 'Muzzleloaders' started by l_c_s, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. l_c_s

    l_c_s 6 pointer

    Sep 25, 2002
    Which ignition system is best the No 11 Percussion cap or the 209 shotgun primer? I have an inline that came with the option of using either. I have always used a side hammer with the No. 11 until I got the inline. I had never even heard of the 209 until I got the gun. It seems to have it's advantages. Any suggestions?
  2. Duster

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    209 is a shotgun primer.. More fire in the hole to ignite powder. They became popular when the pyro pellets hit the market due to misfires trying to shoot pellets in some guns. I have tried musket caps, almost the same as 209's as far as size an couldn't tell ten cents worth of differance between them a number 11's an I shoot the pellets.
  3. Flintlock54

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    Dec 10, 2001
    Winchester, KY, USA.
    First of all I use RWS caps (the German ones) exclusively. Up until 2 years ago I used musket caps on my in-line. When I could not get RWS musket caps I used their #11's and have not had any trouble with ignition.

    When you get old and set in you ways, you just don't like to change.
  4. ky_great_white_bowhunter

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    Jan 30, 2002
    I just got a new gun with the 209 in it and I have heard good things about them. I cant wait to try the gun out . I think I am going to try to sight it in this weekend. I will let you all know then what I think of the 209
  5. Salty

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    Mar 21, 2002
    Winchester, KY
    I've used all 3 ignition systems. The 209 is definetly the hottest, it really shines when using the pyrodex pellets since pyrodex seems to be a shade hard to ingnite. With black powder I don't think you really gain much with a 209, since BP is really easy to touch off.

    Flintlock54 is correct, the RWS caps are far & away the best of the #11 or musket caps, they make both. I've used them 30+ years and the only time I have trouble firing is when I've made a mistake (ie forgot to wipe out bore, forgot powder, etc.).

    Even a flintlock is reliable if you cross your T's & dot your i's. I once had a 40 cal southern mountain rifle in flint, which was more reliable that most of my friends caplocks, of course this was "way" before inlines.

    I obtained another flintlock this year & have been shooting it for about 8 months regularly. I think it will be my weapon of choice this season.

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