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    <i>This is a letter sent out by Ronnie Wells of the Kentucky Grouse Hunters Association. Any help that any of you guys can give would be much appreciated. I've been up there grouse hunting with these boys and believe me, it ain't no picnic. Low populations and rough country. Numbers always help. If you can spare $12/year, please join this organization. Nothing but good can come of it!</i>

    Kentucky Grouse Hunters

    The Kentucky Grouse Hunters wants to take this time to thank all their members for not only joining the efforts of saving their grouse season, but your input in any forum in which it came.

    We are two months into this season, and looking down the barrel at one more surge from fish and wildlife to shorten season, to at least Jan. 31st and maybe Dec 31st.

    The grouse study ended the last day of Sept. 2002. Results will be
    discussed at the KDFW committee meeting in Feduary.

    The Kentucky Grouse Hunters needs your help as well as, any other grouse hunters in your area, to combat this short coming.

    The Kentucky Grouse Hunters have carried the torch for the last four
    years. By attending meeting in Frankfort, working with the LOKS, spear heading habitat work on our WMA's and other activities to promote positive development for grouse and grouse habitat.

    With your help and the help of the LOKS along with the CYBER HUNTERS we can improve habitat and the number of grouse in Kentucky.

    Send your membership dues to Ronnie Wells, PO Box 1588, Paintsville
    Kentucky, 41240. Make your checks payable to Paintsville Recreation
    Department or the Kentucky Grouse Hunters. Dues are $12.00 per year,
    running from Jan.1 to Dec. 31st.

    Thank you for your envolvement in past years and hopefully in the future.

    Ronnie Wells
    Paintsville Recreation Director

    Larry Robinson: Chairman of KGHA
    Chris Whitley : Board member
    Mike Ferguson : Board member
    Bart Ward : Board member
    Nick Stumbo : Board member
    Danny Daniel : membership director


    The Kentucky Grouse Hunters, an organization that formed 8 years ago, in protest to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlifes efforts to close grouse season on December 31st, are still at it.

    The KDFW along with six other Appalachian states completed a six year
    study on grouse, in an effort to gain imformation to why our grouse population is or was declining. Results from this study will be used as a guide to shorten grouse season or leave seasons as is, closing on Febuary 28th.

    Preliminary results have shown, lack or habitat and predators play the largest roll in declining grouse populations along with pure mash crops.

    In recent years the Kentucky Grouse Hunters have worked to improve habitat on our WMA's in Eastern Ky. and educating hunters through out Kentucky on matters related to grouse and grouse hunting. On the recreation side of this matter the Kentucky Grouse Hunters offer club hunts. These hunts start in December and run through Febuary. These hunts are usually two day hunts, meaning you can hunt either Saturday or Sunday or both. Birds that are taken on these hunts are aged, sexed, and checked for the type of food their feeding on, and kept for research purposes.

    These hunts have been dominated by two gentlemen from Eastern Kentucky, Jerry Holbrook and Wesley Watson. These boys hunt a line of setters that are second to none. Last year they won six of seven hunts. They started this season as they ended last season by winning our December hunt with four birds.

    If you're a grouse hunter or if you would be interested in hunting grouse, give the Kentucky Grouse Hunters a call at 606-789-2612. This club is expanding their horizons state wide from Elkhorn City to Paducah. So put your boots on and break brush with one of the most aggresive clubs in Kentucky.

    <i>This was sent to the Lexington and Ashland papers two weeks ago. As well as our local papers. Thought you boys may enjoy reading this.</i>

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