Rattle snakes eastern ky

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  1. I actually stepped on and got bit on the snake chaps by this one digging ginseng a few years ago. You can see the 3 prong in the pic & the snake next to it. Never rattled even after striking. I’ve seen some big ones digging. My dad killed one with a head as wide as my fist and girth the size of my leg once digging. Probably 6ft long. Biggest I’ve ever seen in my life.

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    So glad i don’t have to deal with these in northern Kentucky.
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    This was second hand information, but reliable. About 4-5 years back (that's my feeble recollection) a group of guys were clearing brush from a ditch line in Lexington (INSIDE CITY LIMITS) when one of them uncovered a nest of 4 or 5 smaller ones. One guy got nailed, and survived, and they sent out a battalion on a seek & destroy mission. They think they got them all. That was over by Alexandria. The fellow I got that from was a Property Manager of several local businesses in the area. City dwelling rattlers, whod'a thunk?

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