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Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by bigbonner, Sep 13, 2017.

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    As I'm reading your post, I'm now recalling what my buddy said and it's almost verbatim what you have written. Thank you sir for clearing up my ignorance
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    A friend told me to always keep the water bill in your name, just figure it into the rent. They don't pay. Turn the water off
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    Then you have to pay to have it turned back on each time.
  5. Seems cheaper than the alternative.
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    Not if you have the tool that works at the street meter.
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    That is true but renters are gone in just a few days. You don't lose a few months rent
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    Thank You Slick

    I am not a LLC , I have four rentals . I have already posted on their door a 7 Day Pay Or Quit Notice .
    I plan on filing court papers myself . Lawyer will cost too much .

    What make things so bad is that tenants won't return calls . I call leave a message one time then a couple of days latter I will make a phone call again but I leave no message . Then I send the 7 day notice . If they had a good excuse then I would work with them but no reply makes a person mad .
    From now on after three days past their due date I will be sending a 7 day notice .
    Is there a reasonable amount of time before a person should send that 7 day notice ?
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    Nov 10, 2004
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    As crazy as it sounds, you can't create an unlivable condition, they can sue you even if they are squatters in which I dealt with 2 years ago. The person I was renting to said her babysitter wanted to take over the rent because she was moving out. I go and have the babysitter sign a lease agreement and never received any rent. Issued the 7 day notice, still no money. Went to the courthouse and filed a Forcible Detainer ( I think that's what it was called ) The sheriff delivers it along with a court date. They still didn't move or pay. We show up at court, talk to the mediator 1st, they wouldn't settle because they said they had replaced the hot water heater ( used that didn't work properly), done home improvements etc ( what tenant does that ) so we went in front of the judge. I had pictures, copies of text messages etc. Judge told them to be out in 7 days. Still weren't. 7th day I called the Constables office ( never knew what they did but they're awesome now ) Scheduled a sit-out for the next day at 10:00 am, had 2 Constables packing, 5 of my co-workers go with me and a locksmith show at the same time and set their entire contents on the street while they watched ! They hauled some of it off, it starting raining about an hour later ( I loved that ) the looters took some of what was left and I threw the rest of it away. Had it re-rented in a week. All of this took 20 days. I've been in the rental business for 12 years, only time I've had an issue. It was NOT fun! Court filing costs plus sheriff and constable cost - $ 125.00
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    My rents are due by the third of the month. If I don't have it by the third, or some really good reason why not, I do the 7 days. I do mine certified mail ( cost like $3) because I've had tenants say they didn't get it when I posted it to the door.
    That way you have at least started the process. If in those 7 days you come to terms with the tenant, then it only cost you $3. It also let's them know you are serious.
    Turning off utilities is not only illegal, but if tenants testify to that during their eviction hearing, it can severely drag the eviction out. I've only had one tenant over the years try it, he was then granted a hearing (30 days later) in which I brought utility bills in to prove it hadn't been cut off. I won, but he got an extra month playing the system.
    That being said, I do know alot of landlords that once they get their judgement in court, they cut off all utilities. Not legal, but once they have been given a judgement, not much the tenant can do.
    I also know several landlords that successfully use the "cash for keys" method. You tell the tenant you will give them X amount of cash to vacate the premises by such and such date. Saves you money in eviction fees and allows you to rent the apartment sooner.
  12. I'd rather lose 6 months' rent than give them a nickel for my keys.
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    It's not just 6 months rent, you have to add repairs, repainting, clean or new carpets and clean up, No the deposit never covers all that. By the time your ready to rent the 6 months has turned into 7-8 months. The new renters first months rent plus the last renters deposit might cover the repairs and cleaning so you are only getting 5 months rent in a year.

    Business wise sometimes it is better to pay them for the keys and move on getting it rented out again as soon as you can.

    By letting them have the house RENT FREE for 6 months they WIN.
  14. I'm just saying 6 months as an example. They would be out legally in a lot less than 6 months time if evicted. I guess I should have said I'd rather lose an extra month's rent than give a low life a nickel. They "WIN" when you let them extort from you.
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    Sometimes it's not possible to legally get someone out in 6 months. I know a guy that lost over $19,000 in rent before he could finally get the family out of his house, been to court serval times. He had spend another $26,000 to remodel the house before he could sell it.

    Yes they win but business wise you win more by getting them out as soon as possible.

    Only one time did I pay for the keys. We knew the people would be a problem down the road but they did pay the rent on time for a year then trouble started. The house was still in great shape and it so happened someone else wanted a house to rent. They were one month behind and on a Friday they told me they might not have next months rent either. I told them I would give them a $100 bill if they were out by Monday morning. They called my brother that Sunday afternoon asking if I could bring the $100 bill then. Both my brother and I went there and they had everything out. I give them the $100 and we went straight to cleaning the house. The new couple moved in Tuesday afternoon. That $100 was CHEAPER than what we would have paid to have to clean the place up and repaint it. I'm one of those people who always want to solve problems as soon as possible, always been.

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