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    Basically the budget bill... the legislature reinstated and / or increased funding for education as a whole.... against Bevins wishes. Which it was passed in both houses and sent to the Governor.

    Bevin vetoed the bill.

    This prompted Friday’s protest and ultimately the legislature overrode the governors veto.

    Which prompted Bevin to state got sexually molested, took poison and started taking drugs because the teachers protesting and some schools closed because they couldn’t find subs.

    The pension bill was already signed at this point... done deal. The protest was budget bill / education funding oriented... not pension. Which needless to say with the pension issues .. it didn’t take much fuel to fan the fire.

    Now.... Bevin has apologized .. two days after the fact after realizing he stepped on his own pecker again.. and by tomorrow we will all be one happy family... rainbows and unicorns for all.
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    Glad you brought that up.

    Whitesburg along with Letcher County Schools have much more than a left leaning atmosphere, Letcher County Schhols are trying to catch Berea College as far as liberalism education.

    The Appalshop based in Whitesburg, which is an extreme Liberal organization has done a fanstatic job of implementing themselves into Letcher County Public Schools, I guess it can be said that we as parents didn't fight this enough and allowed it to happen. They are Anti Gun, Pro Abortion, Pro Gay, VERY anti coal and are a mainstay in our schools.

    I know of no more than 6 conservative leaning teachers in the entire Letcher County School System, my sister in law that happens to teach elementary school happens to be one Of the teachers with conservative values. The vast majority are flaming liberals.
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    Thanks JD.
    I'm glad Bevin apologized, but I just checked Facebook, and it looks like his choice of words has made some people madder than they were to start with.
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    Wow! I'm in knott and I didn't know that about appalshop. Bunch of idiots.
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    Jun 28, 2012
    Well for Big Pete’s comment above. I went to Berea College and won’t defend them because I graduated 22 years ago. I will say as a poor kid with no chance at college it was a blessing to go there. It used to get a bad rap for having lots of gays but when I was a student it was mostly “hippie central”. There’s plenty of conservative republican teachers out there I can assure you.
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    Since they were required by law to fund it, then yes, it was the legislatures fault, as was any governor that signed the budget bil. And in fact, not funding as required by law, and then using that money for things not required to be funded is the definition of theft.

    Don't like it? I don't care. Tell me how it wasn't theft then.
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    Jun 28, 2012

    As JD said, Friday’s protests were in regards to Gov Bevins vetoing of the Budget and Revenue Bills. HB 200 and 366 (SB 151 is the pension bill). With no budget a special legislative session would have to be called and there was fear about what could take place in a special closed door session after the pension/sewer bill ordeal no one was comfortable with that. A budget being set now is better than later as schools could lose much more. The Charter School deal could be back on the table quicker than two years plus he can “borrow” from the educational funds. School systems are already losing a lot on the new budget and certainly didn’t want to lose more and wanted to set the budget. I’m not great with the posting and links but will try to snapshot a few things and post them when I get a chance.
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    Same here.
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    Thanks for verification. You sound to me as 8 of the 10 teachers I have spoken with (9 & 10 are retiring this year and next and dont give a chat what happens they know they have time to jump. All the rest said they the are praying that the Can gets kicked down the road until "I" can retire. But all agreed that it has to change as soon as "I" get mine.:) Don't blame them a bit. By the way they all 10 worked Friday

    I agree only ending one way.
    As I stated before. Why didnt they put this much effort into when the crime was committed. Then we could have all could have got behind them then because this affects us all and could have done something about it then.
    But all the protesting and walking out is the same level as Bevin's social media comments period

    Okay forager take another bite of bloodroot and change the topic for us again.:D
    Maybe how squirmin gerbil gray's - Bum's On Wheels are only picking up starving teachers off the streets:p
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    There may very well be in your area, but NOT in Letcher County, we couldn't think of more than 6 with even slightly conservative leaning values.

    Like I said, the teachers can protest all they want, you can even say you don't agree with the governors polices, but when you start teaching blatant lies to vulnerable 9 year old children, I then have a problem.
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    Big Pete I'm glad you voiced your concerns. I guess if you wanted to take it further, a heads up to your school board member would be in order.

    BTW, I pay into good old FICA each check as well as the KTRS. It's not like we get medicare for free at sixty five.
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    Jun 28, 2012
    A lot of teachers have paid into SS through other jobs. It just doesn’t come out of the teaching check. I worked at a grocery store, motel, and did some summer construction work prior to teaching. I’ll see none of that SS money because I don’t have enough eligible units.
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  13. I know it was just BS but growing up in Murray I always heard that Murray State has more queers per capita than any college in the
    That sounds like somebody made a bad deal in your name. Kinda like they did mine too by the hair brained social security Ponzi scheme. I feel your pain.
  14. xbokilla

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    Jun 28, 2012
    Honestly DS, I’ve never had an issue with knowing I’d get a good teacher retirement. If my retirement should suddenly not be so good I’d be feeing the pain. Much like our teacher retirement, it’s BS the government has robbed SS too!
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    I have a neighbor who was a Firefighter in Ohio for 25 years who just like you needed credits to draw any SS he had paid into on other job's. IIRC he needed 2 credits/units, I hooked him up with a security job for Pinkerton at TVA here to get enough. My sister worked several years for Peabody before she started teaching, At age 63 she draws 60% of what she should have drawn for having a teachers pension for some reason.

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