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Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by katlynn, Apr 4, 2017.

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    Lots of States the resident Seniors get free lifetime license at a certain age.
    I doubt there are a many that just take up hunting in their golden years, and most have paid a lifetime of dues. I would like to know the Name of whose ever bright idea it is, to find more sheckles from the guys scheduling a hunting trip in between doctor visits. They should be glad for the 5 bucks and tighten their friggin belts like most of us have to.
    Try surveying your state or federal Government with the question, That your household expenses have gone up and income hasn't so you would like to decrease your tax payments to compensate.
    Why are we so conditioned to feed the beast?
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    Oct 13, 2006
    This topic was covered at the KDFWR Commission meeting a couple weeks ago. The survey that went out to everyone went out in several (4 if I remember correctly) versions. They asked current senior/disabled license holders how they felt about an increase to either $10, $20, $30 or the nearly $50 the person who started this thread got. The analysis compared responses of each group. The folks asked about an increase to $10 or $20 for the most part said they would continue to buy a license with the increase. The higher prices folks overwhelmingly said they would not. The money from the increase is apparently targeted solely to cover costs of KDFWR camps and the Salato Education Center...therefore educating kids. Once respondents were asked about the increase in the context of paying for camps the willingness to pay an increase jumped about 10%. I believe the final proposed increase was to a Senior/Disabled license that costs between $10 and $20. Interestingly the $50 number was pulled from the average cost of this permit from surrounding states.
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    I don't know much about how they manage or spend the money they take in.Best I can remember ,we paid something like two hundred dollars each time my granddaughter went to camp Webb.
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    How about charging some real fines for poachers!
    Stop slapping them on the wrist and actually go to poaching calls and get arrest them.
    I've watched north woods law and they are hard on violations, if they did that the money would be their.
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    This right here is spot on!
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    Just thought I put this out there, because this is what is getting ready to be voted on by the commission on June 2nd-
    "Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife has proposed License fee increases. Current fees/Proposed fees

    Resident Hunting $20/ proposed $27 = 35% increase
    Resident Fishing $20/ proposed $23 = 15% increase
    Resident Combo $30/ proposed $42 = 40% increase
    Senior/Disabled $5/ proposed $18 = 260% increase
    Joint Spouse $36/ proposed $42 = 16.6667% increase"

    Also it is my understanding that the feds give $2 for every $1 the department sells in license/permits, but I could be wrong on that.
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    They sure didn't send a survey out to all the senior license holders. I have got one for 5 years now and I didn't get a survey. As I understood the only reason behind the $5 was to get P&R federal funds not to raise money from the old guys. I don't know how those states that give free license to seniors works as far as federal funds. Will a small raise in the price stop I can see it may end up some that only go fishing a couple times a year hanging it up. Now if the CO's start doing patrols and start writing seniors tickets some are going to be ticked off for sure and that raise may come back to bite them later on when the seniors decide it's just not worth it to even buy a license at all and stop totally. Bye Bye federal money.
    You may find this interesting, doing a search on free license for seniors I ran across this.

    When a state offers a free license, it affects their eligibility to receive matching funds through the American System of Conservation Funding. In order to report a hunter/angler as a certified license holder, the state must receive a net revenue of at least $1.00 for said license. For each certified license holder the state reports, they receive approximately $41.00 in Federal Aid through the American System of Conservation Funding
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    I don't see any non resident increases,if I decide not to just hunt my own land ,then I'll pay the increase also ,it's still a bargain,but there's a lot that won't .I never got or seen the survey either .
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    Hard to decide what to do but I for one will pay the price what ever it is. I'll quit hunting when my HEALTH decides the hunting is over. I know several young people that only hunt and fish 3-4 times a year but they still pay the full amount. There are a bunch of others like me that will keep going until we can't any more. Sure on a fixed income it hurts but so does any increase of anything else.
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    25 May 2017
    RE: Proposed Resident License Fee Increases
    To Whom It May Concern:
    The League of Kentucky Sportsmen (LKS), representing the sportsmen and women of
    the Commonwealth of Kentucky, disagree with the Kentucky Department of Fish and
    Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) proposed resident license fee increases. It is the position
    of LKS that the residents of our state should not bear the burden of compensating for
    financial shortfall at the state level.
    KDFWR consistently report that resident license/tag/stamp sales are declining, yet the
    numbers reported to the US Department of Fish and Wildlife are in conflict with these
    statements. In 2014 resident fishing license/tag/stamp sales were reported at 485,596,
    2015 reported 528,124 and 2016 reported 533,279 – an increase of 47,683 licenses sold
    over a three-year period. In 2014 resident hunting license/tag/stamp sales were reported
    at 494,854, 2015 reported 504,097 and 2016 reported 520,032 – an increase of 25,178
    licenses sold over a three-year period. It is evident from these numbers that
    license/tag/stamp sales are increasing rather than decreasing.
    What is disturbing to LKS is the exclusion of non-resident sportsmen and women from
    the proposed fee increases. Kentucky non-resident license/tag/stamp sales are soaring.
    Although this is a financial windfall for KDFWR, non-residents and commercial
    outfitters are making it harder for resident hunters to find lands on which to hunt.
    Between 2014 and 2016 non-resident fishing license/tag/stamp sales increased 7% for a
    reported 89,167 sold in 2016. Non-resident hunting license/tag/stamp sales increased
    14% for a reported 97,097 sold in 2016. Therefore, the League of Kentucky Sportsmen
    would propose the following increases in non-resident license/tag/stamp and commercial
    outfitter pricing:
     Annual fishing $75
     1 day fishing $15
     7 day fishing $35
     14 day fishing $50
     Trout permit $20
     Annual hunting $150
     1 day hunting (small game only) $25
     7 day hunting (small game only) $75
     Annual trapping $140
     Statewide deer permit (2 deer) $150
     Youth deer permit (ages 12-15/1 deer) $25
     Additional deer permit (2 deer) $50
     Spring turkey permit (2 turkeys) $100
     Youth turkey permit (ages 12-15/1 turkey spring or fall) $25
     Fall turkey permit (4 turkeys) $100
     Migratory game bird-waterfowl permit $25
     Pheasant quota hunt permit (if drawn) $35
     Sandhill crane permit (if drawn) $10
     Quota bull elk permit (if drawn) $600
     Quota cow elk permit (if drawn) $450
     Youth elk permit (if drawn) $50
     Out-of-Zone elk permit $450
     Non-resident commercial hunting/fishing guide business $500 with each
    individual guide obtaining a $50 permit
     Resident commercial hunting/fishing guide business $250 with each individual
    guide obtaining a $50 permit
    If each of the reported 89,167 non-residents reported purchasing fishing
    license/tag/stamps in 2016 were to purchase the annual license, revenue for KDFWR
    would increase $2,229,175. This is a best-case scenario as the license/tag/stamp sales are
    not broken down into categories. Comparatively, if the reported 97,097 non-residents
    reported purchasing hunting license/tag/stamps in 2016 purchased only an annual license,
    revenue for KDFWR would increase $2,912,910. This is only revenue at the state level.
    As license sales have a 2:1 matching funds ratio from US Fish and Wildlife, there is the
    potential of $10,284,170 in increased matching funds for a total increase of $15,426,255
    in revenue.
    KDFWR has reported a minimum $1.5 million shortfall in providing for the Youth
    Conservation Camps and the Salato Wildlife Education Center. Although increased
    license sale revenues would be appropriated to the General Fund in order to obtain
    matching funds, there is no guarantee that the General Fund would budget for these
    shortfalls. Increases in tag/permit revenues could be ear-marked specifically for these
    programs as they are not part of the matching funds program. As these youth programs
    are essential to the continuation of our hunting and fishing traditions, LKS would have
    them financed with a sustainable revenue stream.
    Kentucky has become a premier vacation destination. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, The
    Bourbon Trail, The Kentucky Horse Park, or any other “only in KY” venue; nonresidents
    are coming to our state in record numbers. It is the position of the League of
    Kentucky Sportsmen to increase “admission” fees for the tourists who want to hunt and
    fish our lands and waterways instead of having our residents, seniors and disabled bear
    the burden of KDFWR’s monetary shortfalls.
    League of Kentucky Sportsmen
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    Feb 6, 2011
    Where to start: Let's see.

    If the letter from the League sent to KDFWR, containing the license sales numbers for previous years is accurate and there is no reason to doubt that they aren't, we have a problem. I have seen no rebuttal from KDFWR stating otherwise. Possibly, this is the reason the vote on the increases was postponed at the June Commission meeting.

    I listened to Comm. Greg Johnson's remarks at the June LKS convention and not one word was mentioned about the proposed license increases. Also, I might add, not one question was asked of him regarding the subject. I found that to be quite strange. It may have been that people were just not aware of the increase proposals as it was in my case.

    I have been involved with the League for over 50 years. I have witnessed the increase in KDFWR employment of over 300%. Quite possibly even more. We all know those increases have not effected the number of Conservation Officers in the field. Some counties are still vacant and being covered by an adjacent county officer.

    In my opinion, if the KDFWR wants to increase revenue, it's time to cut the FAT! The KDFWR has become just one more BUREAUCRACY in Frankfort. The only difference is that we directly fund it through our purchase of licenses. It is time to remind them once again that they work for us and that we do not work for them!

    Thanks, OT
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    Oct 9, 2013
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    I have been told that due to the many calls/emails KY sportsmen/women did to their respective district commissioners and the governor's office that the KDFWR Commission will not be bringing that up again this year, but time will tell I suppose....
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    Feb 6, 2011
    The next Commission meeting is September 8th. Perhaps the thing that should be looked into or asked is WHY the false (and I assume they were false as there has been no rebuttal from KDFWR) narrative, figures, analysis, reasons, for increasing any license fees. I guess it would hard to rebut with all the USFWS figures submitted by KDFWR staring you in the face. Maybe all of this will result in some FAT reduction.
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    I just can't believe a bunch of bureaucrats would lie to us! Say it isn't so! It sounds to me like " mission creep" has infected the KDFWR like it does many other government agencies.
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    Oct 9, 2013
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    I was told by present LKS members at the KDFWR Commission meeting on Friday Sept. 8th that they did indeed raise the Senior/disabled license to $18 starting next year. Will follow with verification asap.

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