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Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by katlynn, Apr 4, 2017.

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    No need to verify GDB. It is true. Read here.

    I own and live on a farm and will never purchase another license. I have bought a license every year from the age of 16. Continued to buy one even though I owned land I could fish and hunt on in order to support the programs of the KDFWR. NO more! Unless of course they change the law that would make even a land owner BUY a license to hunt or fish on their own land. It certainly would not surprise me. Not one mention of raising the license fees for non-residents! Why was that? Also, the article quotes figures of senior license sales going from 90,000 to 120,000 but no mention of how many of those have passed away. Just more BS from KDFWR to justify the increases.
    KDFWR has become just one more state bureaucracy. One that the Sportsmen and Women fund. I will no longer take part in that. Maybe there will be others that feel as I do. Time will tell.
    It is a sad day for the Sportsmen and Women in Kentucky. Especially its Seniors!
    Thanks, OT
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    I have got senior license for 12 years and have never once received a survey of any kind. I totally agree that KDFWR has long ago become a bloated and crooked state bureaucracy.
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    Guess I'll pay another $13 for a Sportsman's license with additional deer tags.
    It isn't the great deal it was, but it is still a great deal.
    I deer and turkey hunt my own land, but go to neighboring farms for varmints and I do fish the Green River once in a while. I don't need to hunt varmints on the neighbors or fish the river, but the Disabled license lets me.
    I realize people are all wrapped up on the 235% increase, but the license will still be under $20 and in my opinion still a heck of a deal, last increase was 10 years ago for Resident lic. and this is the first increase for the Senior/Disabled since it was created in '99 according to the KYBASSFEED article linked above.
    I read on here that Ky is one of the top deer states, Do license fees support deer herd management, the biologists, and researchers that give us that good deer herd, do they support the education center at Salato? I don't know if KDFWR does anything with turkey flock management but I have a pretty good stock of them running around and I heard somewhere that people like to hunt them too.

    I don't work for KDFWR, but I believe from my limited interactions with them, and the hunting and fishing opportunities I have, that they do pretty good managing the wildlife.

    Just my opinions and thoughts. YMMV
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    Raise the Non-Resident and leave the seniors alone!
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    I think they have failed to take into account senior/disabled resident land owners that don't have to buy a license. There are three in my family that have purchased the $5 license so that the KDFW get the 40 or so dollars from the feds. They won't be buying this year. So KDFW is missing out on far more than their $5. Had they done a nominal increase across the board, they probably could have increased revenue without angering those that buy the senior/disabled license.
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