Spying on Big Bucks--Benefits of drones?

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by EC, Aug 3, 2016.

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    Spying on Big Bucks
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    Benefits of drones?
    Drones have caused quite a stir in the hunting world with how they are used. Drones can be a great tool for deer hunting. Watch this video to see some awesome drone footage spying on bucks.

    While drones can be a very useful scouting tool in the summer to simply scout properties, they are starting to be outlawed by many states to be used during hunting season.

    Drones can cause problems with ethics if used incorrectly or illegally. If a drone is used in the wrong way, they can be a non ethical tool. When used the right way, you can capture some great footage with them though.

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    I've thought about using drones to check on my cattle. I just don't know anything about them (operation, range, battery life, camera requirements).
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    I was pretty close to buying one about 2 months ago. I think they are awesome. I just decided that it wasn't worth spending $700+ to me. If you're going to get a drone and expect good video/image quality, DJI's are your best choice.
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    We've had several drone discussions on here in the past. Several western states have banned them due to the competitiveness of guided hunting. Pretty sure Montana is one state after several high profile court cases. There's been one flying around off and on for the last two years where I hunt. Have not seen any trespassers on camera thus far but nonetheless I don't like that they are spying on land that doesn't belong to them.
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    If you are getting a drone of any caliber, for hunting or otherwise, you better be up to speed on the FAA regulations, and the airspace you are flying them in. Drones are violating airspace all over the country, and one of these days, ones going to hit an airplane, they'll figure out the owner, and throw the book at them.
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    What I fear will happen with drones in the normal everyday hunting setting in KY if they become affordable and easy to use is that guys on adjoining farms will not only spy on the deer on your farm but will use the drones to harass the deer in your fields thereby making the fields on their property more favorable for secure and relaxed feeding. Then you will start getting drones shot out of the air and major disputes will follow. Its going to get interesting.

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