Tiller motor locked up

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by drakeshooter, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. It cranked on the first pull today. Smoked for a few minutes, but I guess it liked the new oil. I let it run for 30 minutes and drained the oil again. It seems to be running and cranking like its old self. I think I'll baby the heck out of it til it goes. :D Thanks again for all the helpful ideas. Daking's is the one I went with BTW.
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    Proving yet one more time that I'm not just a pretty face.

    Congrats on your success. After owning a lot of junky power equipment for many years, I've learned how to cobble just about anything together. Now that I'm down to my last kid in college, I'm going to learn a new skill....how to use top-quality outdoor power equipment
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    The only problem with that method is that it may not last through the next session of use. If it does, it is going to use oil and smoke like a haint, more than likely.

    The root cause of the lock up has still not been identified so the above is only going to be compounded.
  4. She's been running and digging like nobody's business the past couple hours. We'll see, she may go out at any time, but she purrs like before and other than at the very beginning, doesn't seem to be smoking.
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    Dec 29, 2004
    Most generally a lock-up like that is due to the rings getting stuck in some rust in the cylinder. I've found that WD 40 (or similar compounds) will loosen the surface rust and a little judicious use of the strong-arm will break it free. Of course, there is more potential for burning oil because the ring/cylinder wall gap has been increased by the amount of rust lost..sometimes very little, sometimes a whole lot.

    Generally the cause of such rusting is condensation and a failure to fog or oil the engine before winterizing. If the exhaust valve happens to be left open (and how would you ever know without pulling the head?), moist air can enter the cylinder. That's why it's always a good idea to either fog your engine before storage or squirting some motor oil into the spark plug hole and cycling the piston a few times to spread a thin layer of oil on the cylinder wall. It helps prevent rust.

    Freeing an engine in this manner is a last-ditch effort. If things are so badly messed up that the engine will either run poorly or not at all after a little WD and a strong arm, it was so badly hosed that a rebuild or replacement was needed anyway. Often as not, it's a minor little glitch and this will get you back in business. I've seen it happen on outboard motors, lawn mowers and even a truck engine that sat for a good long while. That 390 took a HUGE strong arm to free up...but it went for another 40K miles before it got sold.
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    And he does plumbing work also!!:eek::D
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    I know this is an old post, but I have to say thanks to "Daking". A tiller I borrowed from a buddy, locked up. I wasn't sure what to do so I googled what to do. One of the first results was a link to this thread! Read thru, did as stated, and the next day, BAM!!! After a little effort, she's back up and running.

    I think this whole internet thing is going to catch on really soon! ;^)

    Floyd T.
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    Interesting I didn't even notice how old it was
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    Good read again. Several members no longer on the forum was in this thread
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    I would do what Treerat suggested but instead of motor oil I would use Kroil, then change the motor oil. KROIL.jpg
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    Few members no longer on this planet in this one, good guys.

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