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    Bonus tags

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    Bonus tags

    Was wondering if i can muzzload with 2 bonus tags an kill 2 more does.Already. used my buck and doe tag with archery?? l will be hunting Metcalfe Co.??
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    LBL Youth HUNT

    I was wondering if anyone new what crop was in Area 17 this year??
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    Tracking dog south central ky

    No dog, but i was hoping yall may had searched more an found him....
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    What time are you going to be in your stands?

    Well I am taking a 8yr and a 10yr old ..5:30am sounds bout right.....
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    Has anyone else ever shot their finger with bow

    I shot mine about 15 yrs ago.I was wearing jersey gloves when i shot at a doe..My finger felt a little cold,i looked down an the glove finger area was covered in blood..I was a little reluctant on taking off the glove...But after i did it wasnt too deep or bad,,,That muzzy cut changed my grip...
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    Lets see how good you guys are (Score)

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    1st muzzleloader buck

    My nephew Logan Froedge put the smack down on this 8pt ...We had a group of 3 8pts come though at 25 yrds..He took the biggest of the 3..He's one proud hunter.....
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    Whats your opinion on blackhorn 209

    Blackhorn 209 is designed to work with standard 209 shotshell primers. For the best results, we recommend the following brands: •CCI 209M •Federal 209A We DO NOT recommend any of the 209 primers designated for muzzleloaders (Winchester Triple 7, CCI MZL, Federal Fusion, or Remington...
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    Cayden's Youth hunt deer

    I'm one proud father..Cayden is 8yrs old and is 2 for 2..
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    Congrats. Nice going Bob..
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    LBL yote hunting

    When can you hunt yotes on LBL...Any regulations ect..???New to varmit hunting just wondering????
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    any truth to a monster 8 killled in Green Co?

    this buck was killed in ohio last year..crossbow world record 8 pt..."2" shy of world record 8pt all time.....
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    Finally got one

    congrats cool lookn deer welcome to the brotherhood.......
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    Caydens 1st deer

    He killed her the second day of gun season here in Metcalfe Co..Nothing like your sons 1st kill..We had a blast...He's 1 for 1...:)

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