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    Bartender ....pour another round.

    We ended up having a decent hunt in the foggy woods but I have to say my mind was on him a lot and I missed him. he called me while we were wading out and wanted a play by play of the whole hunt. We finally got around to talking about his injury and he is pretty optimistic about getting back...
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    Bartender ....pour another round.

    Maybe crutches. He isn’t out of ER yet. Believe me. If it’s possible at all he will be there and shooting.
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    Bartender ....pour another round.

    Well this isn’t as bad as it could be. Papa had a bike wreck today on his daily 15 mile ride . He is ok and in good spirits but his knee is really jacked up. it may have him out for the season. I’m more worried about his mental / emotional state than anything. Tomorrow is the first day of the...
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    Retriever Does It Again

    Better stock up on peanut butter.
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    Bartender ....pour another round.

    It was a little foggy this morning but no complaints. Good coffee, good laughs , and a little meat to cook for todays ballgame. WAR EAGLE !
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    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    If any of y’all are the two dudes on the WMA standing in the phrag behind a dozen decoys I thought I’d let you know that your blaze orange hats and vests stood out a little.
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    Thank you Mr Trespasser

    That’s weird. When Mr trespasser comes to my place he takes shit away or tears it up.
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    Bartender ....pour another round.

    Another great hunt …..3 generations in the blind today.
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    Bartender ....pour another round.

    The Last Thursday of November is coming up this week again. I can't help but be excited. While its just another ritual the gravity that pulls me to it never weakens. It's a day that seems distant in February and January sounds cool and dreamy in June and July ....... and by the time...
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    Big trout

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    Bragging Board 2022 - Fishing Photos

    Flood tide redfish ……South Carolinia
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    Controversy Revisited....

    Can they fly ???

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