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  • You guys do any good this weekend? We hunted a farm pond on Thursday and didn't see much until right after we left! lol. We hunted my blind in Sloughs on Friday and saw allot of ducks flying 2 miles high. That place was still full of deer hunters. We never fired a shot.
    Here's what we would do-take 2 vehicles. One of you park at your drawn blind (44 is on the wrong side of the gravel road from 43) and the other park at either 43 or 45. Take out 5 or 6 dekes to stake your claim to each. If the drawee fails to appear at 43 or 45, then you got it. You have 30 minutes to bust your butt getting set up, though. Maybe you could go with me one day during the week. We are next to the refuge and I like to network with other hunters. I know how hard it is hunting public and getting there at 3 a.m.
    Chad Groves
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