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  • I'm thinking about joining this year. I'm not familiar with the Paintsville area. Could you send me direction? I'm from Flemingsburg.


    Mark Leet
    Big R,

    Give me a call one night this week and maybe we can try out that place I was in last weekend. I left enough birds down there for another hunt. We'll talk about Sweet Pea then too. I plan on starting with her tomorrow. Should be ready to breed in about 2 weeks if all goes as planned.

    I saw you have some setter pups. I am starting the process of looking for a new dog. My old GSP is getting a lot of years and miles on him and I need to get a new dog started. Can you tell me a little about what you have? Age, M/F, colors?

    I don't know yet. Of course I hope to, I'm going to therapy three days a week. It's getting stronger, but I still have a lot of pain and swelling. I'll just have to wait and see.
    Birdman, I sent in dues for membership to the Ky grouse Hunters assoc. a few months ago and never got anything or heard anything. Just wondering is there anything goimg on work day etc.
    Steve Creech
    4605 Camargo Levee rd
    Mt. Sterling KY 40353
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