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  • Never been on it but iirc its one of the better, not best over on that part, but dont hold me to that. I THINK that "A" part was added a year or two ago and it backs up to the impact areas if its where im thinking, and also Cedar Creek tank range is down below it.
    We were AG's in area 81 one season, but, that was back in the early 80's. We all shot bucks that season.
    There was a nice buck shot in there 1st week or so of bow season this year.
    Area is border area, near agriculture, has Mill Creek runnning thru it, food plots in creek bottoms and some fields next to area 80( hunt control even planted some soy beans this season). There is a heavy acorn mast on post htis season.
    Where to go?? In string of cedars down low in hollow that divides area 79/81. Stand of oaks next to pine thicket
    in southeast corner of area off Southboundry road. Area should be open for scouting, you really need to get in there and look it over before opening morning . Good luck.
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