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    Biden Sniffs Woman’s Hair, Gets Touchy-Feely with Girls as He Visits Families Impacted by Kentucky Floods (VIDEO)

    I wish it would hurry up and go on that bear hunt so he can get his butt eat off
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    Word of caution

    Sorry to hear this Tankt, gives us honest reputable contractors a bad name as well. I tell all my guys if you steal I will kick your ass, fire you and then call the sheriff and have you arrested. In 20 yrs have never had an issue. But I have an exceptional good crew,hard working and honest...
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    Increasing Inflation Act

    Would definitely bring them to their knees
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    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    Yet we still allow it. When,when when?
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    Paid $1 a# for the beef,rest was for processing.
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    Raised by a friend Tankt
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    Anyone up for snake hunting?

    I still go abt first 2weeks of September up in Jackson and Rockcastle Co. Probably avg 10 or 12 copperheads a yr. They crawl at night. I hate copperheads.
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    Me and the 3rd wife was up in a big cove on Cumberland skinny dipping off the boat late one afternoon, when below me something big made a huge swirl in the water right underneath me. Scared crap out me and back on the boat I went an put my britches back!
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    I like the sound of the waves, from ocean front balcony. Dusk and Dawn walks maybe knee deep. And especially the "scenery"
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    We did one couple weeks ago 900# hanging weight had $2.80 a lb in it.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Dang them mater's look good Barney!
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    California liquor store owner shoots armed robber with a shotgun

    Only takes one round of 00 buck to stop just about anything on the planet
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    Wille Nelson

    They asked Willie one time if he thought weed was a gateway drug. He said if it was it had better hurry up.
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    Hey you NC boys

    We're way past being reasonable if we wish to accomplish anything
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    Monsters amongst us

    Knew a preacher that was molesting kids and was sent to pen in the 70s. They took care of him there in gen population.