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  • Any idea when we may be able to get out and try this yote hunting thing again? I'm getting the itch.
    Well you'd think with the ride I provide(tertx), the place you hunt and everything else I do that is a small list... LOL ... just kidden... my hands broke and I cant come up there till rifle season
    Thats an awful big list dont ya think? want me to just go ahead and kill a deer for you while im at it? lol
    I will be there Saturday night thru Monday. Just call and let me know, I can meet you there. Did some more reading and we should use some kind of attracant or decoy to lure them in. Good news on you dog. Just get her a demo to drive. Early Sunday would do for me.
    Let me know if you plan on going to Carr Creek this weekend. I have been reading and it seems that we need to have some kind of decoy out in the open to draw them in. Hope your dog gets better. Is your dog at the vet here on in EKy?
    thats so weird im the one that has been talking to you about the prop. in knott county.,...and i just noticed that you are in the car business, i actually work for my dad at his pre-owned car dealer ships, not one of those crappy little bitty buy here pay here, we have about 120 cars in inv. and do pretty good. you have probably heard of it Alan Bray Superior Autos in london, i just though that was ironic. thanks cya
    That post had few responses, and the ones it had arleady contained argument, and namecalling. Political threads that become confrontational will be deleted.
    i have a 6 x 12. 14" trailer tires. treated floor. 3500lb axle. i bought it new 2 years ago. very good condition $750. would meet halfway. greg.
    has been towed less than 2000 miles.
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