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  • Is that 8 pointer as big as the one that guy killed with the American sleevless shirt on,the early muzzle loader kill that was just posted?
    YEAH thought you were Wade. We might have met before. My Grandfather was George Wright. My cousin is Russell. Ronnie my cousin. GOOD DEAL MAN!!
    Cornpile you may know me and I may know you. One thing for sure I bet we know some of the same people in the Knobs. My name is Garry Daniel. Is your name Wade??

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    Yes it is,Wade Mcdonald. I lived out there all my life,went to Bald Knob school
    hello, cornpile I was admiring your photo and was wandering what king of camera you use , that picture of the buck is awsome. Thanks for your time , 4UK.
    Man, that brother of yours killed a brute of a deer. I went to see it today, how about the drop tines!
    hey man,make sure you get the wildlife active scrape to put in the dripper,it comes in a 4oz bottle,then get you some wildlife golden estrous to put in the scrape every time you go hunting,goodluck man and i hope it works for you like it did me last year.kill a biggun for me man.let me know when you put it out....
    make sure you get the wildlife research products,they are the best you can get in the stores,unless you get jackies deer lure which is by far the best...have a safe and fun deer season bro,talk to ya later man.
    Those are great cameras.The lens you have are fine.The 70-300 should put you on some deer easy.The main thing is to read the manual and practice alot.I cant say this enough,HOLD YOUR CAMERA STILL WHEN YOU TAKE THE SHOTS.Set your camera on spot meter ,use the center dot in your viewfinder.Practice and hold it still.Good SHOOTIN AND POST YOUR PICS UP.
    hey there cornpile.. i know you dont know me, but i love looking at all your pics.. kinds seemed like something i might like to do.. so while on vacation i got a great deal on a nikon d3000. it came with two lenses.. one which is 18-55mm. and one is 70-300mm. i guess my question is are these big enough to get some close shots like you do, and do you have any good pointers? thanks for taking the time to read, and if you can help i really apprciate it.. doug
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