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  • Hi Joe,
    Myself and my buddy that shot the 196" buck here in Owen County are looking for someone to do a top notch measuring job on our bucks. I saw that you are in Versailles and was wondering if there is any charge for you doing this, and if you would even be interseted? Mine will be eligible after Nov 10th and his about a week after. If you need to talk to me my # is 502-482-6249.


    Tony Dempsey

    Those fox pics are too cool. I'd love to get with you one afternoon for some pointers on trapping along the river! If you are over this way, give me a shout.

    Thanks again,

    Yes, anyone hunting or trapping, anything other than waterfowl must wear orange hats and vests during firearms deer or elk seasons.
    Hi Joe,
    Got a question.Is hunter orange required for anyone bowhunting this weekend since it is Free Youth Weekend? I will be hunting alone on private land and will have no kids with me.It crossed my mind that regardless of where anyone was bowhunting that it may be a requirement since the woods will have a lot of kids in them this weekend.
    Hello Joe..this is Ronnie. I see you score animals. I would like to get with you and have my Elk scored. It's at Don Lee's..if you would give me a shout at (859)749-6698..thxs buddy..
    Hey was told to msg. you about varmint hunting. Im fairly new in that fied ive been a few time and had one dog come in but no kill guessing he winded me as well as Raven42 was wondering if you had any good tips to a new varmint hunter Thanks Kylakehunter
    Shannon, I'm not real familiar with the Canon line-up, they are good cameras though. A 10 megapixel camera is plenty good enough, I'd worry more about the lenses than the camera pixels. A good lense will cost much more than the camera, from a wildlife photography standpoint.. I have a 400 mm lens that I love, but it still never seems long enough!
    Hey Joe,

    I'm a big fan of your photo gallery and I was interested in possibly upgrading my camera arsenal. What camera would you recommend if a fella was going to spend about a grand? I have been looking at the Canon Rebel series but I wanted an experienced opinion. What kind of stuff should I look for....ie megapixels, zoom lenses etc. I appreciate the help and look forward to hearing from you.


    Shannon Hall
    well i see ur a game warden.. that one of the jobs im interrested in. im still in high school so im still tryin to decide.
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