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  • Used garmin astro 320 with 4 DC40 collars
    Comes with….
    -Garmin bag
    -Map card
    -3 Months warranty
    Call or text us at : 208-464-7319
    Hey Duster....I saw awhile back where you were interested in panning for gold in out West. I ran into a book in the mid 80's called "Gold Mining The 1980's" Written by { Dave McCrakken} .
    Bro. Would appreciate you apologizing about your allegation of me shooting an elk in Ky illegally. Not cool. Real easy to poke in public and since you did, I would now appreciate an apology in public since you are dead wrong. I am a retired AF officer and would never do somtheing like that. I am in SD and shot that elk in SD in the Black Hills National Forest. Hope you have the integrity to back up using the AF logo on your call sign on this site and offer an apology to me on that "Newby" thread. Matt
    Hey Duster,
    JDMiller said you might me able to help me. I am thinking about buying a tl-7 crossbow. He said you have the tl-4 which is similiar. Just wondering how yours shoots and what your thoughts are about yours.I was debating between the tl-7 and buckbuster 175. The buckbuster175 is recommended to be faster but everyone says I can't go wrong with the tenpoint. How accurate is yours and is the speed enough to 40 yards.
    I'm new to crossbows and just trying to learn. I'm getting one that I can use and also my 9 year old son. He is already shooting a compound but he can't pull back legal weight yet. I thought this way I can get him in the woods bowhunting. I'll still use my mathews but I'd like to have every option since they extended the season.
    Thanks for any help that you can give me.
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