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  • You seriously cant try to set up a hunting swap on this website? A lot of people including me are not wealthy enough to pay for an out of state guided hunt. What is wrong with trying to help each other out to do a hunt that would not be able to otherwise? That is lame.
    I would like to post an event to the calendar. How do I do that? Seems I don't have permission...
    Event: KY Hunting, Fishing and ATV Expo
    Location: Frankfort, KY
    Date: Aug 14-15, 2010
    Time 9-6 Sat; 9-5 Sun
    Why was my thread removed about trying to find a ky or tn call company. If it was in the wrong place I am sorry. I am a kentucky guy born and raised and we have a new christian based hunting dvd coming out and I was looking for an up and coming Ky or Tn call company to bring on board. Maybe that isn't allowed on here? I wasn't trying to advertise on your site we have a 4 million plus market through our own websites. I was just trying to help bring a local company with us since I live in Ky. Just wanted to ask and if my thread isn't allowed I am sorry.
    Damn right, the cream always rises to the top!

    What band you playing in now? Is it one of those that will be playing at Holmes?
    Can you let me know why my video posts keep getting deleted? We are not selling or promoting anything... just wanting to share our hunts. Thanks, Darrin Day (neck banded coot)
    I dont mean to bother you with this but it kinda makes me mad as hell I just read the thread in varmit hunting and was basically outraged the way they were bragging bout just leaving yote laying to rot. If you would take the time to read what I posted and unterstand it I would hope that you would delete the thread. Thank you for your time and understanding. 8's
    Happy Birthday old man. I hope you have a great one. I hope someone at least bought your lunch for you today. If they didn't next time they come in needing something fixed on their bow I would REALLY TAKE CARE OF IT FOR THEM.:)
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